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  1. Actually, I found the answer to my question in this thread. TL;DR: Technically, the CD Archive is illegal due to it containing commercial software, but they can get away with it since most companies don't find it cost-effective to enforce the rights to their IPs for stuff like this.
  2. I recently stumbled upon the Internet Archive's collection of software, and noticed their CD Archive, which has both shareware games and full versions of games originally included on cover CDs. However, given some of the full games contained within the collection, such as SimCity 2000, are still sold, I'm wondering about the legality of the full games contained within. Does anyone have any insight?
  3. Does the file or its contents exist in some prominent form on the wiki (i.e. separate stickied thread, wiki page, etc)? The information it contains is extremely valuable to anyone updating wiki pages to use the WineHQ tag.
  4. While working on updating game pages with their WineHQ IDs (if they exist), I noticed what, at this point, appears to be an edge-case: Half-Life's standalone expansions, Blue Shift and Opposing Force, are listed as a version entry under the Half-Life AppDB entry. As such, they use Class=version&iId= instead of Class=application&iId=. Thus, if you try and input Blue Shift's ID (244), you'll be redirected to the now-deleted application page for REA GRE CAT TestWare. This also applies to games which are (perceived) to be based off that particular game's version of the Source engine or Gol
  5. I've updated the draft e-mail to Peter Thoman with an informal tone - along with cutting out the now-unnecessary details! The link to the draft, found in the OP, is still the same, so you can redownload it using that. Also, as some of you may have noticed, I keep saying "on behalf of PCGamingWiki" in my documents. Given as I'm technically not a staff member, is it really appropriate to include that?
  6. Ask, and you shall receive. :) C&C Renegade (all official versions) Half-Life: Counter-Strike (goldsrc engine, version 1.2) Half-Life (goldscr engine, version Serious Sam - The First Encounter (original retail version, version 1.05) Serious Sam - The Second Encounter (original retail version, unpatched) Madden 2003 (unpatched) Neverwinter Nights (last official patch) Unreal Tournament 2004 (all official patches) There's more TruForm games out there, but the ones listed above are the ones I could confirm.
  7. As stated by Mirh and Soeb on IRC, "Looks awesome on a developer's resume" isn't exactly a selling point - we'd get laughed at if we tried to use it as such. Instead, a more appropriate response would be something like "Do you know something about tessellation?" or "Can you help me with this project?" I feel both my documents do just that - they basically say "hey, we're looking to re-implement ATI TruForm, which is an old form of tessellation, on modern hardware. Interested in helping us out?" - albeit in a more contractual way. If the staff thinks it would be better to move from a contractua
  8. Great first review, RaTcHeT302! I really like how through you were with your settings. I'd also like to clarify some of what the low-impact settings do: Reflections (High vs. Ultra): The Ultra reflections are slightly higher-resolution with some blurring so they aren't perfectly sharp. Advanced Lighting: (TL;DR: This setting ensures every light actually casts light, and does so accurately. Your conclusion on the setting's usefulness matches mine.) While this can be hard-to-notice while racing, the effects of this are quite obvious when still. Here's why: take a look at your "off" pictu
  9. Version 1.7.28


    Windows-compatible version of Wine's DirectX 8.1 implementation; useful for fixing issues with older games on modern graphics cards and operating systems. Compiled from the source code for Wine 1.7.28. Complete changelog can be found here.
  10. Very thorough research, Mirth! Here are some thoughts I'd like to add to yours. First, if a willing developer could be found, two additional options for re-adding TruForm support could be done: Translate TruForm calls Wine-style to modern DX11 tessellation calls. While this would be far faster than emulating TruForm in software, this would require access to documentation explaining the calls TruForm makes and expects to receive back, tricking the OS into thinking the device supports D3DDEVCAPS2_ADAPTIVETESSNPATCH (and, optionally, D3DDEVCAPS2_ADAPTIVETESSRTPATCH), etc. (I believe TruForm
  11. As I was looking through the changelog, I noted some screenshots for Black & White's settings were added. This normally would be unworthy of note, but the screens all appear to be in Italian. Here's an example: Given as PCGamingWiki can be edited by anyone of any nationality and language, and given most, if not all, of the screenshots submitted to this wiki are in English, I'd like to ask two questions: What is the official language of PCGamingWiki? Given the answer to #1, what is the policy regarding screenshots or pages not in the official language? Deletion? Inclusion in a lan
  12. As requested by Mirh, below is an archive containing our discussion on this topic for the sake of future reference. Sent 06 January 2014 - 01:01 AM Mirh, I was wondering if you could give any insight into getting ATI's Truform technology working using modern graphics cards - no programming, mind you, more like hacks, wrappers, or other such programs. Judging from your wiki commits, you seem to be the most familiar with older PC gaming standards, hence why I'm asking you, specifically. If you could please get back to me regarding this, I'd greatly appreciate it! -Expack3 S
  13. Version 1.7.28


    Windows-compatible version of Wine's DirectX 9.x implementation; useful for fixing issues with older games on modern graphics cards and operating systems. Compiled from the source code for Wine 1.7.28. Complete changelog can be found here.
  14. I've been scouring the internet for information on how to re-enable ATI Truform, a pre-DX11 and OpenGL 4 method of tessellation, on games which supported it, but all the information I've found thus far seems to point to the following conclusions: You need a Truform-compatible ATI card for Truform to be enabled in supported games - even though Truform can be run through software (and was on certain ATI hardware). There are per-game re-implementations of Truform functionality, such as for Quake 3 (video demonstration here). There is no publicly-available generic method to enable Truform in soft
  15. Apology accepted. :) Also, apologizes if my initial response came off as belittling or offensive in any way - I'm having a hard time waking up this morning, and it isn't doing my mind any favors.
  16. EDIT: How could Final Fantasy VIII have gotten an update in September 2013 when it was released on Steam in December of that same year? Also, according to recent reviews of the game on Steam as well as the discussion thread linked to in PCGamingWiki's page for Final Fantasy VIII (2013), Final Fantasy VIII has yet to receive an update to add PSX-quality music (e.g. if the September 2013 update for Final Fantasy VII is any indication, replacing the MIDI files with OGG Vorbis-format recordings of the original PSX songs). Thus, I can only assume we're talking about two different things here.
  17. NOTE: The only reason I'm posting this thread here instead of the appropriate wiki page's discussion section is because I'm presented with infinite loading as the site tries to add a new discussion thread despite efforts to prevent it (i.e. clearing my browser's cache, reloading the page, etc). As I was reading through the wiki page for the 2013 re-release of Final Fantasy VIII, a thought occurred: does the game actually use MIDI files for the in-game music, or just recordings of MIDI music which are not using the wavetable instruments the original PS1 game used? As I know the original Fin
  18. Expack3


    Screenshots from the video game Concursion.
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