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  1. Only problem at that point is situations like this, where users might bump into other versions article and either thinking why everything is wrong or try inserting fixes to other version. Other than that I totally agree on the notion. It's also far easier to combine articles than it is to seperate them if becomes necessary.
  2. I really hate when there are situations like this where there are two versions of the exact same game, but then people can be playing either one of the versions instead of being update to everyone, which has been annoying trend because of console rereleases. I can't even count how many games I have listed two times in steam library because of this. Trine actually does have also physical release which might be DRM-Free, meaning it will not get Enchanted update and because engine change is so drastically differend some may want to play the game in it's original state. Even in situations whe
  3. Yeah, it's not new thing to have small pause to emphasize the impact, but it's not done by completely freezing the whole goddamn game. Seen some complains and debate with console versions as well and that is something that apparently did not happen with original 360 release and it's clear that the whole game pauses instead of just the animations.
  4. Because that's mathematical calculation that is publicly available, I do not see reason why we simply can't have our own calculator made? Similar to how we should have screenshot comparison section on the site.
  5. Some other characters like [ and ] are also somewhat problematic as they are also used as characters to seperate text from wiki code. It's also possible to use HTML code like | for |, but not sure which method is more preferable.
  6. Yes, I did try to make it clear in parts where stuff has been changed in enchanted version and linking to that version. But because original version is still available and can still be played from enchanted version, it's still necessary to have article for both. Earlier I left the steam appid and gog name away from it so people would be directed to enchanted article by default but apparently the appid redirecting page nowdays asks what page you want to go.
  7. Hi and welcome! Usually those kind of issues are reported either on widescreen and 4K notes. Some games have the HUD, GUI, etc. scaling as a option, like Titan Quest Anniversary Edition. If there's no way to change the scaling, it's also really easily noted and if it's game breaking bad, make 4K status false. If it's not toggleable option but can be changed e.g. config, then just use "See 4K Ultra HD" and add in section "4K Ultra HD" under graphics table explaining what to do, alternatively under "issues fixed" with it's own header like in Bioshock Infinite.
  8. It's not, but I'm pretty sure that much more have done upgrade install to 10 (basically because it was partly forced) as opposed to 8.X. I have seen users having problems with 10 after upgrade install which have dissapeared when they have done clean install instead. And I have been recommending that to everyone upgrading to 10. Because 8 was literally horrible and 8.1 was so shitty naming that many just though it was 8.
  9. Like said, for majority the google captcha is simply checkbox, one or two times I had to write street sign containing 3 numbers, that's it. So basically what that means is that you are blocking so much stuff that google can't determine are you a bot or user with their algorithms, so only way they can do that is trough the old styled captcha puzzles, but they have to be really freaking hard so that modern computers can't guess it in any scenario. If they did easier puzzles, they would have hole where bots could come trough and as the service is being used in many places I'm certain many wou
  10. To me, 90% of the time google captcha is literally just "click this checkbox" because they seem to have system in place to calculate probability of user being a bot. If they give something, it's usually pretty easy street sign to write, instead of giving impossible puzzles and unreadable text. It's googles captcha we are talking about. If you were able to write bot to bypass it easily, I'm certain they will pay you good summ of money for doing that and then improve the aspects that bot were using.
  11. I remember there being discussion that the current captcha system is no longer supported in newer version of software used and will get replaced at some point. And yes, currect captcha images are on imgur, I'm just amazed that there aren't more bots coming trough because that seems like the most easily hackable captcha these days: reverse image search instantly tells the game name, url to image is always the same, pretty easy to match the image to images on steam in some way, etc. http://imgur.com/a/SEpRK
  12. Does any other amazon site sell digital downloads? Because last time I checked amazon.com was the only place that sold those. Other amazon sites do sell the games as well, but they are all physical, which is then the same as retail field. Also it's super easy to just create fake american account as all the games are delivered digitally anyway.
  13. Same here. Played the game with 144 FPS and mouse from start to finish. That's why that games articles section has been a mess, because the problems are inconsistant for many and even if the game is playable with high frame rates it's still not playing perfectly like that.
