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  1. I am reviving this subject as a new topic since the previous discussion went more into the status of Steam as DRM rather than the ways of representing this information on the wiki.

    This is true as it doesn't matter is Steam DRM or not. If you are person who wants to take their steam games with USB drive and play them on computer without permissions to install programs for example, you only care about that can you do that. 


    I like that, but what exactly is wrong with mention in the availability table? Sure it's bloat, but not as much as the platform stuff was before on old wiki.

    At least I have bumped into few cases where people want to share this information somehow, usually by adding DRM-Free in the DRM section and then someone comes over and simply changes it into Steam without noting or reffing anything. I actually though for a while that DRM-Free icon was OK to use as some changed my steam icons to DRM-Free ones. This does give easier standard to express that game can be run without Steam on the machine. Note section has been used, but this is better solution even in my eyes. 


    This also makes it much easier to compare and link between with list of DRM-Free titles on Steam.

  2. The Black Ops III page has a few extra screenshots for things I would otherwise skip.



    Are some of these pointless or should we actually put up even more settings on the wiki articles?

    I actually had some suspicion you made the thread because of those :p 


    I would say that at least over half of input that articles rebinding screens are somewhat pointless. I personally include rebinding menus for completeness sake and for info like several keys for single action, shared screen with controller, possible menu behaviour change with controller, etc, etc. So basically even I think having posting whole rebinding menus are somewhat useless, however it's better to have everything in there and then simply delete unnecceserities than having only single compressed jpg and then start expanding it. Because I have seen articles only including half of graphical settings and nothing else. 


    But even at that article, I did put them into the gallery format so they basically take couple hundred pixels of vertical space, so I'm certain it won't bother anyone, unless server magically has it's storage capacity running out. 

  3. Is it easy to store safely though? Or would I have to constantly wrap the HDD around something in order to protect it?

    What? No, no, no. 

    Closures are basically the same as any external HDD, but they don't come with HDD. They usually have either screws or friction mechanism so you can insert any internal HDD in it and after that it's regular external HDD. Usually really useful for reusing old laptop HDDs after SSD upgrade for example, so earlier HDD acts as an USB3 external HDD from that point onwards!


    At least here, price comes down to almost the same (2TB WD 3.5" internal and 3.5" closure ~100€, 2TB WD 3.5" external ~100€). So if only problem is the forced encryption, I would personally go with that instead of Seagate, because every time I have heard someones HDD breaking it's either a laptop that has been moved or user cheaped out and bought seagate. 


    Not familiar with Amazon.co.uk and can't find any models that are sold in my country there, but here's one example (not sure if it's any good): http://www.amazon.co.uk/CiT-inch-U3PD-SATA-Enclosure/dp/B00BHARA6O/

  4. Oh, didn't know about this. I may actually have that kind of model, but it's plugged to my Wii U so it's formatted for that particular Wii U only with proprierary file system so yay for not being able to backup my save files or use 1.5 TB of free space for anything else on that drive! (Because I had 500GB USB powered HDD earlier but Wii U system update broke the compatibility and my data with it, so I just bought Nintendo approved model so I didn't have to suffer like that). 


    Personally would avoid Seagate for same reason, I'm paranoid about losing data with those things. At that point I would buy internal WD HDD and put it onto high quality external HDD USB 3 closure. 

  5. For regular folk who only browse internet, yeah, they should get their computer to professional to update and clean stuff. Usually they won't get any major problems with regular browser so BIOS update isn't necessary until there's some problems like BSOD or major vulnerability. 


    For gaming rig, BIOS update is almost mandatory thing. BIOS itself even has cursor and user friendly UI, all backing up and checking in between and all other stuff, so it's pretty hard to even mess that up these days. Personally actually had freezing issue which I assumed was because of cheap SSD, but apparently it was partially because of BIOS as well. 


    Also because my DVI-DisplayPort issue, I can believe that something that minor can be the problem. Though with this situation we are talking about using exactly the same stuff with two differend steam accounts and other one crashing the thing for some reason. All I can think of is that there's something differend between accounts that are causing that issue, so that Big Picture is trying to load something that other account isn't. My guesses would be something like avatar or nickname that big picture has to load and show right away, but I did see you have your main account as secondary accounts friendlist, so that ain't it at least and it's not like there was anything that would've caused issues (only regular alphabets).


    Of course normally at that situation I would say you are using companys software and trying to use companys hardware with it, then just contact said companys support, but.... I'm not so certain will computer generated respond after two weeks of wait help that much :\ 

  6. Was about to comment on resolution, as you have selected 1920x1080 and screenshots are 1600x900, but they are same 16:9 aspect ratio. And game adds black bars to anything other than 16:9 aspect ratio which seems to be what's happening to you for some reason. 


