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  1. http://pcgamingwiki.com/w/index.php?title=DuckTales:_Remastered&curid=9476&diff=221961&oldid=220246


    Basically, uplay sucks really hard when talking about storefront. If you link other country code link, you'll get redirected to front page, however manually switching the country code from url (e.g. from it_IT to fi_FI) it magically works and shows games page (...really ubisoft?)


    So this basically means that most of the uplay links are pretty much useless when they redirect to uplay home page instead for majority of users. And then there happens this kind of situations where users are trying to fix the issue, but in reality moving the issue or making it worse. 


    Could it be possible to get users country code some way and redirect to right place or maybe even go to extreme and simply link to uplay article or homepage with every case and just state that game is available there? 

  2. That would be useful information. With some cases information why there aren't updates or if the game is cancelled isn't visible on store page, but game itself can be playable and do have players to some degree. 


    Finally, would be nice to agree what do we do with games that got cancelled, but were available publicly (either for pre-orders / Early Access participants or for beta testers [public]) and can no longer be played (Dead Island Episodic, Ridge Racer Driftopia etc.). Do we keep the information (if the page is filled) or do you just get rid of it?

    Well, my opinion on this was to keep them, was it for historical value, for informing users that the game is no longer (if user tries to boot the game way after games closure, missed the news and can't get in), in case someone crafts up custom server software or if miracle happens and game gets up again. 

    ...and then the Epidemic article got removed. 

  3. Agreed. And what makes this possible? AR and "infinite" resolution.

    There's nothing special in 3840x2160. It's simply what you get when you take a 16:9 resolution, and you add density.

    Together those very rows can highlight this thing, and much much more.

    True, but it seems like especially PCMR is going on about 4K specifically right now, so it does at this point make sense to just keep the value as 4K instead of arbitary resolutions. 

    Also WSGF has it that way. 

  4. In fact, my anecdotal experience, suggest me 90% of annoyances (what noob users usually call "virus") is just spamware, installed by things like softonic downloader, or java installer.

    And this is why paid AV solutions like F-Secure and Norton has become these computer health programs like I said in my earlier message which not only block viruses, but also are able to detect those PUPs, where regular user would need something like malwarebytes to do that (and defraggling and registry cleaning and checking programs hogging resources and etc)


    The remainder 9.999% on the other hand, is actual malware that for god knows which reasons has been launched by the user itself (fake cd cracks, infected email attachments, bad torrents)

    I have seen how avarage person uses computer and this is why majority will need AVs now and in the future. We live in youtube tutorial age where people tell you to download this "totally not virus" packs to fix the issues and disable AV because "it's false flag", instead of researching causes for problems yourself. Even I'm not 100% certain of things, so I will keep using AV as long as I'm using Windows on my machine. 

  5. I'd love to see a more detailed proposal as to what field/fields you'd like to see there. Our coverage of 2D titles in terms of settings is rather poor at the moment (though in all honesty, we should consider vastly expanding the array of fields in general, for plenty of other modern features, like AO, AA settings, independent output/rendering resolutions, DOF, blur, scaling, and so forth).

    Problem is that there's so many differend ways to make 2D games that it's really hard to even think about setting that would cover the whole thing. 

    But to start with and narrowing down my earlier post, scaling field with direct (1:1, neighbor, max res, vector), blurring (e.g. bilinear) and smoothing (e.g. eagle) as value would cover majority and make it much much easier to actually fill the table (because it's would be near impossible to ask editor to distinguish Bilinear from Lanczos or XBR 3x from hq3x). And of course all three could be used as some games offer several methods and the field couls also be used with 3D games to specify sprite/texture scaling (with older titles this is usually really visible).


    "Internal resolution" (or similar) would work for this particular case.

    Internal/rendering resolution would make things much easier for sure. However only way to easily fill the table is for pixel art using games or games specifically telling this. Of course with other cases pixel counting can be done, but not sure how many editors would be willing to do that or even know how (same problem that input lag field had). 


    Also I really would prefer if the 60/120 FPS thing was removed, and replaced with the High FPS field again. The 60/120 fields should be always hidden, while the high frame rate field is the only visible one.

    This is outside the topic and I remember it being explained multiple times why this is, main reason being SEO. Also 120+ FPS field is still identical to HFR one as that's still my main focus when editing articles. 

  6. Also, I really do feel like even minimal implementation would be really good, even simplier like scaling option true/false with note field to state it. After all there seems to be more and more emulated games being sold on Steam (Metal Slugs, Bubsy) and emulators do give tons of customization in terms of sprite upscaling which may not translate into sold game. 

    Then there's Final Fantasys which Square seems to love porting to iOS/Android and from there to PC (V and VI specifically), which has SNES sprites upscaled using bilinear filtering and mods made to use nearest neighbor instead. 

