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  1. I always like to bring up one game when this topic arises: Out there somewhere The game was not that revolutionary or even too memorable, but it still stucks with me as that one game I could enjoy from start to finish in one day. It felt really nice to have great experience and have closure for it. It's actually sometimes bit hard to even decide what game to begin, because it's making dedication of using free time on that alone, usually multiple days and there is already so many to choose from. Sometimes it's simply much easier to make decision that the choise was wrong and time would be saved by simply moving onto next experience. When it comes to completing games, in most cases it feels like thing that's unobtainable without truly hard dedication to the game, at which point it becomes work rather than fun. However in some cases when that completion is only bit further ahead, I do sometimes dedicate the time to fully complete it and it is extremely satisfying feeling to have something fully done. Just finished Cat Quest, I could've just finished the game immidiately, but putting in 1 more hour I could do all the things in the main game and play around being overpowered and once again, give more fun out from the game rather than just having it being checked off from the list of games to be played.
  2. Yeah, this is immidiately what I was thinking. Almost all things I have backed have promised at least GOG.com and Steam key, earlier they promised Steam key as long as the game was greenlit 😛
  3. I'm hitting 500-600 FPS with all settings maxed out with i9-9900K+RTX2070, 2560x1440, so I'm using r.ScreenPrecentage 200 to get almost constant over 100 FPS.
  4. Marioysikax

    Hyperresolution Neptunia

    Version 0.2 Alpha


    Source: http://blog.metaclassofnil.com/?p=691 Created for Hyperdimension Neptunia Re;Birth 1, but also confirmed working with Re;Birth 2: Sisters Generation and Re;Birth 3: V Generation. README.txt:
  5. http://pcgamingwiki.com/w/index.php?title=Recettear:_An_Item_Shop%27s_Tale&curid=224&diff=232273&oldid=231165 So technically this is correct, you can force at least basic FXAA, AF and force enable/disable vsync in 99% of cases. Question is that should this be considered as hackable method at all? I would almost say that only if it's for some reason not possible to use GPU panel or it needs some extra steps like differend DX mode or compatibility flags, field should be left either true/false unless game has some game specific methods for things. Because if this was standard thing for all articles, there wouldn't be false status on any articles. Another one is borderless fullscreen mode. It's nice to have that kind of info available, but at least my testing with borderless fullscreen software has been that basically all games supporting windowed mode works with it, so it would maybe be better to only mention those programs if they do not work for some reason.
  6. Marioysikax

    Rogue Legacy



    https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Rogue_Legacy Replaces button prompts with Dualshock 4 ones. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/RogueLegacy/comments/2uluih/pc_i_made_a_mod_for_ps4_icons_today_interested/ Mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/download/b5888d18fmax8m6/RL+Icons+Mod.zip MD5: 0CFA8A96D1371EDAA7D463CBD8B0CC35
  7. Marioysikax

    How to rebind controllers?

    Steam. They expanded steam controllers build in support to Dualshock 4 and now to XInput and generic DirectInput controllers and opening game in big picture lets you configure the keys in steam overlay.
  8. I have actually asked this in past, many times, as there are several games that support this. However the amount at least right now is like handful. Rest, if they have the support, it's nearly impossible to see what's differend to regular XInput support. If developer adds custom bindings for their game that does not count as support.
  9. Marioysikax

    cs source IS NOT DRM FREE

    CS:Source is one of the games that has been extensively updated after release and which focuses on online multiplayer aspect, so there is possibility that the game was updated at some point to make commands to play without steam stop working. Haven't tried them myself either, but if nobody can give any input I can try this out when I have extra free time.
  10. Marioysikax

    Need help on 16x9!