    Though this wouldn't be first time I see game screwing up aspect ratio with some resolutions. I'm assuming your monitor is 1600x900, so have you simply tried to use your monitors native resolution? 

  7. Desura is indeed in this weird limbo, where site is still up and functioning, but it seems like nobodys operating it anymore. So it may just die when domain or server isn't paid anymore or it could get new owners and staff. You would think someone would've taken action if their game is on sale at Desura but profits from sales aren't coming in? 


    In any way, I would otherwise agree to, at least for now, removing Desura from availability, but the problem is the games with Desura offering either DRM-Free version or Linux/OS X build of the game that isn't available elsewhere. 


    As for Postal 2 situation, as Desuras email is zombie'd (should give it a shot though), I would contact RWS about this. They have been pretty generous of their games Steam keys after they took and updated the game. 

  8. How prevalent is the problem? If not too much, I'd quite like to keep it as it is, and just avoid commas in names of companies. The "inc" isn't part of the name either, really, and since we don't have Ubisoft listed as Ubisoft S.A. - well, I'd say let's make it policy.


    If there is a company with a name actually containing a comma, we can return to the issue.

    Most of the time this isn't actually even listed as part of company name on store pages either. Something like Daedalic Entertainment GmbH or Frozenbyte Oy aren't formats you see often unless you are trying to find company contact or business side information. Though Inc. does seem to be exception showing up everywhere, but having those as redirect pages to pages without it would make policy much more straightfowrard. 

  9. I would assume that exactly the same way that 144Hz. That means on game articles stating 60 FPS and 120+ FPS support and noting possible frame rate caps and anomalies (like game changing monitors refresh rate, physics going haywire, things being sped up or game speed being tied to frame rate). 


    Having that info with vsync information also helps with G-Sync/Freesync monitor owners, because to take advantage of those displays vsync needs to be disabled and game not being capped at 60 FPS. 


    Also I'm certain this has been discussed many times before already and I'm still in favor of FPS cap field instead, but right now current system works fine enough and people can more easily contribute as not everyone have machine to test does the games frame rate cap at 300 FPS or at infinity. 

  10. Yes I know but I don't see the point in covering them at all, people who want mobile games wlll be able to find them anyway. It's as if we started adding PS2 games to the availability table. Optimally we want all the games to be on a single platform (PC).

    Ummm... Your sentence doesn't make much sense... 

    If console version is somehow directly connected to PC version, wiki does cover it. See Portal 2 for example. Or if game is available for browser as well, it's usually covered in availability as well, even though wiki doesn't cover browser only games and there are several games that either started as browser only games or have both browser and dedicated versions being up to date. 


    I would also say that if some of stores selling PC version of the game includes PS2 version of the game with the purchase, I would most definitely mention that as then you could get two copies of game for the price of one! Same with store including Android version, store is offering more for your money at that point. Covering other platforms exclusively on availability table would be dumb, though I must say that covering mobile only games is basically already happening thanks to windows store and universal apps. But saying "this store offers all plus version for your phone" is beneficial. 

  11. No. The only OSes the wiki should cover are ones of desktop-caliber. Mobile games are beyond the scope of the wiki.

    I actually needed to ask this later but forgot. As even though android isn't build to be PC OS, it's still sometimes included with humble store and humble widget by the developer which may be useful information for some if they want to play the game with wide variety of other devices (Phone, Tablet, Nvidia Shield, Android TV, etc.). Also x86 based builds of android can already run wide variety of games on regular PC hardware, haven't tested personally lately but seen videos of 3D rendered games running fine. 

    (also seeing some of android games I'm thinking it needs its own wiki with some of those games) 


    But of course I never though that android ports should be part of the game article itself, just that its availability should be noted with some manner. And if that's the case, just put it into notes section instead? Same way as browser versions of the games are mentioned, but not covered. 

  12. Path to steam, game, etc. is usually used withing save and configuration paths. Of course it would be nice to have that if ever needed, but if this would be needed software related articles, it's most likely withing fixbox where you can simply write "navigate to program installation folder".

  13. YouTube doesn't support 60 FPS MKV videos. At least that's what I understood from what Mirh told me.

    MKV is just container, not video format. 

