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  1. I noticed this as well as this also makes Enhanced Steam links take you to "create page" page instead of actual article and clicking that page creation gives articles edit page with all the stuff already in it. They are apparently cached again but it may take several hours. Purging (selecting refresh from pages upper right corner) does this instantly.
  2. Well, last time I checked Vimeo didn't even allow pure gameplay material in their site (and I can understand from their point they will have a lot less fighting over who owns what) As for youtube, there are many presets available made by people for video editor/converter you use to make it not suck horribly, for some really odd reason WMV is best export format for Vegas for example. Lately personally stumbled upon FFmpeg which is basically godlike tool for video editing/converting and it does have so good tools you can basically make video to match almost perfectly youtubes own algorithm thus nullifying youtubes own conversion artifacts, haven't tried this yet (though I would believe that rendering withing exactly same format shouldn't decrease quality). Then of course youtube did introduce 60 FPS playback, so uploading video in high bitrate 1080p+ resolution 60 FPS makes video quality pretty good as 60 content is handled with higher bitrate. I have actually seen people uploading 30 FPS content in 60 FPS just because of this fact as well as upscaling HD content to 4K, of course those are awful approaches. However you should never expect perfect quality from streaming sites, you won't get that much better from youtube. If you need to give that level of quality, then use cloud services (Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, MEGA, etc.) to share rendered file instead. EDIT: "In October 2014, we started allowing video game content on Vimeo again." Oh, never mind that then.
  3. With default setup, they are indistinguishable from each other, after all "C:\Users\%USERNAME%\Documents\" is then same destination as "%USERPROFILE%\Documents\" I actually noticed this behaviour in MGR because I tried it with my new setup and all my regular folders are under "X:\" and they are moved via legit way, so that windows variables work. MGR simply forcifully created new Documents folder and dropped its files under there instead of my actual Documents folder under X. Another game that had some odd behaviour when this was done was Revenge of the Titans and was actually Java bug, where %USERPROFILE% was gotten from desktop folders parent path, meaning that game dropped it's save files in the root of my X drive all the time, because desktop folder was "X:\Työpöytä\". So indeed %USERPROFILE% may not always be used by the game if user has moved their folders around.
  4. Ninja'd. Was about to say this. Had similar problems when I used to render videos with video editor. Also VLC uses internal codecs while WMP uses computers installed codecs. VLC is miracle in sense how wide variety of files it plays, but overall playbacks quality is still lacking even though they have improved over time significantly.
  5. 4,252 downloads

    Customized DirectDraw hack to make Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee and Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus to make the games use desktop resolution when in fullscreen. Originally from: http://forums.steampowered.com/forums/showthread.php?t=1765599 Mirror downloaded from: http://www.mediafire.com/?lrqciam6ip6c6b2 Readme.txt: -----------------------ddhack - Abe Edtion-----------------------by mashakos(original ddhack by Jari Komppa)-----------------------Instructions:1)Paste the files in the directories of Abe's Oddyssey and Abe's Exodduse.g:C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\oddworld abes oddyseeC:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\SteamApps\common\oddworld abes exoddus2)That's it!The patch will resize the game to whatever resolution you are running on now. You can alt+tab and it won't destroy your system!ONE ISSUE: The games throw a crash error (tested on Vista 64-bit) after you close them. This only happens AFTER you quit or alt+f4 the game.
  6. TYPO ALERT! Problem with Fraps is that it records lossless footage, it's super easy to use even for dumbest people and it's super popular (those who bought it of course don't want to change software, those who aquired it via other means don't bother checking anything else), so it won't die out for a while. Technically speaking there's not much wrong with it, but there's indeed are better solutions and it'll die out when it's not getting updated. Bought Dxtory lisence some time ago and it has been the best program so far as it basically has tons and tons of useful features. What I personally use really often is 120 FPS capturing using three storage devices, capping frame rate when I simply need to test capping, taking full quality PNG screenshots, seeing what directx versions game uses, etc. It actually just got updated to support Windows Apps, so that's also already huge plus as I haven't seen other programs being able to do that and basically only way to record them in the past was to record whole desktop. Measuring frame rate of Windows Apps was also bit painful and needed some developer side tools e.g. Intel GPA. As for free alternatives, Shadowplay really does work and does record 60 FPS material amazingly easily, BUT only compressed format and up to 60 FPS recording is supported. For regular user that may be the best option though. I would still like dedicated article for screen recording/capturing/streaming tools, because PC doesn't have handy "share" button nor saying "record that" to microphone does anything. Speaking of the devil, Xbox app does work with majority of the games and overlay does have some sort of recorder, just haven't tested that out. For screenshotting I ditched puush completely, but for recording footage, it seemed like it's designed to record desktop footage, not so much for gameplay. Though I haven't tweaked recording side of that software.
