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  1. Had to look up word "aggregate" :P I don't know is there any actual major sites that has by all regions. Those sites I was talking were: vertaa, hintaseuranta and edukas by afterdawn. That means they are only for finland making it useless to other regions, we could have article which would gather these sites together tough. I'm not just sure is there any of these kind of sites to other regions and if there are no idea where. With older games you could also count in second hand copies because no internet activations and there are ebay alternatives by region as well. BASICALLY it still means retail version should simply but just "retail" in table and maybe if something like this catches on making article gathering sites to find retail copies in differend regions.
  2. Yes, you can order Amazon UK around the europe but another question is should you, especially if you live outside britain. Retail copies with PC games are becoming pretty much obsolete these days (didn't even have any disc drive in my rig for many years), those still buying retail copies usually already know the places to buy and at least with europe shops are so fragmented and every country has their own ones so it would take super long list and only mentioning Amazon is bit too much advertising towards that. Like Soeb said, simple "Retail" should suffice as usually retail copies do use same DRM as well. At least for finland there are like three differend sites which track retail sale prices with games you can order online.
  3. That's output tab, you can only select one default output device from there (because windows lol). What I was saying you should make Stereo Mix from input tab to output sound to another device. EDIT: Panasonic-TV. Best plasma TV for gaming :)
  4. There's pretty simple workaround for this actually. Put your regular speakers as default output device. Next from input right click and enable disabled devices. If you have correct drivers and sound card from this century you should see Stereo Mix. Enable it, go to preferences, from listen tab tick "listen to this device" and select your TV output. Make sure to put levels to 100 on other tab. Screenshot, sorry for non-english:
  5. OK so from now on it's PNG only from me (expect covers) :P But because of JPG artifacting PNG file will be insanely huge and no quality change to image itself, unless done some photoshop/gimp in between conversion which may clear up image but does alter it as well from original file. Is mediawiki thumbnail maker really that bad that converting JPG directly to PNG help that much on small thumbnail? In normal situations you would never ever convert lossy fileformat to another lossy or lossless format unless really needed.
  6. I take screenshots as PNG, crop it if there's massive amount of useless space, combine them if menus are seperated over two screenshots (Good example is Osu! where graphics settings would've otherwise taken three images, another one Skyrim where one or two settings would've gotten hidden and posting whole new screenshot for one setting seemed useless) then convert them to JPG with 97 compression if filesize with PNG is over double as I'm not sure does wiki prefer lossless images or lower filesize. As for cropping and combining it makes settings easier to see while scrolling article and usually cropped part is useless, I can see some may prefer regular screenshot but it would require users to click on thumbnails to see it meaning more bandwidht usage. I do agree that guidelines would be great and if lossless PNG is preferred then I will simply start using them instead from now on. But usually covers are only found in JPG format for various reasons, biggest ones being they are usually big images without need for alpha channel. JPG does leave artifacts yes, but does it matter with something like games settings screenshot? And if compression is low then there's so small artifacting you can usually restore image completely if you for some reason edit or use it somewhere. Even Steam uses JPG by default. PNG is best as it's lossless but filesize is usually the biggest issue. Like I said earlier cropping benefits in way that user doesn't have to click on thumbnail to see what's in the image. Good example is Skyrim mentioned earlier, you can see on thumbnail what settings are, without cropping or combining settings would be in two images set and you would have to click both to see them.
  7. Now that I looked closer it's definitly mistake and it's Dutch. Thanks for adding other languages!
  8. More: Catalan, Croatian, Galician, Macedonian, Netherlands, Slovenian With Netherlands I'm not sure as Dutch should be their official language, however game lists both Dutch and Netherlands as options.
  9. 95% of cases all stores sell one lisence for all platforms available, rest 5% are either OS specific stores or for some reason game having seperate OS X version. With those cases shouldn't it be enough to state it in notes section like it has been to this point? I like that it's now easier to state game having online account as DRM which I said on free-to-play thread earlier.
  10. I can definitly feel you with lousy translations. Not only voice acting, especially with languages which usually aren't translated some game words don't have the corresponding words so usually translators make up their own which makes sense and with some cases fail hard. Number one reason I hate uplay is because finnish translation is simply unusable. I have no idea what anything means unless I change to english or if I do then translation is so bad I'm facepalming myself. Thing is how do you judge those thing objectively? Even if it's clear to you that it's worst thing ever some other may prefer it. Especially with something like metro thing even if russian language is better some will think english dub is better.
  11. Filipino, Malay and Indonesian. Not 100% sure are those legit languages/correct pronouncements of those languages so correct if they are wrong.
  12. So just like abandonware but instead company being dead those companies simply don't care.
  13. I thought this was actual design decision as they changed gameplay drastically. They did also include surfaces which make noise and detection meter making it much more stealth game. Also plasmids are always explained the first time you get them so if you want to you can simply not use them! DLC episodes extras aren't usable in other DLC or main game (at least I remember so) Right now Enhanced Steam does list what DLC gives you exactly but problem with that is "Pay to unlock" pretty much means cheat DLC but some like Dishonoreds Void Walker Arsenal (preorder thing you mentioned) is categorized as "New in-game item" so it's really hard to tell how much it effects the games balance and which are actual new gameplay improving things. Also for some reason it's fairly outdated database. Some kind of public database would be nice though, then enhanced steam guys could use it as well instead of manually maintaining their own. With Sleeping Dogs DLC was so ridiculous, basically paying to skip most of the game, it was listed as fix but luckily steam now allows disabling DLC.
