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  1. That's very common mistake to make. With consoles you are further away from the sceen and use sticks which move you with controlled speed. With PC you are much closer and use mouse, so it's much easier to get motion sick as you can move more quickly with mouse so brains can't keep up where you are moving because you are basically inside of an box. With regular 16:9 many says 90 is pretty much fine but some may want to go bit higher for either they simply want so see more on competive games or they still feel sick after certain playsessions. Personally 100 seems fine as I use pretty large
  2. Instead of simple \Steam with steam or \Ubisoft with uplay, should %PROGRAMFILES(X86)% be used with tooltip that it's just default location which could've been changed by user during installation?
  3. Yeah. This is what I was going for with Unreal 3 and smoothing thing, where every Unreal 3 game having that would say same thing so user would know what to do even without reading solution another time. Many games "won't launch" problem which is solved with regular things (reinstalling, cache verifying, updating drivers).
  4. Only time I have bumped to something needing partial is definitly always on, forced vsync. However in that case it's true game has vsync and just comment that it can't be turned off and that's it. From example from OP if games other half support high frame rate, then put it to true and comment that it's false for other part of the game. Or if game has 30 FPS cutscenes just put it true and comment that. So basically if it's in some way supported, put it to true and add comment. No need for partial value. More the options the messier page is going to look.
  5. Well "Documents" folder isn't in XP, why would variable be XP version? %PROGRAMDATA% is bit easier if user doesn't know it can be copy pasted then defaulty it can be found in OS root with same name. Maybe hover tip for %ALLUSERPROFILE% ? I have been been using string "Navigate to your [[#Game data|Configuration file(s) location]]." and works pretty well with copy pasting to other pages when needed. That's usually better if there's error, game updates or comes to other platforms as well and also unifies how articles and fixes are written.
  6. Many games fixbox use <pre> tag with list, mostly to show what needs to be changed in config etc. This doesn't work with numbered list as it breaks and even with regular list style breaks as <pre> content is bit more to left than list itself. Most of the time I see it's done by manually faking formatting and putting 1. 2. etc. instead of # and using spaces and enters to make it look OK but makes it much harder to actually modify and read as wikitext afterwards. I don't think it's possible to make changes to MediaWiki code and make <pre> work with lists. Only legit w
  7. It's clearly visible how rest of the page loads first and then top part afterwards for some reason. You are also at least partially right about social buttons as there seems to be few errors on console when page loads with facebooks URL and objects to load last are facebook and twitter related. However loading times are pretty much par with other sites so nothing to actually worry about. And of course it's super easy to block social media tat outside of their own page and some people prefer it as they like to watch your internet behaviour and use those embeds for it. Ubuntu LTS just came
  8. With Botanicula I bumped to "Slovak" and "Botulo". Botulo is in-game language so I'll just add note about that but Slovak should be real life language unless I'm horribly mistaken.
  9. JPG with most cases takes much less space than PNG. If compression rate is ~97 quality shouldn't be problem either.
  10. %USERPROFILE%\My Documents\ doesn't work with finnish localized version of 7 or 8.1. That's why I suggested this as I can't just copy paste every path from wiki without removing the "my" part. %USERPROFILE%\Tiedostot\ also works but I'm betting it won't work with any other than finnish version of windows.
  11. As everyone should be well aware XPs support has now officially ended. You may also know that was last microsofts OS to use "My Documents" while all newer versions use simply "Documents". What I'd like to propose is that wiki would simply do the same with save/config locations. Some still use XP but we are talking minority here, Steam hardware survey says ~5% of users are still on XP.
  12. I like idea of listing DLC as some games have tons of DLC available but doesn't even bother to tell what the DLC actually is in full extend. One of greatest examples are Tomb Raider and Sleeping Dogs. They have DLC which basically breaks single player campaing to some degree, with Sleeping dogs it's already listed as fix but it would be nice addition to have collapsed list of DLC and icons what DLC does what. However these are single cases and usually listed on article so benefit from listing DLC is really marginal. Enhanced Steam does this, but they have their own database: http://www.e
  13. I remember playing sims always with 800x600 as it had better zoom and larger icons. CRT and inaccurate ball mouse times :) Well that was really good example. That actually made me think that I have played Dust 100% trough and I know it has lots of rotating sprites everywhere and not single aliased edge is visible ever. Could it be that some games has mandatory antialiasing applied as rotated sprites would look absolutely awful?
  14. They use proprietary engine but game seems to have vector based models instead of sprites. Workshop items are done with adobe flash so this would at least hint that's the case: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=166995993 If I'm not totally incorrect then game basically renders vector model which causes aliasing in that particular title and antialiasing is definitly needed. Flash games like Binding of Isaac also features vectors and flashs presets high, medium and low are basically AA levels. BUT we also have games like Machinarium which use flash but also use sprites...