    Helo! First of all I actually do not fully understand why you would want to use under native resolution of the screen as non-native resolution on modern flat monitors will look awful in any scenario. But I guess this is more for discussion instead of solving the problem. Thing I would check is the scaling and scaler settings in GPU control panel. With nvidia this should be under "adjust desktop size and position". Try using the "aspect ratio" and "full screen" options and toggling the scaler between GPU and monitor if possible.
  11. Marioysikax

    Steam AppManifest Database

    Doesn't steam automatically do these things? Only situation where I have seen these files even touched was games which installdir changed, but even then regular reinstall also worked fine.
  12. There was discussion at IRC about sharing modified game executables, it basically got started with Batman Arkham Asylum, here's the edit. I don't have logs about the discussion, but basically it boiled down that it's far better to simply instruct that to user instead of sharing automatic patchers which are almost always falsely flagged with AV softwares or sharing directly modified executable which basically contains copyrighted material - even if DRM is intact and user can't do anything with it alone, it's better to play safe. Because of this I though that using xdelta would be great way to bypass this. No executables are shared, no false AV alarms. I did make xdelta patch with (supposedly) working windows batch file for Batman and uploaded it into files section, though it's still not approved. I've been using xdelta few times as translation patches for console games use this quite often. ~couple weeks ago, this happened. It's link to modified executable with those hex values edited. So basically, what is official stance on sharing modified game executables here? Of course hex editing should be more than OK, but I'm sure there are some users preferring far easier methods, see killer is dead article earlier.
  13. I actually just happened to got the Mighty No. 9 myself when my friend who backed it gave it to me, saying they already played trough DRM-Free version at some point and it wasn't the game they enjoyed. You are right in the sense that the game isn't exactly bad, but it's clearly mediocore at best. At least in current years, if the game is mediocore many simply view it as bad. Also bigger issue with that game was the hype around it, I'm pretty sure even if you weren't fan of the game you were constantly hearing bad news about it which then impacted how you would perceive the game when it came out. Releasing on tens of platforms at the same time didn't help either because all of them even now still has their system specific issues. Also doesn't help that Azure Striker Gunvolt was released not too long ago, even being almost direct 3DS port job with 30 FPS caps and other severe technical issues, it still felt much better to play. As for me, controller wasn't working at all at first, game was capped at 62 FPS, after couple of stages I was struggling to get 20 FPS on 980 Ti, graphics looked cheap instead of what they might've been going for and quit out of boredom. But I can still see someone enjoying this.
  14. Marioysikax

    Psygnosis; Lander

    Hi and welcome! Creating article from scratch can seem pretty spoopy thing to do, so I have created article for the game with all the information available publicly and in this topic: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Lander Feel free to fill in more info if you own the game. You can try creating articles in the future if you like, there are always someone willing to fix things for you if you happen to do make mistakes. Easiest way to start is simply copy cheat sheet from sample article that is available in link at the left panel and then just modify the infro from filler to correct one.
  15. Marioysikax

    Editing guide

    With modern games getting automatic updates - especially in case of online multiplayer games where latest patches are actually required to even be able to play, newest system requirements are the ones that are kept and if they change to drop some significant support over time, like old OS or intel HD graphics, then put it as note. And I think similar method of thinkig should be applied to game working on OS that is not supported, who are going to check the game every time it's updated? Of course I do not see any issue of having note that "worked on Windows 2000 with version 1.01".
  16. http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Controller:DualShock_4 Now that the official wireless PC dongle is available, me getting one in near future, I really think that cleaning up the support in games in that article should be pretty high priority - especially when it still seems like majority are using DS4Windows or similar wrappers even though at that point they do not need anything more than regular bluetooth. Problem comes down to implementation of support for this controller differs so wildly under windows: - Exclusive support with lighbar without DirectInput support. - Exclusive support without lighbar without DirectInput support. - Exclusive support via hard mapped DirectInput bindings. - General DirectInput support with profile for the controller. (Includes some Unity middleware and SDL2) And all may or may not give prompts. So I propose following: Let's use lighbar field to make listing these games easier. Unknown: Not tested at all. N/A: Game does not support the controller, so at that point lightbar shouldn't work. This includes generic DirectInput games which require player to remap the buttons to make controller working. False: Game does support controller properly with correct bindings, but lightbar stays off with wired connection. True: Game does support controller properly with correct bindings and lightbar acts according to game with some manner, even just turning on static color. With this way it should be easy to get all the games that have either true/false and list them on dualshock 4 article and additionally have prompts and lightbar as their own columns, instead of current approach where there are 3 seperate lists which has dublicates and games which only have mods to install dualshock prompts. I can manually go trough games which have the lightbar field as anything other than unknown to ensure that list is correct and change stuff to unknown if unsure. I would still need that kind of list to go trough and the controller article would need that table done, last time I copy pasted the snipplet to make the table as I haven't familiarized how the heck SMW works.
  17. Marioysikax

