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    Expack3 reacted to Wolfinston in Who is user Expack3?   
    Thank you for the detailed explanation Aemony, that's all I needed to hear, I'll revert the changes now.
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    Expack3 reacted to Aemony in MIDI support: add new parameter into Audio template   
    {{Audio |separate volume = |separate volume notes = |surround sound = |surround sound notes = |subtitles = |subtitles notes = |closed captions = |closed captions notes = |mute on focus lost = |mute on focus lost notes = |eax support = |eax support notes = |red book cd audio = |red book cd audio notes = |general midi audio = |general midi audio notes = }} General MIDI row/parameters has now been added to the Audio template.
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    Expack3 reacted to Antrad in MIDI support: add new parameter into Audio template   
    If you read through that CD music thread you can see I asked for it for almost 2 years until it was done. It is only been a year since it has been available.
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    Expack3 reacted to SirYodaJedi in MIDI support: add new parameter into Audio template   
    I had a similar idea a while back and made a mock-up. I don't know MW enough to convert it into a proper template, though. 
    I already document this type of information on the page using this type of format; search the wiki for instances of "General MIDI" and "MT-32" for such examples that I've did. I deviate a little bit from the mock-up I posted, adding additional information like which MT-32 version it's designed for.
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    Expack3 reacted to SirYodaJedi in Configuration files - encrypted or not   
    Config files can also be binary but not encrypted. Can't edit with notepad, but could edit with a hex editor. 
    And how about when some config files are plaintext, whereas others are binary and/or encrypted? For example, Tt's Lego games have a plaintext config file that controls all options except the keybinds, which are in a separate binary file (and whether that's encrypted is anyone's guess).
    I'm not sure about this one, because there's quite a bit of variance that's difficult to portray with a simple flag.
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    Expack3 reacted to Andytizer in Key points, piracy and unconfirmed claims - arbitration needed   
    I don't have an issue with acknowledging the existence of a widely distributed pirated copy of the game - as long as we don't directly link/promote it. The main reason we don't promote piracy is due to an abundance of caution and not wanting for PCGamingWiki to be 'taken down' by a rightsholder for whatever reason. Secondly, we promote the legal and fair way for gamers to acquire games, which we hope helps to promote a healthy PC gaming ecosystem. 
    Secondly if this was a key point, it can be removed - key points are deprecated (replaced by Introduction) and this sounds more like an "Issues fixed" as @Aemony suggests and where it has already been moved, and where it can remain even when you figure out the actual result.
    In the absence of any definitive proof it is worth opening a line of communication between @Expack3 and @Antrad eg PMs or on Discord, without slinging it in wiki edit wars or on forum posts - you can compare hashes and notes.
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    Expack3 reacted to Aemony in Key points, piracy and unconfirmed claims - arbitration needed   
    What muddies this whole situation is that the game is not easily accessible any longer and so cannot be easily confirmed either, and because it's from a time where games often had regional distributors it's entirely possible that one or more distributors across the world had compressed audio to keep the game unto a single disc instead of two (this is pure hypothetical here from me).
    And just because it is possible to connect an issue to a certain pirated release does not mean that release itself is the origin of that particular issue, and warrants a removal.
    Hence, mud everywhere...
    Regardless though I don't think this sort of thing belongs in the key point at all. I'd much rather we see it moved into "Issues fixed" section and expanded a bit upon -- mention the uncertainty of the situation basically with a note that retail CDs (from what region?) is known to have high-res audio. Anything that gets it out of the key point, basically.
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    Expack3 reacted to Rose in Why all my editings were deleted?   
    There were multiple other issues with the edits, such as the length and format of the section title ("tested in 2021" right in the title?) or the style being very informal, featuring constructions and words like "basically", "worked for me.", "was the easiest", "That's all", "If you have problems" and so forth. We are open to valuable additions by anyone but it's important to understand that the wiki is not a personal blog to share your feelings or address the reader directly. Please read through the rules.
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    Expack3 got a reaction from minuteworld in Why all my editings were deleted?   
    The edits were removed because you were not logged in, nor did you provide a reference. If you had created an account, then the tutorial could have been attributed to you, or what we call a self-reference or "selfref"; instead, since the tutorial was done anonymously, we only have an IP address, which can be changed via VPNs, ISPs juggling IPv4 addresses, and so on. Thus, it was deleted as all the information was listed effectively as "works for me" by what, to us, appeared to be an anonymous user.
    I invite you to create an account so you can self-reference your tutorial. In fact, I will be more than happy to personally re-instate your edits made anonymously once you have confirmed your account creation.
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    Expack3 reacted to Rose in The Sinking City: the ways of outrage   
    It all began with the recent release of The Sinking City on Steam. Some users quickly noticed the lack of achievements compared to the previous version available for a few hours of January 5. As the discussions began, some also noted the lack of cloud saves and DLC to purchase. Shortly after, the developer of the game made a post on the store page news feed to recommend against buying this version published by Nacon despite the publisher having been allowed to resume selling the game after a court ruling deeming the Frogwares' publishing contract termination "unlawful" and ordering "to refrain from any further action".
    With statements like "Further proof that France doesn't need to exist anymore" aimed at the publisher, Steam users began to purchase the game and review bomb, never going beyond the two hours refund threshold, while making claims about the version of the game being old, having no DLC or support, or the publisher stealing from the developer.
    PC Gamer and Polygon echoed some of the statements, relying on the top rated reviews which were "mostly negative" at the time, starting around 25% approval.
    - PC Gamer
    SteamDB immediately sided with the developer by quoting their statement on the app page in an unprecedented manner, while ResetEra also followed suit, with the OP of the dedicated thread stating "It also apparently lacks DLC".
    On our end, there were users who edited the article and inserted all the same unverified claims, while violating the style guidelines at the same time.
    I had the latest version of the Necronomicon Edition on Epic Games Store and decided to check for some of the claims by comparing my files to those of a friend who had the Steam version.
    As it turned out, the important files of the Epic version were created in October 2019, around the time the game received its last update, while the current Steam version was built in June 2020, just prior to the game becoming unavailable on Epic, with a GOG Galaxy integration file placed in preparation for release, and also just prior to Frogwares releasing the game on Origin and other platforms. This questioned the idea of the build being old.