  7. Job of the code tag has been to show paths, filenames, config files flag, etc. so most important part of it is to be visible to user once user opens windows explorer, opens up notepad++, changes something, etc. and gets back to webpage to look for next step. Having background color that differendiates slightly from background is almost essential if you ask me. It's basically the same as having table where every other line is slightly differend background color, so you can easily focus on what line you are on. Of course other possibility is to bold the text, but that would look silly when text is bolded inside black box. Not trying to sound too harsh, but is it necessary to open up new topic on every astetic thing you have already fixed for yourself with custom CSS? Just have single topic for all the subjective matters about wikis graphical style and people can input their own opinions on the matter. Because seeing several topics dealing with graphical style with opening of "please change this" feels really negative and that you would like wiki to look just like your custom CSS.
  8. Few problems. First: games with settings menu seperated into many parts. Best example I can think out of my head is Osu!. Graphics settings would've taken three screenshots alone and would've included my personal game information and other settings in other settings screenshots. Would've been total mess without cropping and combining. Screenshots in Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance were replaced (png with png, and replaced, not updated original file like it should be done, my files are still there and aren't even tagged for deletion) and now audio and input settings basically containg 99% of the same settings and can't be viewed directly from game article. Second: games with tiny setting screens. There can be games which have 90% of space which doesn't containg anything useful, but is there to increase image size SIGNIFICANTLY. This means you can't see anything from pages thumbnail and opening up the image will take ages. One good example I can think of this is Mitsurugi Kamui Hikae. You can compare yourself, cropped image found in article (37 KB) vs uncropped image (2.52 MB). Now that whole main menu would repeat with all the images and glutter whole damn page! So basically, I'm againts posting uncropped settings images if it's simply stupid, especially if only counterargument is "Cropped images look really ugly". Cropped images are usually directly viewable without opening in articles, they are much smaller to open if necessary and they focus on only the thing that's important. Especially when many games have super stylized options menus these days. And we have only talked about cropping and combining, there's no mention of altering content of the images, so even if images are cropped on pages, they should contain everything that settings menu have to offer. I will say though that some form of cropping does definitely look ugly, thus I have tried to maintain astetic beauty and possibly some visible thing to show that everything is shown in the screenshot when cropping (e.g. including settings menu borders, showing right side scroll bar, etc.). One good example is Transistor, Here's soebs original screenshot vs my screenshot when I updated all the screens in the article. They are pretty visible on article, all I did was remove complete black space around it and kept vertical resolution same so they look consistant when viewing article. Soebs screenshots did do their job of course, but must admit they looked really ugly for such beautiful game. Of course when it comes to configuration tools, it's usually better to have whole thing, because it's in theory already cropped without anything extra and having window border does tell everything is there. And for something like Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation where cropping would save vertical space only and not by much, of course it's not smart to crop it and whole screenshots are better.
  9. It does make much more sense to cover third party solutions in dedicated page instead of outdated information on game pages. Speaking of first party clouds and going offtopic, when is Xbox Live Cloud going to be on the table? My solitaire already said that my data from Windows 8 has been merged and all the games are always synced to Xbox Live Cloud. The power of advertisement and microtransactions.
  10. Ummmm.... *Looks into the direction of God Mode and Spoiler Alert* That's pretty good summ up. Even more summing up is that it's better to have 60 FPS value with "true" or "false" value than frame rate cap with wrong information or nothing at all. And that summs up that current thing is basically the best, even if it were rushed decision which made it feel like unwanted change.
  11. A. Simply click on the number next to "show last" B. Edit from preferences http://i.imgur.com/X1YEmGy.png Of course no hurt it being automatically larger, especially when it's its own page now instead of being section of front page.
