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  1. New users need to wait for awhile and do few edits before they can create pages. I have created the page with basic layout and steam ID in place: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Cold_Fear E: oh, MOJ has already been editing a lot. Anyway, that article is now created. Searching and clicking red link is the easiest way. I have also been using enhanced steam linking trough steam.
  2. I actually have similar problem with RPG makes. I did put steam ID in there, but it's not recognized by enhanced steam.
  3. PS3 accepts all and every DirectInput controller you put into it. That's why e.g. logitech controllers still have that switch instead of being fully XInput. I actually have Xinput-to-DInput converter there just because of that. Then most of the converters for older controllers like Dualshock 2 and Gamecube are usually DirectInput, so it's still used in places where XInput can't be used (missing buttons or having more buttons and features). I'm guessing reason was because XInput is basically Xbox standard which microsoft simply ported over to PC and for same reason they "buried" DirectInput. Lately I have been abandoning my wired 360 controller because Dualshock 4 works surprisingly well 99% of the time without any extra software or wrappers. Steam nowdays wraps the inputs if game doesn't support it. To me it feels more like because XInputs control bindings don't vary that it has been simply easy way to implement controller compatibility for games and it does seem like DS4 has become second standard for controllers, not just DirectInput. Only problem with DirectInput I have seen is that button mappings aren't standardized so devs use XInput as excuse to be lazy. I have been saying the same thing on so many steam game community forums I'm almost done with it. Other one is that people are still suggesting MotionInJoy to use with Dualshock 3. That's also pretty well said, as with PC gaming there are and will be those niche setups. That's why there isn't WiiUGamingWiki.
  4. After Dualshock 4 got released, more and more games are supporting it directly and adding support for generic DirectInput as well. Even if it's depreciated it's still alive and kicking. Actually looking at XInput limitations compared to DirectInput, it's impossible for XInput controller to have any more or less buttons than regular 360 controller and windows always states the controller as 360 controller despite the model. So I would say simply use 360 controller article for XInput related stuff, then link to it from third party XInput controllets. I was unsure where to put the info about API, after I put it into API tables input field, someone corrected me to put it into input sections controller note. When I put up "controller recommended" key note, I always explain the stuff in Input section of the page and link to it. One really good example is Fairy Bloom Freesia article, which states obvious things and then it's up to user do they want to use controller or not. Game only showing controller button prompts isn't good enough reason and I always put it as negative point in input section.
  5. Ratchet is right that earlier thing was working as it also basically stated 60 FPS, only problem was that there wasn't easy way to collect this information if I'm correct. But now that it's 60 FPS field then other field becomes significally more pointless but still required. So I'm still in favor of turning it into FPS cap field which is hidden by default as majority has 60Hz monitors so they most likely only care about 60 FPS, those wanting unlimited frames or have 144Hz monitor want to know about FPS caps in the game have the other field. This would also make it easier to state e.g. physics, character or camera being locked to certain frame rate as then it has it's own note field. It's almost like with resolution there's widescreen and 4K.
  6. Input/Frame delay would be super sweet, but I can imagine that being super hard to measure(?) Frame rate capping does sound like more proper thing now that 60 FPS is a thing. After all if there is some kind of hard cap, then usually HFR is false as well and most HFR fixes are for raising or disabling FPS capping. So HFR kinda already was frame rate capping option to some degree. It would be also bit more describeable for wider range of people and not only for 120/144Hz monitor owners at that point. Hard cap = false, optional cap = true and mention how large cap, hard cap which can be manually changed = hackable. At this point partial value would be nice again, if game forces the cap and only give certain amount of caps which are under 120 FPS. How so? I see almost every page have 60 FPS as unknown right now.
  7. Was just asking about this, because right now HFR tag means game is locked to lower than 120 FPS and if it's other than 60 FPS then it's noted and if it's lower it's keynoted as well.
  8. Aren't some redirects done because of that? Many games starting with "the" and games having roman numbers are really good examples. If redirects are hidden then they won't help in almost anything.
  9. I've already been doing that, original name on game page, then that redirects to current company and then note what was earlier names and dates: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Publisher:Marvelous_AQL Another similar issue is with engines, mainly RPG Maker and Clickteam Fusion, where they are updating engine, but there are tons of differend variations of it with next to zero difference to end user (in some cases it's almost impossible to tell which version of engine is used unless some intense googling) and only handful of games to begin with. I have autonomously redirected those pages to unified page as well instead of making single engine page for single game. Good example is Freedom Planet where it uses Sonic Worlds which is actually using Clickteam Fusion as base, someone else redirected that though.
