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  1. I also should bring up something a Reddit user pointed out (can't find the source, will have to do this from memory): most developers will rollback any flawed patches so users don't get stuck with an unusable game. As such, this is kinda redundant. Now, if you're talking about rolling back to the last version of the game in which mod x works, then yeah - this is a great move as you'll at least be able to still use the mod until they update for the new version. Of course, the downside from a developer's perspective is now GOG Galaxy will actively allow fragmentation (i.e. groups of people u
  2. That's why the "in general" part - there will always be exceptions, and those are the ones where stating the "no intro videos" enhancement for that game isn't redundant, but useful.
  3. That'd make the pages as bloated as putting the UE3-specific method for skipping intro movies (see http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Engine:Unreal_Engine_3#Skip_intro_videos ) directly on every game article. Since Outcome works in general on games which require Origin to launch - which, BTW, vanilla Battlefield 3 does (see http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Battlefield_3 ) - just pass a link on the game article to the appropriate section of the Origin article like I did for the similar Buddah engine method (see http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Costume_Quest#Issues_fixed ). Someone once said a similar
  4. I do. But as I see you don't realize none of this will be properly discussed or considered until the new editing guide is migrated from the dev site to the main site, I'll just wait until it is. It's a good argument, Mirh - I'm not saying it isn't. It was just brought up too early.
  5. That's achieved by using multiple fixboxes. (Speaking of which, thanks for reminding me about that page - that giant, unneeded OR was annoying.) More on-point, multiple fixboxes are used for separate solutions to the same problem, with the problem defined by the section header and elaborated on via info point before the fixes. If a fix has multiple, related fixes, they should go into the same fixbox (see my changes for an understanding of what I mean.) Also, and most importantly, you do realize this change won't get done until the new PCGamingWiki skin changes are migrated over to the
  6. It's obvious to us, but to the rest of the Internet, it isn't. :(
  7. Based on the warnings from its Games page, it can be unsafe.
  8. ReShade isn't remotely straightforward. It's got three whole shader sets which can be run in unison, and now they've included a bland configuration utility which you're expected to use (unless you go to the trouble of removing all the config-based dependencies). Said utility is barebones, lacks the readability of the original configuration files, and uses a terribly low-contrast color scheme.
  9. Another solution is to use ReShade, a DLL hook-based shader language for post-processing effects which works for DX8-11 games. That'll net you FXAA and SMAA support, along with a wide array of other post-processing effects (if you're into things like SweetFX).
  10. I agree. This is not a historical website (despite the fact we cover MS-DOS and Mac OS games) or Wikipedia, so why should we be listing games which are illegal by their nature? I feel I should also add that if a game has been forced to be legally taken down by a cease-and-desist order (or practical equivalent such as a DCMA request), we shouldn't cover those games, either. In those cases, the rights owners have decided to exercise their exclusive rights to the work, since, technically and generally speaking, while fanworks are illegal, it's up to the rights holders as to whether they'll tolera
  11. In other words, abandonware. EDIT: Got rid of unnecessary and off-topic diatribe.
  12. The idea was to have StockholmSyndrome, per my invitation to him, join in on the discussion and give his side; I was just proactively starting this as an introduction as I don't fully know all the problems he perceives with the Steam engine page. However, since he hasn't, I'm assuming he has no further interest in the topic. As such, I've chosen your response as the answer since without StockholmSyndrome's side, this thread, as you said, makes no sense.
  13. All this stuff can be said of any game on Steam (with the obvious exception of mods, not every game supports modding), and cache verification is such a common solution to game issues on Steam that it could be removed due to it being public knowledge. Hence why those fixes should be removed or, at the very least, be re-evaluated.
  14. As pointed out by StockholmSyndrome, the Steam page is filled with truisms like verification of the integrity cache which, simply put, should not even be there since they apply to every Steam game. As such, I think it would be a good idea to re-evaluate what's on the Source Engine page as well as anything which links to it.
  15. If things are done this way, I think we should also have a 120+ FPS field for games capable of higher framerates equal to or greater than 120 FPS; that way, games like Earth 2160 and Trackmania 2: Stadium can get recognized as completely lacking any sort of framerate caps (or, as pointed out by Garrett, framerate caps which are, by 2015 standards, absurdly high).
  16. Since that's the case, yeah - if they enable it and are still confused...no helping them then other than telling them to revert their changes. :)
  17. I'd mention it because people expecting a high-framerate experience suddenly getting a 30FPS cap because of a low battery may get confused - especially if they've told the OS and the GPU to keep going at full power even when the battery runs low.
  18. Just noticed the WIP editing guide lacks any information on the disambig template nor when to use the two forms of the template. Definitely something to add in as it's not mentioned in the old guide and isn't on the editing GUI.
  19. If an API were written for fetching the patches from the Game data template, and if the Game data template were updated to support such things, then whatever game save managers which implemented it would need to ensure several things: The acquired paths are not treated as default or tested paths - after all, the paths could go out-of-date, especially for Early Access titles, someone could vandalize a page, breaking the path and/or the template in the process, and so on. The user is warned these paths are untested, and therefore may not work. The user should be able to give feedback on the val
  20. Having redirects in the search bar is necessary since a game might have different common spellings or have had different names over the years. Without them there, people, not being aware the game isn't spelled the way they think it is or that the game was originally called something else than it is now, will think we don't have a game they're interested in when we actually do. That said, I agree how redirects are currently shown could use improvement. Here's my take: The redirects would be displayed in grey (maybe darker than shown here for legibility) and indented under the article the
  21. Just encountered an issue not covered in the guide. I was adding an availability row for a game's official store, and the link contained equals signs in it, causing that row to be all messed up. After consulting with soeb on the IRC, I discovered the formatting should go like this: {{Availability/row|1=Official |2=http://www.official/store/url?action=product&id=555 |3=DRM |4=Notes |5=Key }} As the guide doesn't have this vital bit of information, it should be updated to include it; if it affects other availability row types as well, it should be noted for those rows as well.
  22. I actually have a few favorites: Croc 2: A lot of the critics pointed to generic level design and poor controls as key reasons for their panning - and I agree, and would add to those critiques the semi-blatant Gummi Savers promotion inside the game (the candy acts as one-time jump pads - and require grinding in-game currency just to acquire!). All that said, the platforming is otherwise sold, fun, and varied - and that's all I can ask out of a platformer. Space Hack: It's a good-looking 3D Diablo clone with a difficulty curve straight out of an abysmal King's Field clone (the predecess
  23. Based on my reading, it sounds like the rain effects and AO on PC were supposed to be enhanced over console (thanks to NVIDIA Gameworks presumably), but additional bugs aside from the bugs which disabled them in the first place are preventing these enhancements from working right. Also, based on the wording of the initial paragraph, Rocksteady will be handling the improved port themselves. Hopefully Iron Galaxy got the boot they deserve!
  24. Not really. To my (limited) knowledge, while there are API call interceptors, and there exists old source code for doing software Truform-compatible tessellation - albeit, to the author's admittance, highly-unoptimized - I don't know of any public APIs which would allow for the interception of model or polygonal data meant for a GPU. Shaders, depth buffers, etc - that's known and doable (see ReShade), but model or polygonal data interception in a public API? I have no idea if such a thing exists. Plus, it's hard to find people willing to take on hobby projects for obscure technology like this.
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