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  1. i could upload a list of the programs removed if you like
  2. thats fixed thanks for everyone who helped figure it out now the job of reinstsalling steam etc
  3. yeah that makes more sense but in windows 8 i can't remember anyway other than uninstalling each individual program one at time do you have any how to do it in windows 8
  4. safe ode does seem to improve the situation for thief but was unable to launch portal to test even after enabling networking so i tried running shadowgrounds to see if the issue was removed from steam and it seems to be fine minus framerate issues so I'm just trying to work out what safemode disabled to fix the issue now my first thought is maybe just refreshing my OS or maybe running a Linux portion and seeing if that improves the situation at all
  5. i know the only thing i haven't tried a clean install of the OS do you think that could ork
  6. sorry for not replying been a bi busy over Christmas but yeah i've run my anti viruse kerspersky ( both on old system and on new one and all hard drives ) and nothing came up and yeah it works fine in word notepad firefo etc and games work fine with mouse inputs or controller imputs but i can only move with keyboard with one of the most awkward hand positions i have ever used which is not greart for prolonged sessions in terms of movement without the keys presssed control or shift (shift isn't even a sure fix for some games) down if it moves it will be unbelievably slow i'd say abo
  7. Hi i'm posting here as i couldn't think of a much better place tio ask these questions. Back in 2011 i noticwed some odd issues when trying to play a pirated version of minecraft which i borowed from a friend to see if my at the time crappy laptop would run it resaonablely before the purchase of the full game, in that i could only move my character by holding down either control or shift i could interact with my mouse fine but the use of my keyboard was only possible when i was holding down either of these keys as well natural i put it down to a bad cracked copy and put it asiede then when the
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