  7. Oooh, nearest neighbour, do you know how to force that on any game? That would be really useful for StarCraft. That would also be useful for 4K screens.


    Anyway what would the field be called like? Scaling?

    I would also LOVE to know if there's method to force nearest neighbour or any other filtering methods to game is using low resolutions, but sadly I don't. That would indeed be really useful with tons of situations. I do remember my old machine letting me to choose display for scaling device which did use far better scaling method instead of blurring everything. 


    I'm mostly pitching this idea, haven't gotten any solid idea on my head, but scaling sounds pretty solid name for it with possible values and hidden if unknown and possibility to several values:

    • Limited resolution/GPU scaling
    • 1:1 pixels
    • nearest neighbour/direct scaling
    • bilinear/Lanczos/similar
    • pixel art scalers
    • vectors/3D models (and with this AA would be required value)
    • ???

    Then having own article here instead of using wikipedias and note field could easily be used to represent that does the game render at fixed rendering resolution or if assets are done for specific resolution (this one maybe requiring some reference instead of guesswork, but e.g. direct Nintendo DSi port has 99% change of all the assets being done for 256x192 and is pretty easy to test). 

  8. As I have been editing and creating more and more articles, I have started to stumble upon one thing: 2D games. 


    If we talk about majority of 2D games, they are usually made with sprites which has certain size. This means they have to be either upscaled, downscaled or scaled with 1:1 pixel ratio to fit the selected resolution. Just glad that in most cases, games are done for current and last console standards, which are 720p and 1080p and most users on PC will have 1080p or lower resolution display, so with bigger titles this usually isn't major issue. 

    There's tons and tons of differend scenarios with 2D games it's hard to count, some allow arbitary resolutions and move sprites in the playfield nicely, others use intended resolution and scale from there either with or without aspect ratio, some won't allow using larger resolutions and leave scaling to GPU/Display, few even use vectors or insert sprites to 3D enviroment, etc. 


    So there's not really good way of representing the info, but I feel like especially with pixel art using games it would be really useful to represent the information somehow as with those will get blurry mess with improper upscaling or if GPU handles the scaling. 


    I've been trying to use screenshots, screenshot comparisons and wikipedia article to help pointing out things, but it always feel pretty tagged on in articles. Output resolution and windowed mode resizing/aspect ratio is easy to fill in exsisting fields but everything else is bit harder. 

  9. inb4 Mirh "who needs AV anyways?"


    Basic Windows Defender is best of keeping quiet and not interrupting with anything stupid, but I personally felt like it was being far too quiet and found out that cleaner tools like ccleaner may actually make it stop working entirely because some temp files that shouldn't be in use get deleted... >_> 


    Avast with game HDD whitelisted (all stuff put there goes trough virus check and then malwarebytes from time to time) and ads (including the one that invades your gmail signature) disabled and running malwarebytes monthly has been most pleasant experience. Avira seems to be on the same level, but personally haven't gotten around trying it. 


    Worst choise is AVG, not only does it constantly bother you and give false flags from left to right, it also has really bad habit of breaking games, I have actually fixed couple people computer game problems by simply switching AV from AVG to anything else. Ironically, paid solutions are the next worst thing, because free AVs these days are pretty good, they have started to transform into these "computer health" programs instead, which include everything from antivirus, antimalware and disk defrag to facebook wall checkers. 


    Malwarebytes always ends up doing a better job though.

    That's because it does almost completely differend job. They even state on their website that running both antivirus constantly and antimalware periodically is the best combination. 

  10. How do you guys define abandonware? Because most of the time I see the meaning change from one person to another.

    That's why I said it's bit weird, because keys are still sold and can still be activated and downloaded from EA servers which doesn't shout "abandoned".

    But then again, that's EAs own system seperate from the game itself which is only in place for customers who can still buy the games so they wouldn't just buy fancy frisbees. If game isn't updated, game components like online is broken and publisher is OK with game installers floating on the internet, then one would assume that game itself is abandoned. 


    From Wikipedia: 

    "Abandonware is a product, typically software, ignored by its owner and manufacturer, and for which no product support is available. Although such software is usually still under copyright, the owner may not be tracking or enforcing copyright violations." 

    In paper, these games would fit that description at least. They're still owned and copyrighted by EA, but they aren't giving any support (outside Origin client related issues) and are turning blind eye for those sharing the game publicly. 

  11. Lists already have their category, but having them under similar namespace would make them even easier to find and more consistent for sure. 


    I have kinda already done games with dualshock prompts in Dualshock 4 article (also DS3 with huge disclaimer), mostly because most games require that controller to even show the prompts and also trying to maintain list of games with that particular controller support without prompts, etc. Controller articles do need some consistency and update on formatting and information at some point. 


