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  1. You're very welcome. I'd also ask on the IRC chat (just click on the IRC tab/button on the top of the site) to see if it's allowable for someone with less than 3 edits to request a discussion page be created on a particular wiki article. I know it's allowable for new wiki articles, but I don't know if it's allowable for creating new discussion threads within a wiki article.
  2. I'm guessing you haven't made at least 3 edits to the wiki yet; otherwise, you'd see a big "Start a new discussion" button on the blank discussion page.
  3. To quote from the article: So the question of 'worthiness' is this: was Missing Link ever released physically (e.g. an expansion sold at retail)? If so, full name unless the standard changes. Otherwise, only the sub-name is used.
  4. A better example would be the OS X release for Earth 2150 (see http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Earth_2150). Who would believe a (at the time) 15-year-old game would get a Steam-exclusive OS X release with virtually no fanfare unless it was referenced?
  5. I don't know how to answer the first question, but I can answer the last one. You list all the publishers. Here's an example of how (visual reference here): {{Infobox game |title = |cover = Game_article_layout.jpg |developers = {{Infobox game/row/developer|World's Greatest Games|}} |publishers = {{Infobox game/row/publisher|1C Company|Original}} {{Infobox game/row/publisher|Infocom|Current}} |engines = {{Infobox game/row/engine|WarpCore}} |release dates= {{Infobox game/row/date|Windows|April 10, 1995}} |steam appid = |steam appid side = |gogcom page =
  6. You don't need any graphics skills to create a graph like the one you linked to. Both OpenOffice and Microsoft Excel have built-in support for such a chart, which is called a radar or net chart.
  7. Mirh's been pretty active in this thread, so I expect he'll answer your question himself.
  8. I'll defer to Mirh as to whether OBS and MSI Afterburner are the only currently good and free alternatives. :) As to whether the HDD upgrade means OBS will become better than MSI, no. You should keep using MSI Afterburner for gameplay footage. Streaming gameplay footage, however, is where OBS shines as a free (and open source!) program - and is another topic entirely.
  9. To be fair, Marioysikax was responding to RaTcHeT302 saying he was uploading the raw (presumably uncompressed) footage.
  10. ...ew. That's not how it should look! Did you try clicking the button with the three dots next to the video format list when you had the NVIDIA plugin selected? That should bring up some quality control settings which will enable you to get better quality than...that ugly mess of default settings.
  11. If you have a spare 1TB or greater hard drive/hard drive array you can use, I'd use uncompressed video and save exclusively to that hard drive. Why? You'll be quickly accumulating gigabytes of hard drive space just for a couple of minutes of footage. Otherwise, what you have selected in terms of compression is good; that said, if you have a GPU which supports one of the hardware-based compression schemes (Intel Quick Sync, AMD VCE, or NVIDIA NVENC), you may want to try one of those as well. They'll give you great quality with minimum lag since your GPU's on-board H.264 co-processor will be han
  12. Use the gaming skin. It makes things so much cleaner. Also, that second program can be mostly configured right from MSI Afterburner - including setting up keybindings for video and screenshot capture. You'll only need to touch RTSS directly for those odd cases where it can't hook into the game you want to record (assuming said game isn't using DirectX 7 or earlier). EDIT: Plus, RTSS and MSI Afterburner (this is with the latter's low-level hardware access turned off as it's unneeded for video/screenshot capture) have a combined memory footprint of 15MB. By comparison, FRAPS uses ~30MB, and
  13. After prolonged testing, they stink by comparison. For doing lossless game recording, MSI Afterburner is just as fast as the other tools while using less memory. (Plus, I have no need for lossless compression, hardware-accelerated or otherwise, as I'm not doing any 4K+ recording.) Top it off with the non-existent price tag, and I can see why you love it so much.
  14. Yes, and still nothing. However, to play devil's advocate: with the exception of the original StarCraft, how many people these days are actually interested in capturing footage of pre-DX8 games?
  15. Dxtory and Bandicam, for example, support DirectX 7 (they also support "DirectDraw", but I have no idea what's meant by that). Also, just tested Afterburner's recording capabilities with Age of Wonders, which is a DX6 game like Omnikron. No video was output. Croc 2 using dgVoodoo2, however, work just fine. I imagine Age of Wonders with dgVoodoo2 would also work.
  16. The only thing I can think of in general terms is if MSI Afterburner has inferior CPU-usage compared to other tools. To use an exaggerated, hypothetical example, I don't want a free tool which tears up 10% CPU time just to record uncompressed video when there's a paid tool which uses 5% CPU time doing the same thing. EDIT: On a more minor note, it only supports DirectX 8 and up, meaning I can't record games like StarTopia, Independence War 2, or Wizardry 8 without using dgVoodoo2 - and dgVoodoo2 still doesn't run every pre-DX8 game (assuming the game's issues with modern machines lie exclu
  17. Guess I missed that part. Bandicam looks interesting with its ability to do hardware-accelerated encoding; in my personal case, I'm more looking for something with lossless or raw recording for when I'm not streaming and need the absolute best possible quality. Does Bandicam do that? I like OBS as well because it supports streaming and regular video capture with hardware-accelerated support out of the box! (Albeit AMD GPU users like me have to settle for a great, but unofficial fork.) Also, I've been eyeing Dxtory, which looks like a spiritual successor to FRAPS. It also, among other
  18. As those members of PCGamingWiki who keep abreast of the latest trends in video capture, they'll tell you FRAPS is one of, if not the, worst piece of video capture software you can own - not to mention the fact it hasn't had a new version since February 26, 2013. However, I am not one of those members - I'm one of those idiots who keep on using FRAPS just because they don't know where to look for newer, better capture software. As such, I'm looking for recommendations as to good alternatives to FRAPS. For the purposes of this inquiry, money isn't a consideration - I'm looking for what's be
  19. I wouldn't know; the Reflink tag is one I haven't seen or used before.
  20. While checking if Betray in Antara's wiki article had been modified, I noted Garrbot updated the references section to use the Reflist tag instead of the obsoleted references tag. However, the new tag seems to only partially work in the article, generating a redlink for the Reflist tag template in addition to all the references in the article (in this case, just one). Below is an image of the issue:
  21. Sounds like someone needs a Guinea pig. :) PM me if you'd be interested in having a person who can test web code on their Windows desktop.
  22. I've noted how most of the older GOG.com (~pre-2003) releases listed here on the wiki have the GOG.com requirements instead of their original requirements. I attempted to correct those which didn't match this 'standard', only for ThatOneReaper to correct me and rightly point out this has never been the official standard. Now that we have a publicly-stated official editing standard, and given as these older GOG.com releases tend towards incorrectly using the GOG.com system requirements (like the former situation with Unreal) according to the standard, I think we need to start going through thes
  23. In recent memory, certainly from the larger companies. In the days before Steam took off, yeah - this was always the case; a 'rollback' in those days was 1) uninstall the game and clean up any straggling files, 2) re-install the game, 3) update the game to the last good version. In all seriousness, thank goodness for GOG Galaxy. Wait until a developer tries to pull a GTA:SA on GOG.com now....
  24. Given as the wiki contains multiple kinds of non-game articles, like for game engines and game consoles, which belong to a series (i.e. the Playstation line of consoles, Unreal Engine series of game engines, etc.), would it be possible to add support for series pages for non-game articles? All which would be different from the outside would be it lists things other than games (and possibly the URL being different); here's an example I rigged up.
  25. True. If a game developer decides to "update" their game in order to remove features and such which do not harm the game in any way - and may, in fact, diminish the game - then that's another use for GOG Galaxy's new feature.
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