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  1. I'm still not a fan of removing information just because what majority would search for, but with this I must agree. I do not know what I do with information that crytek has developed certain type of AA, other than some bet on trivia. What matters more is that what types of AA can be used and you already have an table there. Of course it can still be in some collapsable table as other information, but not sure is that vital enough info even then. Ah, I was about to suggest this as well. I would still think that some level of comparisons just to give an idea of differences would be reall
  2. 169 downloads

    Default configuration files for Rekoil. Source: http://steamcommunity.com/app/243320/discussions/0/627456486883241047/
  3. Thus far stuff linked in infobox has been pretty much information about the game, while strategywiki is more focused on actual gameplay of the game. But at least to me that sounds really good thing because of that. And there's tons of space in infobox. Most games only have wikipedia and SteamDB to begin with.
  4. Even I have tons and tons of bot accounts following me on twitter, subscribing me on youtube, giving plus to my google posts, etc. so one follower here or there doesn't matter much. And it's much better to genuinely want to follow something instead of just keep following for support. If you simply like the official page and browse the facebook in "most popular" order, then yes, facebook does it's algorithm stuff and pushes more viral and paid status updates on top. However users can seperately go to facebook page and check visibility on news feed to either default or "look first" which
  5. Pretty detailed message. Yes, but that still isn't what I was proposing. Of course if feature requires actions outside of main game then it's hackable. I wasn't trying to change GPU forcing as true/false, I was suggesting of leaving it out completely unless there's some game specific stuff like compatibility flags or if it doesn't work with that particular game for some reason.
  6. This was exactly my point. It's so reduntant that because it's so reduntant and I would've included it with my editings, then all but maybe one or two articles would have those sections as hackable! That would make false statement reduntant as well. It is hacky, but it's also always the same way for every game, while something like editing configuration file or using game specific mods differ from game to game. That's why the GPU panel stuff should be turned upside down: note if for some reason forcing stuff trough GPU panel doesn't have effect. So having that GPU forcing on generic t
  7. Yes, that's exactly right, but question is that should GPU panel be treated as hackable or should the hackable be reserved to that game specific solutions only? Because vsync forcing either on or off has basically always worked for me trough GPU control panel, but I haven't exactly put it as hackable on articles because every article would have it as hackable then. Yeah, AA and Windowed modes are bit harder, because they sometimes flat out fail or can't do more than basic FXAA, but forcing FXAA still counts as hackable on current formatting system. AF should still be true eve
  8. http://pcgamingwiki.com/w/index.php?title=Recettear:_An_Item_Shop%27s_Tale&curid=224&diff=232273&oldid=231165 So technically this is correct, you can force at least basic FXAA, AF and force enable/disable vsync in 99% of cases. Question is that should this be considered as hackable method at all? I would almost say that only if it's for some reason not possible to use GPU panel or it needs some extra steps like differend DX mode or compatibility flags, field should be left either true/false unless game has some game specific methods for things. Because if this was standard thi
  9. ratchet wasn't only one confused, I would almost say that combine register/log in and have huge disclaimer that neither are needed for regular use.
  10. We do have console articles which are super barebones right now, basically just listing few stuff and emulators. I wouldn't have problems with having that info there, but it's differend matter of maintaining it as site has never focused on that and it would be odd to have only that info there. Would also assume that there might be some differences between emulators themselves. But aren't those games that run 60 FPS natively on real hardware as well (as nintendo actually cares about gameplay)? At least I remember playing them and they looked like they ran at 60 or around that. Also glori
  11. And also it doesn't work with any consoles you might have/get in future :p But 360 controller doesn't have gyroscope and wii u gamepad has teached me to use that, so I have happily replaced my wired 360 with it. But people at least were interested about this and there are people with only this controller, so just like with Dualshock 4 and controllers other than 360 in general, I would like to have some proper information up.
  12. I have attached couple refs in controllers article with few images on games offering both Xbox and Steam controller prompts. Letters, colors and layout of main face buttons are the same, so xbox prompts are interchangeable, however games with native support also use prompts for grips (LG, RG) and touchpads instead of sticks (LP, RP). Also icon graphics are differend, 360 graphics have usually really bold and completely colored buttons, while steams (at least official) buttons have smaller, thinner and lighter colored letters on black button with blue outline. Also games with native support
  13. I'm just going to post here. Steam Controller needs to be added into prompt list. http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Controller:Steam_Controller Also how should cursor staying on screen be handled by full controller support? With most cases it's just really annoying thing you can't get off the screen without going to computer and using mouse, but I have now tested couple games where cursos is actively hovering over menu items, making navigating menus with controller impossible, even though game othervice works fully with controller.
  14. From your writing I'm guessing the game is 16-bit game, which will not work under 64-bit Windows no matter what you do. At that point virtual machines are basically only way to play the game, though I personally have had really bad luck with those. Because the game is that old, I would almost try with Windows 98 or 95 instead of XP though. Created article for the game, so information found can be added directly: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Flying_Corps
  15. http://community.pcgamingwiki.com/files/file/694-silent-hill-4-wrapper-by-nemesis/ Can't see who made that report, but the file has been tested and working for multiple parties, including under Windows 10. Also that report is for broken files e.g. corrupted ones, not for stuff that doesn't work with certain scenarios. So now the file is reported as broken, even though it isn't. But if OP are still having problems, I would suggest trying that particular file as it contains modified version of dinput8.dll, so if the problem was e.g. antivirus software preventing the file from executing th
  16. Sportsfriends has playstation move support, wouldn't surprise me to see some native support for that controller when time goes on as that controller is more accurate than wii motion plus is.
  17. Would it be more viable to simply alter EA and TBA to allow inputting of date? At that point if game has been on early access, alpha, beta, etc. it would still be possible to see when game was made available and user themselves to determine is the game dead or not. After that we can do whatever with either state, keypoint or availability noting, probably with latest version, release of that version and last time updates were checked. Though I guess state tag would make things bit easier to have in one category if someones looking for these games as list and also is bit better indication a
  18. Could we have controller buttons template similar to {{key}}? Basically much more visually pleasing method of showing controller button in article. I have personally just used "Xbox A, Dualshock X" to this point, latest example I can remember at Azure Striker Gunvolt article, but other usage for example would be telling what buttons were used on console version on older games with generic prompts only. At least for me it's much easier to bind buttons when I have visual reference what buttons are where as rebinding menus may not be ordered in any manner, like with oddworld: abe's odyssee (
  19. Version 1.95 beta