  15. Can you give me example as I said in first post that usually that antialiasing is image filter which gets rid of pixelated sprites instead of aliasing. You must be using really old paint. Windows 7 zoom 800% from bottom right and draw line slowly and it applies AA to it. With photoshop/gimp you can draw lines also without antialiasing if needed though. To me it just seems slightly unfair for 2D games in general to make AA false as even if they did introduse AA for them sprites on older titles are pretty small so AA just makes them blurry. For newer games like Dust: an Elysian Tail you
  16. Now that N/A is in use, I stumbled to one simple problem: does antialiasing apply to games that are 2D? We already know FOV and anisotropic filtering doesn't. For most part 2D games are done in way that sprites themselves are antialiased or done in pixel style. However some games like Metal Slug 3 and emulators like zsnes allows you to apply filters which smooths out upscaled pixel graphics (2xSAI, HQ filter, Super Eagle) that are used more with image scaling than antialiasing. They also include other filters like scanlines and CRT effect. Even Desmume only includes filters as they can't i
  17. Well hackable means that you have to do something outside games regular options to make something work (e.g. applying AA with external program) so I would say it should also apply to fan translations as they aquire you to at least download it and possibly apply it in some manner. It would also make it clearer what languages are actually official.
  18. This is especially nice feature for regions that aren't usually translated and has translation patches. Wouldn't it be really easy to make bot just copy/paste attributes from steam store page as it uses significally same kind of table and then just add information for patches, non-steam and older games?
  19. Well this definitely turned out to be tougher thing that it looked. You may be right about the longwinded thing too. I'm still in favor of smoothing. I was watching that HARDOCP article image about smoothing that 30fps difference just can't be right when I got something like 1-2fps avarage difference before noticing article was from 2007. I would bet if someone owns monitor with high refresh rate they would at least have medium gaming PC which shouldn't have that much difference in frame rate. BUT that just proofs there may be someone with lower end PC and regular monitor would like to turn
  20. I was just thinking it from perpective of regular user but you are right at that one. I still don't see smoothing as cap. Smoothings job isn't to cap or vsync but to smooth out jumping framerate, you can still cap and vsync after smoothing if you want to. I usually put game settings that they run minimum of 60fps so it may go anywhere over 60fps. If I disable smoothing it's clear when game fps goes down fast where with smoothing on you actually have to look at fps meter to see it. So when you are playing the game you won't focus on how framerate goes. To summarize smoothing is actually eve
  21. Actually Hz and fps gets mixed up a lot as they usually mean same thing with you seeing 120fps so it means 120 frames per second which means it's shown with 120Hz monitor. Only game I actually needed vsync was Dead Space as it had massive screen tearing in areas with blinking lights even with 144Hz monitor but vsync messed everything up. Adaptive vsync actually worked and there wasn't any problems that were related to vsync. As for main problem I think it's now pretty much solved as it clearly states how to get the game working and there's alternative solution and extra info linked. E
  22. Thanks nicereddy for grammar correction! :3 There seems to be 27 games which has listed this as fix and I'm sure there's more. What I have researched that smoothed value should be little over refresh rate rather than exact number as it's smoothing instead of hard cap, games "capped" with this method to 30fps also has value of 32 in smoothing so this strengthen the fact. If screen tearing is visible games vsync should work or just force vsync/cap other way as smoothing is there to just - well - smooth instead of syncing or capping. As for crashing issue mentioned in Mass Effect page seems to b
  23. Well of course it would be applied only the games that the fix works. Thing was there's many of those games ::) Yeah, 120hz is most common used but 144hz seems to be new standard and there's even 240hz monitors available. Then you have games like Payday which allows cap to be increased up to 135 which works with 120 but is under 144... Maybe just "High frame rate" would be good enough and comment is it limited to certain amount (many games also use 91 especially with online play) or is game completely uncapped. That may be the main problem as people don't seem to know which is actually
  24. That's seriously best idea, sorry if I sounded sarcastic as I'm not native english speaker >_> (also lol @ portal joke) So we (or I or someone) just make perfect version of fix to engine page and then manually copy-paste it to game pages with link to engine page. E: One thing I haven't found perfect answer is that if you actually raise smoothing value should you put it exactly the same as refresh value or 2 higher like it defaults with 60hz monitors in mind?
  25. Well then we should at least have some kind of source/example to copy-paste from? Some pages have it as "essential improvement", some tell you to disable the option completely, some tell you to raise the value to 120 which isn't working with 144hz monitors and so forth. Should I just manually go, edit one page perfect and then just copy paste that to every single game that uses this fix? I was specifically talking about unreal games that has smoothed framerate enabled with value of 62 and plain text ini files as there are tons of those and they all have literally same solution. E:
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