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  1. Well, consider yourself lucky then. Glad first Bioshock was available also without it. I just realized something, forcing global lightning means disabling dynamic lightning so shadows then are supposed to be broken as objects are getting light from only one global source. That's also why it's defaulted off with higher settings. Same counter intuitive setting thing like "FOV lock" they have. Correct me if I'm wrong of course, but to me having worse lighting broken isn't huge negative point. Bioshock was one of my first PC titles I played so I didn't know what those settings meant and of course have forgotten about those. At the bottom of this page is great comparison pics: http://www.tweakguides.com/Bioshock_5.html Also ragdolls look super weird with HFR display :D
  2. I would also like to see comparison how it should look and how it looks. I could then clarify does it effect 8.1 as well as there are some differences between 8 and 8.1.
  3. That seems like legit store allright as games are allready at sale there and users simply link into the content to get earnings instead of shady key reselling (still don't understand why people support that business but I guess price is only thing that matters, eh?) However I personally haven't heard about that store at all. That would be really odd reason not to add store into the list :P
  4. I haven't used "_-_" anywhere as simple " - " works just fine. It's "_-_" in URL bar and having " - " makes it easier to distinguish when the game name ends and purpose starts. I like the way you think that filename should mirror what part of game does it refer to, but I also feel that it would be in most cases useless and drive away some users who would like to post screens but are afraid they mess up super strict naming stuff. Most games don't even have more than one image per one setting type so having games name is visible in files name is in most cases just fine.
  5. Wasn't wiki suppose to be objective? Meaning it wouldn't be recommending paid programs, but simply giving information about them. Also there are also free alternatives as well, maybe not as good but still. All those programs already have seperate articles, should they then stay seperate and try to expand them?
  6. Few articles has been starting to bother me: screen recorders and console articles. Screen recorder articles are now spread out with articles of single programs. Wouldn't it be much more useful to have one single article explaining what they are and then programs with advantages and disadvantages? Something like super popular Fraps (dxtory is better lol) has basically few lines (http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Fraps) and even it's wikipedia article isn't that large (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fraps). Another thing is console articles. If exluding 360 controller and Dualshock 3 with bit larger articles every other console is basically link to Emulation General Wiki and link to controller article which again is either missing or super stub as usually older controllers weren't exactly USB things. Should controller be included under that consoles article and would there be some more use for those articles?
  7. There's definitly two main problems with the system right now: First one is that you can simply recommend all games and get more followers that way and another one is that you can't give negative recommendation unless your curator icon states that it lists bad things or like with ThatOneReapers example stating that it contains some info. You could still easily recommend every single game, but some people may still take PCGW icon showing up as good sign even if it's technically worst game ever. If Valve won't fix those then in long run recommending every single PC game is best way to go but personally I would wait and try giving Valve feedback that they need negative and neutral commenting there as well. Even if there are curators trying to aim specific games or game genres those need them as well as if there aren't recommendation there's no info has that curator even played the game or is it horrible. Maybe they didn't include them as those show on game pages as well and they have been cencoring some custom tags that would've been useful to distinguish games like walking simulator and mobile port. Don't know, but still race to curate every single steam game sounds dumb and flawed.
  8. I would certainly like to see some comparison pictures in AA article both image quality and their impact on frame rate. Also some line between post-process and "real" antialiasing. Also more external links to other sites explaining them. EDIT: Is there actually any benchmark which would include massive amount of AA technologies which would make making comparison table easier? Games usually simply have post, proper and GPU specific if super lucky.
  9. Theoretically, yes, but in action no. As you can see all of those are handled as "recommendation" and if you happen to be icon on that left side users may simply think it's good PC porting. This system seems to have same flaw as original user recommendations in way that curators can't negatively curate anything.
  10. Wiki itself is limited to objective things, curating and reviewing things is subjective. So either put every single game in there with key points or just the best ports there is. If they would let curators to add their own feature limiters then it would be super easy tool to search certain games. And yeah there are definitly problems with the new layout. Especially JPG compression is getting so much into my nerves: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=317580895 EDIT: And oh yeah they have forgotten their android client COMPLETELY! It's so old that their official site still states to get it from Android Market.... http://store.steampowered.com/mobile/ It still uses old layout and have had that jpg compression as well from day one.
  11. As someone who started PC gaming with super cheap AMD APU setup I would also like to ask when does game to be considered working on low end hardware? I could play something like Metro 2033 without problems staying above 30 FPS if I put everything to low and resolution 720p. If you are listing new low end rig and netbooks on same sentence you will have huge scale and then also list of all games will be huge.
  12. Personal opinion on matter is that larger expansions/DLC should still be left to seriesbox, in most cases they doesn't even take that much space. Then within article would contain everything and also notes and platforms.
  13. Are there actually that much DLC which is available for other OS but not for another one? I can only think few examples where games DLC won't work if you have specific version of the game. Icons for wether DLC is story, expansion, in-game item, cheat, etc. would be much better now like I suggested earlier if there will actually be table for DLC content. It would also streamline seriesbox, if dlc is story or expansion, then include it in seriesbox.
  14. OK I'm simply speechless... Simply switching from DVI to DisplayPort made all those games work like they should. Getting that cable took longer than expected, usually jimms is pretty fast. Oh and one of those games were PixelJunk Eden where options crashed the game.
  15. Putting steam in key column is most obvious solution. It'll tell that site will give you key which you have to put into steam, then you look at steam column and it tells what DRMs are applied for steam version of game. If steam is used in DRM column other than steam itself it means game requires steam but no keys are given, like they now do with Humble Bundles. It wouldn't surprise me if more stores start doing that direct redeeming. E: Also could Playism be added to list? Most japanese indie titles are sold only there and steam making that only place to get the games DRM-free for some cases. Some instruction what part of URL needs to be pasted to table would be great.