  12. I also stated that they shouldn't exist, as those games are then be automatically broken with over 60Hz displays, most notable examples are Skyrim and Stealth Inc. 2. With Skyrim I can't even advance the first minute of the game because of kilometer long horses and carts rolling hundred times a second - which should be on rails and shouldn't fail. With Stealth Inc. 2 everything runs over double the speed making game much harder. (Sine Mora had this issue, then they introduced cap which broke speedup mechanic of the game and never fixed it nor gave possibility to downgrade to earlier version of the game, so thank you devs!) And with all of the cases I have linked to FPS capping section of FPS article to guide the capping process instead of writing it over and over again. Also been removing changing monitor to 60Hz because of side effects it produces, especially on cheaper end of displays and it's also mentioned in FPS capping. Then there are tons of similar issues, but other way around, where game enables cap only if vsync gets disabled. Many Unity games do this and they still work just fine with higher frame rates but require vsync to be enabled from the game. (THIS is why I don't like people with 60Hz monitors editing this part when they can't fully test it and only see 60 FPS value with and without vsync) Problem with "exact maximum value" is that if game indeed has vsync forced on, that maximum value for most would be 60 FPS. Of course it can be disabled from GPU control panel, but I'm sure most will not do that to find out will the game run faster than their monitor can show it. If game is new, almost nobody has powerful enough rig to actually get to that maximum value, with some cases it's unlimited, but with some it may be something like 200 or 1000 (yes, I have gotten to few 1000 FPS capped games). At this point I will argue that current system works for now, because it's really easy for anyone to check does the game get to 60 FPS mark and that will be more useful to some that high frame rate value was. After that, it's easy for those with high refresh rate monitors and powerful rigs to see how far does the frame rate get, so 120+FPS field will firstly give guideline to does the game support over 60 FPS values at all and then notes section can be filled with extra info if/when something like frame rate cap field is introduced. EDIT: I'm still in favor of having input lag and/or frame rate cap field instead, but it would limit significantly who would be able to edit that field and most likely have false information all the time. I remember HFR field being unknown most of the time. It would be neater looking though if 60 FPS field was hidden if 120+FPS was true and 120+FPS would be hidden if 60 FPS were false. EDIT2: If you meant "vsync to lock framerate" games that have forced vsync? Then it's vsync value, if it's false it means there's no option to toggle vsync and I have always written "Always enabled." if it's forcifully always on. I just remembered that because with vsync, some games do get really irritatingly high input lags when I play with my 60Hz plasma. This is why I was in favor of soebs idea of having input lag field but again, I'm sure there aren't many to be willing to measure such things. BUT with those cases they are simply forcing vsync, not capping the frame rate with vsync. And we do have vsync as part of graphics table. Also would like to point out your example of person owning 144Hz monitor, I'm just fine with whatever frame rate game plays, though usually opt to use my plasma with 30 FPS games. It just means I get far less tearing. With Gsync/Freesync even 120 FPS cap is usually fine.
  13. Well, it was publicly available to be tested by anyone for good month. Font rendering does look bit differend, but not worse. Maybe pixel or two larger font would've been nicer though. There should be ads placed there if you aren't logged in. (and according to screenshot you aren't)
  14. I though so as well, but some (most) cases there aren't automatic patchers available and sometimes it's indeed red flagged (Burnout case, Personally had false flag with only Microsoft Windows games autopatcher). What I'm aiming for is basically some unified way for these kind of cases, where executable needs to be modified. If sharing executables is fine, then it makes matters much simplier for many users, but I feel like simply telling to hex edit stuff may be too much for some. I though that xdelta would be pretty viable solution as 1. any user can do them 2. they all work same way and also with Unix based systems 3. we can then have one article for instructions and automatic script which could be easily modified for any game and bundled with the patch. Somewhat, yes, as I already brought xdelta up there. And password protected archives should be banned by law.
  15. There was discussion at IRC about sharing modified game executables, it basically got started with Batman Arkham Asylum, here's the edit. I don't have logs about the discussion, but basically it boiled down that it's far better to simply instruct that to user instead of sharing automatic patchers which are almost always falsely flagged with AV softwares or sharing directly modified executable which basically contains copyrighted material - even if DRM is intact and user can't do anything with it alone, it's better to play safe. Because of this I though that using xdelta would be great way to bypass this. No executables are shared, no false AV alarms. I did make xdelta patch with (supposedly) working windows batch file for Batman and uploaded it into files section, though it's still not approved. I've been using xdelta few times as translation patches for console games use this quite often. ~couple weeks ago, this happened. It's link to modified executable with those hex values edited. So basically, what is official stance on sharing modified game executables here? Of course hex editing should be more than OK, but I'm sure there are some users preferring far easier methods, see killer is dead article earlier.