  14. Once again, depents highly on the game in question and even then, I'm certain that differences are mostly noteable in loading times only. This is also why majority of benchmarks made with SSD vs HDD are with loading times only. Like with Arkham Knight, stutters caused by data streaming look more like bad optimization from developer and SSD is simply brute forcing trough it. Skyrim being bethesda open world game, I would still personally just install it on SSD.
  15. Because when I try the game with the controller, I most certainly would not like to see keyboard promts give to me or not have any acceleration, smoothing or aim-assist on when aiming with bloody sticks. Maybe we are thinking it in the same way but you just aren't seeing it as switching. Basically the best goal is that the game just takes the input from the device you are actually using and you can just use whatever without need for settings menu or restarting. Thing is that for best user experience, game still has to change settings according to what is being used, most noticeable is the
  16. One of the main benefits of the SSD comes from installing OS and applications on it as they can perform really fast. To me it sounds really pointless to not use it on those as that's where the actual benefits come from. You can just keep everything where they are just, most of the optimization is from earlier times when even 64 GB SSD costed fortune and they lasted for much less read/write cycles. Nowdays it's more of enthusiast level stuff, who want their SSDs to simply last longer or want more space to have e.g. more games on there. And because of that it does feel like the wiki is
  17. I'm used to console level times with loading screens, so high performance HDD has been more than fine and I'm certain games are designed around that users are most likely having the game installed on HDD. So basically games that is played often, like multiplayer games, so you can drop in to playsessions faster. As for is there anything to be done after installing SSD, basically no as HDD and SSD act exactly the same under OS, however many do some stuff to avoid the SSD from getting constant writes and unneccessary files. For example I have all my user folders redirected to X: drive
  18. Well that's why we are talking about this. Because the best case scenario is that game itself automatically switches it according to control method in use so that user doesn't have to care. But this is PC gaming, so that's not the case with many titles sadly.
  19. Hi and first of all, welcome and thanks for contributing. I noticed that and modified the article a bit. The thing is that if you are setting your monitor to 60Hz from OS, first of all this would then be fix only for high refresh rate monitors essentially(?), monitor is then only able to show 60 FPS, meaning if the spikes were under 16.67ms, there would still be stuttering but just wouldn't show as monitor doesn't update faster than that. Two things I did notice was that with GPU memory limitation turned off, there would be constant spiking in frame rates, with hyper the frame time
  20. Input method switching may sound bit better as hybrid controller sounds like suggesting of multiple controllers usage. However switching would make games that require manual switching of controller to be true on table, which doesn't serve the purpose of using them simultaneously. Automatic input method switch? New field would also make it easier to note if game starts to change prompts at seizure level because of two differend inputs. Native bindings will be pain to do, especially when majoritys native bindings are basically slamming buttons as regular XInput controller and calling it a d
  21. I personally haven't been a fan of mixing the controller and keyboard/mouse when using steam controller, mainly because majority of games haven't been designed that way and drawbacks of not mixing are really minor, but I can see that it would be neat info to have for those who do mix them. When I have been editing game articles, I only mention this if switching between methods requires some significant effort, e.g. needing to manually switch the method of input or even restart the game. I would almost say that noting under hotplugging should suffice, even if this isn't exactly hotplugging,
  22. PC Reports are a series of quick first impressions regarding the technical aspects of a PC game. This report was written by PCGamingWiki contributor Marioysikax. For an up to date account of Mirror's Edge Catalyst fixes and improvements, please visit its respective PCGamingWiki article. Mirror's Edge Catalyst is a first person parkouring game by DICE and prequel to Mirror's Edge released in 2009. Let's have a look PC versions technical aspects and how it performs. System Requirements Minimum CPU:Intel i3-3250 / AMD FX-6350 with 4 logical cores RAM:6 GB HDD:25 GB GPU:NVIDIA GeForceÂ
  23. I do not use adblocking software, so I'm assuming the continue button is put there to forward you to advertisement site to get some ad money from you even with adblock. Site works just fine without adblock so either you need to whitelist or block the adblocker blocker.
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    Images of PC report for Mirror's Edge Catalyst
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