    Now with the Frogwares' discouraging statement removed from the store page, legitimately interested users purchasing the game and looking into it, it was found and confirmed by multiple users that the standard and only offered edition of the game by Nacon is newer than the Necronomicon Edition on Epic, and on par with the Deluxe Edition offered by Frogwares on Origin and Gamesplanet, containing all the bonus missions in the game's existence and costing only $16 compared to the $65 of the Frogwares release. At the same time, the average user score was getting better, climbing up to 48%, or Mixed, as of this writing.
    Many still remained bitter and unwilling to accept being wrong, with PC Gamer and Polygon never correcting the articles, the current top-rated Steam review being negative, containing insults and saying "No DLC.", with /r/gaming and /r/TheSinkingCity quickly taking down links to the Steam thread discussing the presence of DLC in the game.

    Sometimes the truth is hard to find or seen as the biggest enemy in the comfort of existing beliefs, and maybe that is when PCGamingWiki comes into the picture to give you the latest technical facts and details. We just have to stay vigilant, never speculate, and always double check. Here's to it!
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    Expack3 reacted to EVERGREEN in Proposal: "Debloated" Installs (Remove unused files)   
    Today more than ever, (fast) storage space is expensive. One thing that always makes me mad is the insane amount of unused Localizations, game modes (often dead/closed multiplayer modes) that are installed by default - this is literally dead content. Wasted storage. Wasted money.
    Now back in ye old days, it used to be a gigabyte at best. Not the end of the world, and not exactly worth the time investment. But old habits die hard, and I'm still doing it today.

    With games becoming larger and larger, storage has become an issue that can thankfully be alleviated. 
    I'm going to list a few interesting examples, then propose a solution and finally suggest a way to integrate it to PCGW's structure. I'll also list a couple of issues with my proposal, potential flaws and uses cases etc. If you have a better idea or any suggestion to make this a thing, you're more than welcome.

    Please note that all the numbers given are taken from Steam, but GoG, Uplay, EGS & Origin are guilty of the very same thing. Uplay's even worse, as always. 
    Any constructive feedback would be much appreciated - I never suggested a feature before, but this one has been on the back of my mind for at least a year. I feel like it could be very useful to many folks out there.

    So, let's get to it. Those are easy ones to "clean-up" (more on that later):
    Batman Arkham Origins. Had a multiplayer mode, servers are down. Delete one folder and the install size goes from 27.06Gb to 18.1Gb. 9Gb (33%) saved Final Fantasy XIII. Well documented, check the PCGW entry for it, you can remove ~20Gb if you don't want the Japanese audio. 57.6Gb to 37.7Gb. 19.9Gb (52%) saved (!!!) Doom 2016. Do you really play the MP or Snapmap modes? That's ~15Gb (11Gb if you only delete the MP) saved. From 69.68Gb to 54.68Gb. 15Gb (21.5%) saved Here's the problem. I can manually delete all localizations, "deluxe edition content", Readme/Support and redists safely from most MT_Framework, UE3 and Ubi games just fine because they use the same naming conventions. All I have to do is search in the root folder for any file with the _ita. suffix for instance and delete it - but that's because I know what I'm doing and I'm willing to take the time to locate and delete those files. 
    Listing that would massively bloat any page of course, and not many users would do it anyways. 