    As for metacritic, it's true that many do hate it, I also hate it, but it's indeed too good general indicator when you want to know games quality in a second instead of five minutes. However I have seen some pages praising OpenCritic, which does answer a lot of metacritics negatives, maybe even some cooperation with the site would be possible as after all, issues on PC games are one thing that effects most reviewers score. 


    Genres would be good, but especially with some new kind of games, I guess that would be really pain to maintain unless using some external readily available database for that. 


    Also "list of low end games" was doomed the day it was created :p

  12. Capture card is most definitely good choise if needing to record really demanding games and/or console stuff as well. I do know some friends who stream stuff have dedicated recording/streaming machine to avoid any frame rate loss with PC games. 


    Both solutions are based around the same lossy codec, except obviously Avermedia LiveGamer HD does encoding on its own card. It's not a great quality - definitely not fit if you intend to stuff like color keying on recorded footage, but it works exceptionally well for a long gameplays that you can cut and put on YouTube (since the YouTube encoding is definitely more lossy than LiveGamer HD (or even OBS recording if configured to high bitrate)).

    That's interesting. My USB3 variant, AverMedia GC550/Live Gamer Extreme, does come with it's bloatware which uses it's own lossy codec for recording, but I can just use VirtualDub instead of that and record with lossless codecs. Also supports up to 1080p/60, which is weird as this seems to be cheaper than that HD variant :o 

  13. Yes I know it's a piece of shit, but its the only thing I can use to get high quality 60 FPS 1080p videos.

    That does pretty much summ it up. If you want high quality video 60 FPS footage then Shadowplay does its thing pretty efficiently and after turning it on there's no need to touch the nvidia experience much. 


    However there's difference between "high quality" and "lossless". 


    Reason why I can't use shadowplay for some stuff is that it's not lossless and it captures maximum of 60 FPS, I do some frame rate testing with 120 FPS recording and those require to be lossless and with zero frame drops to be accurate. However still use it for simple gameplay footage recording and desktop capturing from time to time. 


    Lowering the bitrate didn't help either, so I'm guessing this isn't a HDD speed issue.


    Bitrate? None of the codecs I have used (Dxtory, Lagarith, UtVideo, MagicYUV) can't even have bitrate, only colorspace, CPU cores, nullframes, etc. So you are recording with lossy format? At that point without hardware encoding of course it'll eat up resources. Fraps records with their own lossless format as well, thus filesizes are huge, but impact on frame rates is really low. 

  14. Why is ShareX recommended? I'd rather avoid the program because I may accidentally upload private information to cloud, many games show your IP address and email for example.

    ​I never capture video, only screenshots. I've heard that Open Broadcaster Software works fine, but I never figured out how to save local copies. I'm not interested in paid alternatives.

    ShareX is really customizeable, I have set up so everything goes to my dropbox and nobody can see the stuff unless I give the public link, but it's also possible to simply make it save screenshots locally only. It has also designed to be really easy to share parts of the screen fast and even small animations if you need to show how something works for example. It's basically like puush, but far far better. 

    However when it comes to games, it does fail pretty badly as it doesn't have any DirectX, OpenGL, DirectDraw, etc. injectors at all so unless game is in windowed or borderless windowed, it's impossible to screenshot with it. HOWEVER if game has external launchers or can be run windowed only, ShareX is the best tool for screenshotting those as it's much faster than default Windows stuff. 


    OBS is one of the best completely free-foss screen recorder and streaming program, but because emphasis is for streaming, all the recording functions are bit hidden. It's possible to use it as screen recorder as long as adventuring the menu options won't let you down. 


    Just a tiny tip if someone didn't know, for screenshotting, Steam actually does let user to take lossless PNG screenshots by setting folder and ticking box in options. However it seems to fail if user has custom AA, sweetFX or similar injector in place and takes screenshots without them, but for 99% it should serve more than well and also makes it much easier to snap screenshots from sofa. 

  15. Back in year 2006, had to come up with nickname for IRC-Galleria, hip popular finnish image site, similar how facebook is now and I'm still being teased when I made note "first day on IRC" as I didn't use actual IRC for years after that statement. 

    Super Mario combined with birthyear = Mario92. Also IRL name and that both start with M, so it felt natural for some reason. As started to use more of the amazing internet and even got one at home with SUPA FAST 2G trough Nokia 6151, that nickname seemed like it was in use in some places as it's quite generic.

    Solution was finnish slang. So now I mostly use:

    - Marioysikax, Mario, ysi = 9, kax = 2. 

    - Mairo, Pronounced as "My Ro" as it quicky became a nickname of the original nickname when used VoIP in games and such. For some reason when people read the name, they misspell it as "Mario" when referring to me. 


    Usually not being foilhat, so I do use IRL name in many places. That names origin should be obvious thing :p 


    Also seeing some pattern here, most common reason seems to be "needed nickname, combined stuff".