  14. Version v1.02


    http://www.thmods.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=262 ###Instructions: - Copy both folders "Binaries", "THHDGame" into your "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater HD" Folder. The Steam Folder is located like in: "C:\Program Files(x86)\Steam\sitemaps\common\Tony Hawkís Pro Skater HD". - The Launcher is located in "Binaries\Win32" called Launcher.exe ###Buglist: - SpaceBar and BackSpace need two tries to get into the KeyInputList -> Push those buttons twice at mapping - RightAlt is kinda bugged ###Fixed: - Left and Right Control,Shift,Alt, NumPads More options may come soon. Stay tuned.
  15. I don't think it would need it's own whole seperate box especially when there aren't even that many. Maybe something simple like [MOD] in the end and/or differend colored text?
  16. OK how about simple really simple template which would be used in availability section, stating before the table that game is free to play and requires X account and adds article to free to play category? Seems pretty simple and would seem useful for some people, but this hasn't gained that much popularity it seems. Free to play games also usually have differend places to download them. For example raptr/amd is dedicated to offer only free games neatly from one place and reward from playing them. Some games also include steam integration even if they use their own account (Warframe, Loadout) but that could be stated in steam notes.
  17. I'd like to propose couple improvements especially free to play games. With "store unlock" free to play games usually don't have retail copies and they most definitly aren't DRM-free as most require always on connection. Could we have some generic "3rd party account" icon in place? Some articles list free to play as key points while other have it in availability. Maybe we could have some kind of template to availability section which lists it's free to play and what account it needs. This would also make it easier to have free to play category which would list all free to play games on PC.
  18. http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Ittle_Dew#Localizations inuktitut
  19. People are relying on Steam for simple fact it's just so easy to use, everyone uses it and everything is automatic. Having optional client with same kind of functions (friendlist, achievements, automatic updates) most definitly helps to get those people to use GOG instead or along steam. I would definitly use GOG more if they had such working client instead of optional downloader program.
  20. With most cases if game has gamepad buttons you simply use the gamepad instead of mapping gamepad to keyboard keys. With 90% of keyboard cases it's simple to look up games key config menu for keybindings. I remember Logitech Gaming Software 5.X had some preset profiles for certain games when I used Logitech Dualshock for gaming. It would be much nicer if there was database for Xpadder, Joy2Key, etc. with preconfigured layouts for games - just like valve is doing with steam controller. For wiki it would be useless information for majority.
  21. MotionInJoy was number one reason I preferred not to use dualshock 3 with PC. Better DS3 pretty much fixes problems but also reading that sites "Why?" section made me put on my foil hat. SART does feature half working Dinput support, could it be that DS3 is recognized both Dinput and Xinput device and game gets confused? Multiplayer with 360 and logitech controller seems to always mess up games configuring for some reason, simply using x360ce seems to work for the best.
  22. They all have differend purposes, most of those improve visual quality. It would take ages to explain them so just look up PCGW and Wikipedia articles to know what does what. With beast machine it's simple to just put everything to the max but with lower end machine some may prefer other graphical settings than other. I prefer frame rate much over visual quality myself and I don't mind minor aliasing if game just runs smoothly. Then there's settings like windowed fullscreen which is generally used with dual screen setups and for quick alt-tabbing from-to game which has it's downsides as well. Then there's subjective things like motion blur and bloom which should be self explanitory. Some users hate them, I personally don't have problem with bloom but motion blur is always disabled when possible.
  23. FPS with stick, never got into that but I've seen people playing really good like that. At least PC gives more options than consoles, Mirror's Edge in 1080p stereoscopic 3D was amazing. Like stated on last post from couch with controller it really doesn't matter that much but it may start to look weird if you use too wide FOV. PCGW has pretty good article if you want to know more, including difference between PC monitor and TV from couch: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Glossary:Field_of_view_(FOV) Also this video is really good explaining it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blZUao2jTGA
  24. That's very common mistake to make. With consoles you are further away from the sceen and use sticks which move you with controlled speed. With PC you are much closer and use mouse, so it's much easier to get motion sick as you can move more quickly with mouse so brains can't keep up where you are moving because you are basically inside of an box. With regular 16:9 many says 90 is pretty much fine but some may want to go bit higher for either they simply want so see more on competive games or they still feel sick after certain playsessions. Personally 100 seems fine as I use pretty large screen, just experiment, but I would suggest trying 90 as many games won't go higher than that without modifying. Some games default to ~90 or lower (COD goes as low as 65 before patch) and that's where the fixes comes in. Also remember to disable mouse smoothing/acceleration and make mouse speed pretty high so you have better control which also reduses physical pain in long sessions. When I started PC gaming my right hand was always in pain because I kept low speed and controller mouse with my whole arm :P
  25. Instead of simple \Steam with steam or \Ubisoft with uplay, should %PROGRAMFILES(X86)% be used with tooltip that it's just default location which could've been changed by user during installation?
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