    And yes, 60 FPS videos are supported in Youtube. At least I have been uploading them and they state 1080p60 as quality: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lbwvEB8qs6I (need to find out why footage from that capture card stutters like that at some point) 


    Also speaking about video recording, switched to MagicYUV codec with Dxtory. Getting tons of more frames when recording stuff. With full RGB 1920x1080 I'm getting ~100 FPS while others (UtVideo, Lagarith) were ~70 or below, so with just slight resolution and color scheme reduction I'm getting much more performance. 

  14. It is worse than I thought. Editing game page removes the game from company page and and they won't appear at all for days. MGSV:TPP had this happened 5 times at least :(


    EDIT: Just edited Uplink and it disappeared from Introversion Software page. This is baaaad.

    I noticed this as well as this also makes Enhanced Steam links take you to "create page" page instead of actual article and clicking that page creation gives articles edit page with all the stuff already in it. 

    They are apparently cached again but it may take several hours. Purging (selecting refresh from pages upper right corner) does this instantly. 

  15. Well, last time I checked Vimeo didn't even allow pure gameplay material in their site (and I can understand from their point they will have a lot less fighting over who owns what)


    As for youtube, there are many presets available made by people for video editor/converter you use to make it not suck horribly, for some really odd reason WMV is best export format for Vegas for example. Lately personally stumbled upon FFmpeg which is basically godlike tool for video editing/converting and it does have so good tools you can basically make video to match almost perfectly youtubes own algorithm thus nullifying youtubes own conversion artifacts, haven't tried this yet (though I would believe that rendering withing exactly same format shouldn't decrease quality). 

    Then of course youtube did introduce 60 FPS playback, so uploading video in high bitrate 1080p+ resolution 60 FPS makes video quality pretty good as 60 content is handled with higher bitrate. I have actually seen people uploading 30 FPS content in 60 FPS just because of this fact as well as upscaling HD content to 4K, of course those are awful approaches. 


    However you should never expect perfect quality from streaming sites, you won't get that much better from youtube. If you need to give that level of quality, then use cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, MEGA, etc.) to share rendered file instead. 


    EDIT: "In October 2014, we started allowing video game content on Vimeo again." Oh, never mind that then. 

  16. With default setup, they are indistinguishable from each other, after all "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\" is then same destination as  "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\" 

    I actually noticed this behaviour in MGR because I tried it with my new setup and all my regular folders are under "X:\" and they are moved via legit way, so that windows variables work. MGR simply forcifully created new Documents folder and dropped its files under there instead of my actual Documents folder under X. 


    Another game that had some odd behaviour when this was done was Revenge of the Titans and was actually Java bug, where %USERPROFILE% was gotten from desktop folders parent path, meaning that game dropped it's save files in the root of my X drive all the time, because desktop folder was "X:\Työpöytä\".


    So indeed %USERPROFILE% may not always be used by the game if user has moved their folders around. 

  17. That just seems like a player is set to use 0-255 RGB output values (full), while other is set to 16-235 (limited).

    Ninja'd. Was about to say this. Had similar problems when I used to render videos with video editor. 


    Also VLC uses internal codecs while WMP uses computers installed codecs. VLC is miracle in sense how wide variety of files it plays, but overall playbacks quality is still lacking even though they have improved over time significantly. 

  18. ...a new version since February 26, 2015.



    Problem with Fraps is that it records lossless footage, it's super easy to use even for dumbest people and it's super popular (those who bought it of course don't want to change software, those who aquired it via other means don't bother checking anything else), so it won't die out for a while. Technically speaking there's not much wrong with it, but there's indeed are better solutions and it'll die out when it's not getting updated. 


    Bought Dxtory lisence some time ago and it has been the best program so far as it basically has tons and tons of useful features. What I personally use really often is 120 FPS capturing using three storage devices, capping frame rate when I simply need to test capping, taking full quality PNG screenshots, seeing what directx versions game uses, etc. 

    It actually just got updated to support Windows Apps, so that's also already huge plus as I haven't seen other programs being able to do that and basically only way to record them in the past was to record whole desktop. Measuring frame rate of Windows Apps was also bit painful and needed some developer side tools e.g. Intel GPA. 


    As for free alternatives, Shadowplay really does work and does record 60 FPS material amazingly easily, BUT only compressed format and up to 60 FPS recording is supported. For regular user that may be the best option though. 


    I would still like dedicated article for screen recording/capturing/streaming tools, because PC doesn't have handy "share" button nor saying "record that" to microphone does anything. Speaking of the devil, Xbox app does work with majority of the games and overlay does have some sort of recorder, just haven't tested that out. 


    ShareX is also not a bad choice.

    For screenshotting I ditched puush completely, but for recording footage, it seemed like it's designed to record desktop footage, not so much for gameplay. Though I haven't tweaked recording side of that software. 

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