  16. Only problem seems to be that mediawiki gives thumbnails in same format as source file which indeed makes page loading in slower connections bit more painful. I was thinking is there way to force thumbnails to always render 100% JPG and PNGs only if alpha channel is used or if forced to render as PNG?
  17. If there actually are that many then something like game manual icon should be most informatic. I know there has been talk about phasing OS specific stores out, however Ubuntu Software Center is one which has vanished while Microsoft Store and Mac App Store are still there. Pages like Humble Bundle does use UCS for few bundles now making them retail.
  18. That's why there is "notes" section. If there's no other DRM included just put "DRM-Free" and note "Physical DRM, games completion requires X" or similar? Maybe even linking to that item that is needed, for example digital PDF manual. I was wondering should account icon be used in titles where you can also play alternative offline? Or use account icon and state offline mode as note.
  19. So you are basically saying that reason may be that those games engines are done in way that it looks resolutions like they were in 7 and prior and don't know what is going on when it's same list but in differend order and some crazy refresh rates included. That would definitly explain why windowed mode works on couple of those titles. Compatibility mode to earlier windows version didn't work so I guess microsoft forgot to include that change to it. So my options with that would be contacting developers that are either japanese or won't update game anymore, downgrading to 7 which isn't sold anymore or using TV and carry over keyboard and mouse to sofa?
  20. That's what crossed my mind but it's just weird how in most cases users don't have any problems even with HFR displays making searching problems cause really pain in the arse and like I said some of those games worked perfectly when I still had Windows 7 and otherwise same setup (updated to 8.1 because that 7 wasn't exactly most legal version...) Natively Windows and Nvidia Control Panel offer 120Hz and 144Hz modes, strobelight only uses 120Hz, I can force 60Hz if I want to like explained in that other link. However using 120Hz or 60Hz doesn't make any difference at all, other than with 60Hz there's bit flickering.
  21. http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/User:Marioysikax/Sandbox Upper is HTML, lower is your example. With basic HTML it works wonderfully. Your example doesn't work optimally. : isn't actually starting or continuing list but simply moves starting point slightly right, but not the same amount as numbered list. <pre> content is also starting from very left. I know this is mostly nitpicking but as <pre> is used with fixboxes all the time it starts to irritate.
  22. I have had 144Hz refresh rate from the start and usually everything works fine. It's just that sometimes there comes game which simply refuses to launch, no idea why, no information on internet and simply pluggin that 60Hz plasma with HDMI fixes it. Most ironic thing is that older games are usually the ones working just fine where newer ones are either having problems or 60 FPS locks. If older games have problems they still launch and it's easy to enable FPS cap. I got DVI cable for free with display so I haven't even though about it and I just checked I have DisplayPort on both devices. I'll order DisplayPort cable online after writing this and see if it's because of that. Even if I slightly doubt it it's best shot at the moment. Even I know VGA is worst of all. It's analog so I don't even need to continue that list further :P So you are basically converting signal to worse standard which is far from ideal.
  23. I can buy candy from Shop A because they allow it (why wouldn't they lol), it doesn't mean Shop B, C,D....X wouldn't allow, some may not send me the candy via mail but I can go and buy them locally. Now what if were are talking completely identical candy, Shop A is most expensive one and furthest away? You see where I'm getting at this? So basically why Amazon needs free advertisement and X number of other stores doesn't, even when physical versions are technically identical (excluding some collectors edition or preorder nonsense which usually comes as seperate download code anyway)? Same thing with second hand copies. Great example is me, Amazon is usually the worst place to buy games simply because it's most expensive place when included shipping fees and I have to wait for longest for item to arrive. With physical games (if for some reason it's better than digital) I usually rely on something like CDON, Verkkokauppa, CoolShop, VPD, etc. where I can get it cheapest and fastest, maybe even get some PINS points in process.
  24. OK so lately I have gotten some games that either simply refuse to even launch or are having hard time launching/playing propely. These include games that I have played without problems when I had Windows 7 and 144Hz display. I can get them to work now when I simply plug in my 60Hz TV and play with it! Changing monitors refresh rate from Windows to 120Hz or 60Hz doesn't help either. Weird thing is these games doesn't seem to be sharing anything common themselves, so I have no idea where to start googling and what's the problem that causes it. Windows 8 and 8.1 not being popular doesn't help either. These are the games that refuse to work with 144Hz monitor via DVI but do work with 60Hz monitor with HDMI: Games not launching, no error, can be switched back to 144Hz after launch: - Shank - Shank 2 - Blood of the Werewolf Games not launching, error, switching back after launch crashes game, work in windowed mode just fine: - Astebreed - The Sims 2 Games having problems: - Rayman Legend + 1.2 patch where opening settings menu crashes the game. Demo and 1.0 unaffected. Velvet Assassin won't launch either way but only gives error of not being able to use 800x600 resolution with 144Hz display. Shank and Sims 2 worked fine when used Windows 7.
  25. I just got the new theme and don't know if it's just because it's new but it definitly feels step backwards. Everything seems so...floaty and nonprofessional. And they didn't even include old theme file so that it could be switched >_> However they seem to have been updating that big picture vibed theme everywhere - except their main site and Android version which was last time updated in 2012 spring. Your mockup does look like improvement with taking advantage of horizontal space which right now is basically blank space if using maximized window.
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