  10. Version 0.2 Alpha


    Source: http://blog.metaclassofnil.com/?p=691 Created for Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1, but also confirmed working with Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation and Re;Birth 3: V Generation. README.txt:
  11. Well, I personally had no problems when playing with externally vsynced (nvidia adaptive sync) and using double mouse speed from configuration file. Didn't notice any lagging or stuttering at all and played whole game with 144 FPS. I remember Mirh had some problems with it so I just let that one slide as I have no interest of investigating that any further and game definitely has some massive problems with mouse and vsync.
  12. Version 1.52


    Official patch for Enter the Matrix. Source: Atari Support page (August 2, 2003. Retrieved with Wayback Machine)
  13. I can get on that train with though that requirement of extra program could be considered as DRM. However it's weird line to draw as like I said before every digital game requires some form of access tool to get the game, was it generated personal key, account or dedicated downloader. I just have to start putting gamersgate downloader on drm table now I know how it works as to this point I believed their page saying DRM-Free meant DRM-Free. But I would also like it to be noted if downloaded thing works without that extra program. Basically some way to tell that is it possible to just stick game to thumb drive and play at school. Putting DRM-Free icon next to service used to download game or with steams case adding note linking to that big list of DRM-free games?
  14. So you are looking at steam as an complete package, completely black and white state and hating it really really bad. We aren't talking about download method, we aren't talking what ratio of games require steam as DRM, we aren't talking wheter or not dev/pub can take away your ownership to the game: we are talking about wheter game has DRM in it after it's being downloaded and useable on your machine. Yeah, thread started as wheter or not steam in itself is DRM and conclusion to that already is that sometimes as most games do require it running and logged in. So how does these two scenarios differenciate: - I see that Fairy Bloom Freesia doesn't feature DRM on Steam. I buy it, download it indirectly via use of their software which requires logging in, afterwards just playing the game without need of their client ever again unless I need to redownload or want achievements, cards or sync my save files. - I see that Fairy Bloom Freesia is DRM-Free on GamersGate. I buy it, download it indirectly via use of their software which requires logging in, afterwards just playing the game without need of their client ever again unless I need to redownload. I can relate to almost every point you have made, but they are your own subjective things not related to the matter.
  15. When it comes down to physical disks, I know most games do come with steam key and files that require steam to be installed onto machine to begin installation. At that point I can agree that steam is acting like DRM for physical game version, but I was talking about game that has been downloaded trough steam and it's files are in your hard drive. If at that point I can run the game without any extra restrictions steam isn't acting like DRM anymore. I don't have interest to dig up, but almost every game that has physical copy tied to steam, uses steamworks as primary DRM. At least that makes most sense, otherwise they would simply print versions without steam keys so they won't have to pay to valve and risk getting them sold in grey market. Some games like COD also use it as multiplayer component, which I agree that GOG galaxy sounds interesting, but that's whole another topic. I still agree GOGs way is much more open and consumer friendly as all their stuff is without DRM and with neat installers that doesn't require anything extra, but with steam it's up to developer and/or publisher do they decide to or even can they use any form of DRM (e.g. flash/adobe air can't) in their games and they are downloaded trough steam client in all cases. It just comes down to wheter or not some users mistake note game being without any form of drm to that there would be directly downloadable installer or zipped package. This does however also bring up good question that does GMGs Capsule/Playfire/Vulcan/whateveritscalled a DRM either? I have few games in my library but I couldn't get anything to load so can't test right now, but I remember it just loaded regular .exe installer and I could play the game even after uninstallation of that piece of s. E: Got confirmation at IRC, that even all gamersgate stuff needs you to download DRM-Free games trough their dedicated client. Still most of those games are listed as DRM-free in articles. We came around full circle didn't we? If I have for example Fairy Bloom Freesia installed and suddenly Valve decides to shut down my account for some stupid reason, I can still play the game and copy it elsewhere because it only uses steam to gain achievements but is playable without them - same way GOG galaxy is supposed to work basically?
  16. I would prefer that if both are available that both are also told. Automatic tool is always much better, but there are times when some may not want to download something, antivirus gives false positive which freaks out the user or if that tool refuses to work as intended. Maybe just have manual method collapsed if tool is available.
  17. That's pretty much where it boils down to: does requirement of client application for download count as DRM? And I would still say that method of getting game files doesn't effect on does game have DRM in itself - they are seperate issues. I can download Sims 2 Complete collection with Origin, easily play it trough steam as non-steam game or put it on USB and play at friends house, at that point it definitely doesn't use Origin as DRM, but I still required Origin to download those files in first place. If game refuses to launch if that client isn't running and logged in with right account at that point it becomes DRM. I can understand perfectly dealing againts Valve as they basically have monopoly on PC gaming at the moment and with direct downloadable installers you do have bit more control over your purchares, but like I said, download method doesn't mean that downloaded product magically has DRM because it was downloaded or installed differently.
