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  1. The result of a bored day at work. This company employed a fancy architect to make the boss's job of (literally) looking down upon his employees that much easier. The client was fired for sexual harassment when he was caught looking upwards while the head of HR was upstairs. He wants the company's entire customer database deleting. Additionally, he was escorted from the building before he could recover his personal laptop from his desk. Recover the hard drive for a bonus. Hey, it's petty, but the money's good. Mission C-2.lvl
  2. Originally that was the only entrance, the whole green circuit area was to try to force you to either dodge the Enforcer or lure him into another room while you got the other circuit. A case of one last tweak that brought the difficulty down a bit. Attached is a revised version :) Mission C-1.lvl
  3. I'd very much like to see all upgrades (inc. jump height & speed) be able to be set on a per-mission basis. The Gatecrashers kind of make lots of levels a bit too easy.
  4. (Copy from Steam forum) Nice, simple & fairly powerful editor, just a few minor issues/tweaks/requests; 1. The 'drag left to delete' caused a bit of a problem for me when I accidentally clicked the ground object at the far left. This caused it to vanish, and I was unable to replace it as it's within the deletion zone. A drag-to-recycle bin may be more reliable, or just sticking with the right-click method. 2. The Sound Detector seems to be missing. 3. Allowing custom connections to be created in the editor, rather than items only linking to their nearest pair object (i.e. c
  5. My first experiment in making a tricky map where taking out the guards is perfectly possible, but may not be entirely desirable... Feedback welcome :) Version 1.1
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