    Dualshock 4 support in games

    Actually just realized the problem. If there were field which allowed inputting supported controller types, then games which exclusive support Dualshock 4 but trough hard bound directinput mapping, wouldn't have DS4 support in table but in notes, making automatic list worthless again. I really do not want to start own manual list on reddit for this :|
  18. Marioysikax

    Dualshock 4 support in games

    I was actually thinking this as kind of way to get list automatically done with SMW, because if the controller doesn't work with game, then lightbar would most definitely be n/a. That way the field still serves it's purpose it was created for, but is simply used to narrow down the supported list. And on paper that should work just fine, because most likely it's left unknown to begin with and if table states XInput controllers only, then it's easy to change n/a. I would be OK with this. I have been listing the support in controller note field up to this point. However there are several games that do support Dualshock 4 controller, but doesn't use DirectInput nor recognize any DirectInput controllers at all. Also games that have Steam Controller specific features, like CS:GO which actually has gun specific haptic feedback but no XInput rumble support - this is also why I have wanted steam controller to prompts field. So that table should then at least have those four options, not just XInput/DirectInput. Problem with this list is that there are several games which work with the controller or have specifically being updated to support that controller only, but do not utilize controllers extra features like lightbar and still give xbox buttons. Because of this, there's no way to automatically create list of those games in any way. This includes games I could easily play with Dualshock 4 but which were impossible to play with any other DirectInput controllers unless using XInput wrappers, either button mappings being completely odd places or majority of controllers buttons being unbound. So like I said, it becomes really problematic to gather games that work with the controller into one definitive list and now that amount of games support is rising and official peripheral for PC specifically has been released, that kind of list is necessary. Even more necessary than list of 30 FPS games in my mind at least.
  19. Marioysikax

    Dualshock 4 support in games

    At least with Transistor and Dust, controller can work natively also under Windows and the lightbar function is noted in games article. So some of those games would be on the list in any case, but it would also be much better list from current one, as the current list on the controller article still just lists all the games and has note to check game article for system specific info. E: Also wouldn't include all those games which are XInput only and simply Dualshock button mods.
  20. Marioysikax

    Delete Rights

    As long as nobody quotes you - like I did here - you can always edit your message to say whatever you want later on. Also like with wiki deletion rights, we do have pretty active users with powers to delete stuff, so instead of giving powers that can be used wrongly for regular users, just go bother those with the power and remember to give them a cookie for job they do.
  21. Marioysikax

    Trine Enchanted Edition

    Only problem at that point is situations like this, where users might bump into other versions article and either thinking why everything is wrong or try inserting fixes to other version. Other than that I totally agree on the notion. It's also far easier to combine articles than it is to seperate them if becomes necessary.
  22. Marioysikax

    Trine Enchanted Edition

    I really hate when there are situations like this where there are two versions of the exact same game, but then people can be playing either one of the versions instead of being update to everyone, which has been annoying trend because of console rereleases. I can't even count how many games I have listed two times in steam library because of this. Trine actually does have also physical release which might be DRM-Free, meaning it will not get Enchanted update and because engine change is so drastically differend some may want to play the game in it's original state. Even in situations where engine stays the same, there still might be so much differences and fixes in newer version that it becomes total mess to keep them in single article and I have tried few times. Red Factions difference is really small so it's easy to be noted with couple notes, but when config and save paths change completely, fixes from old version do not work, new version has differend problems, new version has features old one doesn't have, etc. it becomes too messy to read when you simply want fixes and info of the version you personally are playing - or maybe even missread info of game having something it does not have. Actually Sega Genesis & Mega Drive Classics was really close to point I wanted to make seperate articles, but that has somehow managed to keep stuff under control, mostly because it's still an emulator to play games that play the same on everything. And bioshock remasters does seem like madness as they really seem like retexture work more than anything else, but there was no way of knowing this before the game was out and they can still be updated and users choose which one they want to play.
  23. Yeah, it's not new thing to have small pause to emphasize the impact, but it's not done by completely freezing the whole goddamn game. Seen some complains and debate with console versions as well and that is something that apparently did not happen with original 360 release and it's clear that the whole game pauses instead of just the animations.