    http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Dead_Island Utility to help with tweaking the settings of Dead Island. Source: http://www.theplaywrite.com/tools-and-utilities/dead-island-helper-automatically-improve-performance-and-apply-tweaks-without-having-to-edit-files/
  20. It's always an big issue, if visiting a site closes the site you visited and opens up google play store. It's like having ad with green "download" button on file download page, that's really huge deal and should never happen. Well, people seem to be trying to fix it on the IRC. Hope they get things rolling properly without users being redirected from the page completely and being unable to view the page ever.
  21. 908 downloads

    http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Rayman_Origins Higher quality video files ripped from PS3 version of the game and converted to bink format to use with the PC version. Sample.bik and Intro.bik videos have higher frame rate of 59.94 FPS. Mirror: https://mega.nz/#!BAgliayZ!w1msYYdGrdwebcSNIbd0LQ2OxXFYNSa28Tr-wPKc-04 MD5: 60AA9C1BA282E53CF693FC80E772CAB0
  22. Problem with presets come to the subjectivity of it. There are games which have only two presets, then there are games which allow swapping sticks and/or shoulder buttons and at least I have seen these having controller rebinding as false with note about presets. With Call of Juarez Gunslinger I do admit that it does give pretty good options to modify your controller experience by basically having presets for all differend parts of controller. But those are still presets, personally I don't mind either way, but I'd really like to keep the objectivity and editing guide states that if ga
  23. Version 1.02


    http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Rayman_Origins Official patch for the retail version of the game. Newest patch will include all the previous patches fixes. Download of version 1.02 will also include retail games prepatched 1.02 main executable, Rayman Origins.exe. This can be used with digital version of the game, if service hasn't provided update for the game. In these situations replace the games executable with downloaded one and ignore the RaymanOriginspc_1.02.exe. See game article for more details. Source: https://support.ubi.com/en-GB/FAQ/9/3512/patch-links-and-info-for-rayman-or
  24. Presets are not remapping, so I personally always put them to false. Better cases would be situations where rebinding is only allowed to DirectInput controller, but not for XInput ones as there are tons of those kind of situations.
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