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    AA Post3

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    AA Post2

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    AA Post1

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    AA None

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    AA Deferred2

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    AA Deferred1

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    AA Def Post,max

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    AA Comparison

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    Textures Low

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    Textures Hyper

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    Shadows Normal

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    Preset Low

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    Shadows Low

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    Preset Hyper

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    LOD Low

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    FOV 90

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

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    FOV 60

    From the album: Mirror's Edge Catalyst

  18. Marioysikax

    Indeo codec, Windows 10

    That's really old codec which isn't updated, contains security vulnerabilities and latest versions require payment. You didn't give any context, but if you need to simply play those videos, I would just try VLC or convert them into some modern codec with ffmpeg and keep originals as backup. If talking about games, then the game might be so old that there might be problems even if codec can be installed. But it does seem that codec can be simply enabled with couple console commands, so open command prompt as administrative and input: cd C:\Windows\SysWOW64 regsvr32 ir50_32.dll Just keep in mind that there's reason why this is being disabled on your machine.
  19. Marioysikax

    File type restrictions for uploaded files

    Files section does allow zipped files, which means you can upload any file you want that way. Zipping also makes it harder to use corrupted files as you can't unzip them if they are corrupted (because I have had some weird download issues few times from there, including files downloading by clicking section in the main page). Allowing all filetypes would be bad move and whitelisting all the differend fileformats games might use would be ton of work to maintain.
  20. Marioysikax

    Steamworks DRM in articles

    I (and few others) have been stating games that do not require Steamworks to work in note field of availability with "Can be run without Steam." and reference of at least who tested it. This way info is there and if there will be changes in future, garrett can easily mass edit those to that new standard way of representing that information. Because there has been so much fighting about this issue I have seen that being the best approach for now. As long as information about this is somehow available in article and I'm informed what's good way to represent that, I do not mind. Once again, Vetle comes with information that nobody else was aware of.
  21. Marioysikax

    Estimated File Size?

    There are few cases where there's nothing listed in official requirements, making it impossible to know how much game will take. At that point I have pointed out the install size of the game. But usually it's not a problem unless official value is far lower than install size, which have happened few times, but usually it's better to simply go what official requirements are as you are on your own if you try running games outside the requirements anyway. Even if game requiring 4 GB of RAM only uses 1 GB or if game requires 64-bit OS even if it only ships with 32-bit executable.
  22. Marioysikax

    SDL2 Gamepad Tool

    Version 1.2


    Official website: http://www.generalarcade.com/gamepadtool/ It's a simple GUI tool to create/modify gamepad mappings for games that use SDL2 Game Controller API. Created to be an alternative to Steam Bigpicture gamepad configurator. Features Simple graphical UI Automatic updates of mappings database from https://github.com/gabomdq/SDL_GameControllerDB Local storage for newly created or changed mappings How To Use Connect a gameapad to the computer Launch the app. If you connected mupltiple gamepads select the one you want to use in a dropdown If the app displays that mapping is available go to step 5 If mapping is not available or available but you would like to change it press Make New Mapping and follow the instructions. Go step 3 There are two approches how to force games to pick new mapping. First is to set environmental variable, then all SDL2 games will pick new mapping automatically. To do this simply click Set Mapping As Environment Variable. Second approches is to find mappings database file in the game folder, usualy it's called gamecontrollerdb.txt and add mapping string to the end of the file
  23. Marioysikax

    Anti-Aliasing article revamp

    I'm still not a fan of removing information just because what majority would search for, but with this I must agree. I do not know what I do with information that crytek has developed certain type of AA, other than some bet on trivia. What matters more is that what types of AA can be used and you already have an table there. Of course it can still be in some collapsable table as other information, but not sure is that vital enough info even then. Ah, I was about to suggest this as well. I would still think that some level of comparisons just to give an idea of differences would be really good.
  24. Marioysikax

    Rekoil configuration files



    Default configuration files for Rekoil. Source: http://steamcommunity.com/app/243320/discussions/0/627456486883241047/
  25. Marioysikax

    Partnership with StrategyWiki

    Thus far stuff linked in infobox has been pretty much information about the game, while strategywiki is more focused on actual gameplay of the game. But at least to me that sounds really good thing because of that. And there's tons of space in infobox. Most games only have wikipedia and SteamDB to begin with.