    The best way I can think of to implement a reliable and simple method to delete files that we're absolutely sure are safe to delete goes something like this:
    Add a "debloatable" boolean to the Other Information infobox, If True, how much can be shaved-off at best. Users like myself could build a database of games we know we can "shave" (much like SK/ReShade compat, with a dedicated page) The end user would download a batch file, hosted here and verified by members based on a template which would include one option for each localization, and a "clean-up" option (remove Readme, Deluxe content, redists if safe) So for instance, I can flag all the localization for Resident Evil 6 and write them down in the dedicated page. I don't have any experience making modular batch files like that however, so someone else would have to make a template. I can then edit that batch to point it to all the files we want to delete. The end user launches the batch file, delete all locales but the one he's/she's using and boom. That's money saved right there.
    I know there are programs that are much better than Win Explorer's Search feature - if we can feed such a program with a config file it should do the trick too. We'd still need to build a database though. 

    I do realize that I make it sound much easier than it may be, or that it may sound overkill if we're talking about a Gb at best. But for extreme cases like Doom 2016, Far Cry 3/4, FF XIII, the Arkham series, The Evil Within - huge games basically, it would be very helpful and hey, I'm already doing it anyways so might as well share it. There's also games like Battlefront 2 (2005) where you can cut the install size in half. It's about 5Gb (vanilla) if memory serves, about 2-3Gb when cleaned. 
    With that said, if anything I hope that this thread at least brings more attention to this issue. 

    Last but not least, to everyone: Happy holidays! I hope you're all doing well, and ready for more PCGW grunt work for this year to come.
    "Keep on keeping on". 
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    Expack3 reacted to Rose in Support gg.deals   
    The point on registration requiring a Steam account is very important. Steam is the biggest store but there are people who don't have a Steam account. Until it's possible to sign up without Steam, it shouldn't even be discussed as a replacement for ITAD.
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    Expack3 reacted to Aemony in Support gg.deals   
    PCGW has a mutual linking relationship with IsThereAnyDeal (see https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:Partnerships#Mutual_linking_relationships).
    Because of that, any potential replacement would necessitate a similar linking relationship before it would be implemented, I imagine.
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    Expack3 reacted to Andytizer in Add Early Access Date as well as Release Dates   
    So just revisiting this again.
    Satisfactory released on Epic Games Store on May 19, 2020. However the release date on our wiki article is Windows: Early access - this doesn't really make sense to me - as this is more to do with Steam's Early Access.
    We also now have an Introduction template which helps to explain exactly what the history of the game's release date is.
    Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux) release dates are the 'official' 1.0 date of release (unless they are still in Early access). New row called Early access where the first version of the game is playable/purchaseable and is specifically not a demo. Ignore any specifics about dates if it is within 7 days's margin of error. Examples:
    Chaosbane released June 4th, ignore the fact that it was available to preorders on May 31st as it was within 7 days - this could be covered in Introduction. Star Citizen has Early access row filled for the Hangar module on August 29, 2013. No Windows 1.0 release date, so Windows row states 'Early access' System Shock 3 demo is not Early access, it is just a demo. Example for Satisfactory:

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    Expack3 reacted to Andytizer in Taxonomy is a waste of time   
    Actually having a 'Cinematic camera perspective' is quite a valuable piece of information - it tells you that the player has no control over the camera. Some players may prefer games with fixed camera angles, some cannot stand them. 
    I don't think adding genre, camera perspectives etc can in any way hurt the 'fix PC games' project of ours, it can only help. I've always maintained that the addition of additional information is always going to be helpful for lots of reasons - for rich, descriptive lists of games that no one else has. Like 'Singleplayer games with microtransactions' or 'Adventure games that support controller' or 'Horror games that support LAN'. Additionally, taxonomy will have benefits for our SEO and lays the foundation for a new 'Introduction' section I'm going to be working on next.
    I respect that you feel it's a waste of time, however it's something we are going ahead it and I reserve the right to waste my own time 🙂. I would suggest turning off your watchlist for the next few weeks because there are going to be a lot of changes to every single article, taxonomy is just the beginning.
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    Expack3 reacted to Bambacha in What free games are worth it?   
    STALKER: Anomaly or STALKER:Call of Chernobyl are probably the only free games I've invested more than 500 hours in. Albeit they are mods of Stalker:Call of Pripyat, they are standalone by themselves.
    Other than that, any and all free games out there (including popular ones like Path of Exile) sooner or later end up with paywalls, shading trading business within the game or boring after the first few hours (e.g. I got bored with Team Fortress 2 after 40 hours).
    But I have to ask though: Can't you see a review, download a demo or just plain watch a gameplay video of a game to get the gist of it before you buy it? What makes the purchase of a game always being regrettable? I've bought way too many games on GOG and never regretted a single thing I've bought.
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    Expack3 got a reaction from Antrad in Proposal: Metacritic or equivalent   
    I flatly reject this proposal. With traditional reviewers caught in the global pattern of politically-oriented reviews, if a good game happens to run afoul of a reviewer's political leanings, especially a popular one, then it creates a heavily-biased review, which feeds into the Metacritic score.
    As PCGW is to be politically-neutral, I'd say, for the time being, the inclusion of any Metacritic or Metacritic-equivalent would run afoul of that.
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    Expack3 got a reaction from Blackbird in Proposal: Metacritic or equivalent   
    I flatly reject this proposal. With traditional reviewers caught in the global pattern of politically-oriented reviews, if a good game happens to run afoul of a reviewer's political leanings, especially a popular one, then it creates a heavily-biased review, which feeds into the Metacritic score.
    As PCGW is to be politically-neutral, I'd say, for the time being, the inclusion of any Metacritic or Metacritic-equivalent would run afoul of that.
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    Expack3 reacted to Andytizer in Proposal: Genres and Modes   
    So this is the first step in broadening the scope of the wiki, which will only help PC gaming users and give more options. We already track multiplayer types, eg local co-op. Genres will help us do cool things like make a list of Puzzle games that support 4K and controller, or a list of First person shooters with high frame rate support, etc.
    Each article will end up being a balance that covers technical fixes as well information for the general user. At the end of the day the technical fixes side will be the main part of the site and I won't force anyone to moderate/edit the broader more Wikipedia-like side of the site either :).
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    Expack3 reacted to Andytizer in Blade Runner (1997) added to GOG.com for its first ever digital release   
    Blade Runner, the iconic Westwood Studios adventure game, is now available on GOG.com - 22 years after its original release on Windows, Mac and Linux.
    We never thought that this game would see a release due to the legal limbo it remained in. However thanks to a deal between Alcon Interactive Group and GOG.com, we now have the game in its very first digital distribution release.
    This port of the game is possible thanks to recent developments in ScummVM which allows the game to be played on modern operating systems.
    The game is currently on 10% discount during the Winter Sale, which ends January 2nd, 2020. Make sure to check out our PCGamingWiki article for future fixes and information.
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    Expack3 reacted to Andytizer in Proposal: Utilize YouTube channel for infrequent PCGW streams and podcasts   
    Let's discuss availability and timezones..
    I am in GMT and can generally do evenings eg 9pm-11pm on most days..
    We should do a test run.. ideally we need 2-4 people, we should 'audition' to make sure we are all able to speak and deliver something interesting! I can do Sat/Sun evening this weekend for example, or another time that works for people.
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    Expack3 reacted to Suicide machine in Proposal: Utilize YouTube channel for infrequent PCGW streams and podcasts   
    I was actually thinking that it'd be nice to have some videos made for PCGamingWiki, but while dreaming about it is nice, I also know - having done planty of video editing myself - to create something worthwhile you pretty much have to aim minimum 4 hours of editing, probably 8 or more depending on complexity of videos and whilst this is something I'd be willing to take care of 2 years ago, nowadays I've been having so many assignments and projects for university, I am not feeling like taking up additional tasks (especially that I still have to do over 250hrs of internship, which I sadly won't be able to do for PCGW... sadly).
    Podcasts are an quicker format, although still require some work upfront, designing some elements like intros and cards, so might be a good place to start and experiment with.
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    Expack3 reacted to alrayes_brn in Proposal: Utilize YouTube channel for infrequent PCGW streams and podcasts   
    Im in for podcasts and streaming games, I think its a good start. We might find others who want to do different things like record fixes and guides.
    But when it comes to priorities, having guides is more important. Such as the examples that Andy have mentioned.
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    Expack3 reacted to Andytizer in Epic MegaGrant gives $25,000 to Lutris, the open source gaming platform for Linux   
    Congratulations to the Lutris team, who announced on Patreon that they were granted $25,000 from the Epic MegaGrant. In their announcement:
    Lutris is an open source gaming platform for Linux that installs and launches games without the hassle of setting up on Linux and without installing system libraries. Lutris includes Linux support for using platforms like GOG, Steam, Battle.net, Origin, Uplay and finally Epic Games Store, which is beginning to gain support on the platform. 
    Despite this generous grant to a Linux project, it is interesting that Epic Games Store has no announced plans to lauch a native Linux client.

    What other noteworthy projects have been given grants by Epic? Should PCGamingWiki apply for an Epic MegaGrant?
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    Expack3 got a reaction from AnotherGills in Death Stranding announced for PC, launching in summer of 2020   
    Given this is Hideo Kojima's first independent project, I'll gladly wait for the PC release. His old Konami division did a legendary job of porting the game to PC (though that engine was intended to be platform-agnostic), so I can't wait to nuke my computer with pumping the graphical fidelity well beyond what even the PC-oriented in-game presets allow. 😝
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