  18. Well if you download game trough any service digitally you always need some kind of account or key to access the download. Humble doesn't require account but even that gives you download URL to email with unique key to download DRM-Free stuff. Only difference in Steam is that they download that stuff with client to dedicated folder and they want you to open the game with that client of course. Now with availability of course if someone sees steam on the list they can assume they need steam to download the game. It would just help to see that if they decide to buy trough steam that those files would work even without steam running. So I stay with my first post that in most cases steam is indeed DRM, but if game can be ran without it afterwards it's DRM-Free and that's why there's that list of DRM-Free titles on steam here.
  19. If I remember correctly, with KF it was possible to go over that limit but it required fiddling with netspeeds, possibly on both client and server side and that's why single player is unlocked as speed is infinite. Haven't bothered with that one as 90 is just fine. We actually tried to play COD:WAW zombie mode with friends and it seems that FoV can't be changed outside single player mode and nothing worked. It's so narrow we had to quit. I remember Black Ops had same issue, even though multiplayer had perfectly working FoV slider for some reason zombie mode was in single player side and again all fixes seemed to only work in single player, in coop every fix stopped working. I'm going to contradict myself and say that partial value would be useful.
  20. Well this would be pretty easy to fix by linking to page with only the comparison of non-compressed images. I remember at least Nvidia site does this and because of that they can include more screenshots of setting in comparison e.g. shadows in day and night, instead of just other.
  21. When I started PC gaming I actually used Xfire for FPS meter and screen recording... Just saying that Steam should've already included this ages ago as it's pretty small useful thing and they already have overlay enabled in games. When you start to think about it it's bit weird how they already have streaming, but no recording option.
  22. Lets just hope they make it as amazing as they promised so it's actually good enough to consider instead of being controller supplied with steam machines in future. Well shit. Now I have to actually consider getting that Dualshock 4. I'm starting to have more controllers than I have actual players. I wasn't aware that Sony did official drivers? I though it was simply Direct input controller so it would work out of the box if game supported direct input, thus it also works with PS3 as well.
  23. Year is a long time. Because it's filled with so many indie and console games (RPGs, Ni No Kuni took little over 100h) it's hard to remember ._. Metal Gear Rising was really awesome experience, my earlier platinum experience was with Bayonetta on PS3 and... well... so that was experience that made my cheeks hurt from all the smiling and laughing. South Park was like paper mario that we haven't gotten for long time (sticker star should be buried like E.T. games) and also gave good chunk of serie fan service. Half-Minute Hero: The Second Coming thankfully was proper port so it was easier to enjoy, not sure was those VR mode and benchmark put there as a joke. Also thanks for Marvelous for copy! Shovel Knight rocks! Only thing that would've made it better is if they would've included stereo-3D in there. Almost bought 3DS version because of that but I did contain myself (bought theme). Also Kaufmans music is awesome! So many good (and bad) indie titles. I'm sure most of them were released 2013, but played them this year and includes Espace Goat 2, Guacamelee, Electronic Super Joy, Battleblock Theater (thanks for free copy behemoth!), Master Reboot, Steamworld Dig (even translated that), Brothers, Shantae (still going), etc. I'd had to scroll huge list to list all. Played Remember Me which I finished with PS3 earlier this year, which reminded me that if there's PC version of some game ALWAYS play the PC version. That game felt so much better on PC but dropped it because I already had played it trough and it wasn't that good mechanically. Murdered: Soul Suspect I still have to play some, but couple hour chunk I played didn't turn out to be as interesting that I though. I was thinking it being more like Ghost Trick mixed with some mechanics from Miles Edgeworth Investigations and it kinda is, but so mediocore. That just made me boot up Investigations 2 translation patch and put that game on hold. Metal Slug 3, just fuck that. Instead of giving collection of all games or giving actual port with all the extras like they have already done in past many times, they started to port mobile emulation of the games to PC instead? Actually got banned and fight with moderator when I said that even emulating that stuff is better than that full release and they still haven't gotten that linux release they had in humble to steam nor DRM-Free build for windows.
  24. So TL;DR to me seems that Steam offers DRM as part of Steamworks which is up to developer/publisher to use or not. That means with over 90% of cases Steam is DRM as it's then required to run the client to prove you can access the game. And as for GOG it gives you installer which you can download with browser and move however you like, Steam requires you to install client to download the game and always installs it into steams own installation folder so even if game is DRM-Free most will simply use it trough steam anyway and won't ever notice it's DRM-Free build.
  25. I remember FC3 had problems with MSAA as well to point where it increased AA in most areas. Turning AO off completely made it work and because other option was FXAA I decided to keep AO off. Can you actually turn AO completely off this time without config editing and if you can does it effect MSAA?
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