  16. Yes and many open source programs are unambiguously better than the proprietary alternatives. For example VLC, 7-Zip, qBittorrent, TWRP, Firefox, Thunderbird and the Dolphin emulator.

    As closed-source operating systems Windows and OS X can never be "secure" and it has been proved that NSA has a free access to MS Windows: http://www.marketoracle.co.uk/Article40836.html


    VLC is pretty good "get videos working with minimal effort in single package without codec hasshle" but it's still the most hated program with some enthusiastic groups for several good reasons. 


    But those are all good alternative programs, but will most likely not be mentioned in any way on the wiki as they aren't gaming related programs and this is forum section to talk about the wiki, not general discussion. For gaming related things, majority of games are closed source, majority of programs used with games are closed source and majority of games are designed for Windows and if somethings open source or have open source alternative, it's usually already said in some form of said things article and usually in positive matter. Actually not long ago update Aquaria to reflect this. It's still pointless to go trough every single game article writing "isn't open source, not available on open source operating system".


    lol why did you bump this

    I use MPC-HC, WinRAR, uTorrent and Chrome BTW :)

    ( also nothing to hide here :^) )

    MPC-HC is open source.

    WinRAR is actually Trialware so it's not even technically free, even though everyone uses it because of the lack of time limit in that trial. I would also like to boycott the whole thing because of proprierary rar format and the newest RAR5 version of it... 

    µTorrent became so bad after version 3 that every single friend have either downgraded to 2 (and using old software is bad in long run) or moved to something like qBittorrent or Tixati. BUT it has "the Fraps syndrome" if I would like to call it, as because it has been popular for so long, many will use it for that reason only instead of seeking out alternatives. 

    Chrome is basically open source as well, but with Google features implemented on top of it.


    And "nothing to hide" isn't good respond to anything, though being foilhat about everything isn't good thing either. 


    TL;DR: Open source = Good, almost nothing to do with wiki, period.

  17. All digital games are specifically for single person use only, so sharing them in any manner is as illegal as just downloading illegal copy from the internetz. Even GOG.com and other DRM-Free stuff. 


    As this is wiki, better approach is just get more editors on board who have their own game library and those who do not own the copy of the game will just rely on (trustworthy) references and doing general cleanup (layout, grammar, adding references, etc.)


    Not to mention that "PCGW users" are bit too broad group. People would join in just to play games for free at that point. 


    I don't think there's anything illegal in sharing game libraries, especially when the service explicitly allows it.


    The real world corresponding would be lending your game to a friend.

    The actual determinant factor should be 1 game copy = 1 game license == 1 person is allowed to use that

    Only service allowing sharing is Steam and that's Family sharing, its only purpose is to share games with family members withing same household, if you start to share it with random people you are violating their rules. Not to mention you need to log in at the same computer at least once and sharing passwords (and basically using remote desktop) is also againts steams SSA. Of course people have just been taking advantage of this feature as steam doesn't heavily monitor anything, but it doesn't make it any more allowed. 

    Steams Family sharing is basically same thing as Playstations local accounts. If single local account with PSN account connected to it has the game, everyone on that machine can download and play it. I have actually been using that feature to get JP and US stuff and play them with main account. 


    Lending a physical game to a friend might be the only legal scenario, but I'm pretty sure that would be almost impossible scenario, not only because PC games aren't physical that much (as physical games are basically codes in box) but also location differences. 

  18. Hoping this way people could stop seeing the alternative to in-game vsync as the fix for in-game vsync

    Actually Mighty Switch Force! Hyper Drive Edition and Mighty Gunvolt vsync introduces so massive input lag people notice it (talking near one second) and indeed disabling or forcing vsync externally, did fix the issues not only for me but for others as well.

    Problem was that my monitor was 144Hz and those games are capped at 60 FPS, so that input lag wasn't there with the monitor. 


    RaTcHeT302, on 24 Nov 2015 - 02:01 AM, said:

    Is one of your links broken? Did you mean to link another page? http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Assassin

    That's still the same IP board bug that is super annoying.

  19. Those additional caveats (if I got what you meant) are indeed part of steam DRM, and should be considered as such.

    So there are two situations. First one is completely DRM-Free, so if you try opening game outside Steam, it opens by itself without hooking into Steam.

    Then there are those which check for Steam and if it's running, they use it, but if running Steam can't be found, they open up and play just fine. Some devs opt to do this so steamworks features like achievements, cloud, cards, multiplayer, game time calculator, etc. This is the same level of "Optional DRM" that e.g. GOG Galaxy offers. At that point it's technically DRM, but in practise, it's only used for players benefit. 


    But in both cases, if you put the game files on USB and go to play on computer without Steam at all, they both work without any restrictions. 

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