  16. If game doesn't require keyboard or mouse to play fully, then it automatically supports big picture, so I guess it's good addition to keep there. Though if game requires big picture to be fully controller with controller (outside inviting friend to game which opens steam overlay on steamworks titles) then it should be false. Though haven't bumped into that kind of game yet.
  17. It most definitely is! If it wasn't some games would be painful to play, Splatoon is one example where I had to set sensitivity to max or else motion controls and stick speed would've been too slow for someone accustomed to mouse. It's mostly for first/third person games, so that's why it may be bit obscure thing to PC gamers as you would play those games with mouse. I can count many console games, but on PC I'm sure at least CODs and CS:GO offer this, later one even has seperate sensitivy for X and Y. With other games bigger issue is usually deadzone. Most games are just fine if user has decently working controller without wonky sticks (glad we have come far from N64 controller sticks on that front), but some games have zero deadzone or too large deadzone making game bit nightmare'sh. I have stumbled to few games which slowly started to move camera and reason was that plugged XInput controllers right stick was under millimeter off from center position.
  18. Version 1.0


    Game article: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Batman:_Arkham_Asylum Xdelta patch and Windows batch file for automatic usage.
  19. I can agree on the part that adding keypoints of the game not working under Windows 10 pretty stupid. Problem is that those "patched executables" are basically No-CD patches, which remove DRM completely. Distributing regular untouched game executables is already pretty bad idea, sharing those executables with DRM removed becomes really bad idea. I was talking about xdelta possibility on IRC channel while back about this, but it would still be xdelta patch with info for removing DRM from untouched executable so it would still fall under super gray area. I though this would be neat idea as translation and undub patches on consoles use this, but difference is that those patches only contain changed game data, while this is for removing DRM. I'm still thinking about making and sharing xdelta patches for games that require minor hex editing (Killer is dead, Batman: Arkham Asylum, Microsoft Windows games) as automatic patchers are usually red flagged instantly with antivirus software (like seen in Burnout Paradise case) so xdelta would be super easy solution for this that won't require user to use hex editor or download and install extra software. This is indeed really stupid thing that some games would work without any problems under Windows 10 if DRM is removed. As No-CD patch basically makes the game work it should be at least mentioned on game article though...
  20. Don't see much of a point of it being optional. Also it's only and overlay on the edge of the image, so it shouldn't ruin anything. I would almost say that it should be bit bigger as I didn't even notice that at first glance!
  21. Oh yes! I have been using screenshotcomparison up to this point because it's easy to use, but it's supposed to be used with movies. That would be neat for harder to spot graphical differences. Some checkbox to enable magnifying glass for cursor would be most ideal.
  22. Quite the opposite, if you have edited pages, you should be able to create new ones.
  23. At that point, I would say bigger point would be that program isn't updated in years, instead of it not being foss. They are still selling the product, so in their eyes of course open sourcing it would seem bad at least at the moment. Also that if program isn't updated in long time, userbase will slowly move away when there's newer, better and more modern alternatives available. Just shame with many cases it seems to be bandicam for some bloody reason... I would say that if there are several similar programs available, where one is open source, It's good to be noted. That's the reason why I use 7zip over winrar personally, rar is awful format in that front. But having negative note on every proprietary program would simply be insane. I would also say that programs like steam are in state they basically can't be open sourced and there can't be alternatives.
  24. I would say yes, but blackbird is right that end user simply doesn't care. For them it's question of is it free or paid software. But that can't be negative point either as paid version can offer more or something else than free does, e.g. most games are for windows, even if it is proprietary software, it makes playing games easier even if linux would othervice be better option for the user. I'm also fairly sure that people are aware that something like steam isn't exactly open source either. English is haaard language. I can't even pronounce that word without help.
  25. Well, if something needs checking, then I would argue that it's good to have some sort of reference, either external site or who has tested it, when and with what, so there won't be situation where someone simply removes CN tag and question is left hanging in the air. Even if CN comment isn't visible in the page, it still says "reference needed" which should already be really informative and when editing comment should be more than visible even without hovering. I would say it would be better to have some kind of "tested by nickname" in editing mode templates, so it would be easier to click something to get reference inserted with your name and date. For some reason mediawikis basic ~~~~ works in page, inserting editors name and date, but refuses to work within ref tag leaving it as ~~~~.
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