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  1. Version 1.0.1


    Re-compressed 1080p versions of the videos used in Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered to get around the issue of audio/video desynchronization on certain computers. To install, open Ghostbusters Remastered Vids 1080p.7z.001 and extract the files to <path-to-game>\video\. Password: pcgw Alternately, download only manualvidendoce.txt for instructions on how to manually-create 1080p versions of the videos used in Ghostbusters: The Video Game Remastered.
  2. Tried it yesterday on the GOG release of the game, and the customizer failed to apply its modifications due to a mismatch of bytes in the EXE. I made sure I was using the main EXE, and not the Mooncrash EXE.
  3. Tested, gives Hor+ on full EGS version using 1920x810. (Weird, I know, but it's the closest I can get to 21:9 aspect ratio on my laptop's monitor.)
  4. Version 1.0.3


    This file patches the full, retail Russian game to 1.0.3 beta. This includes support for OpenGL, DirectX, and adds native support for Windows 95 and later. Does not work with the Steam release.
  5. My thought on the soon-to-be-lack of a MacOS port is that maybe they were relying on Valve's tech to get it running on that platform, and Epic made the decision that it'd be easier to simply drop the port than re-implement its Valve-reliant functionality. If the game was a native port, however, then it simply got dropped for some reason.
  6. This Saturday and Sunday would work for me as well, anytime from 1500-0100 (3PM-1AM) UTC.
  7. Indeed. And it can be made relevant to the mission of PCGW by focusing on, or at least having a prominent section for, game fixes and the like.
  8. I'm simply excited that, at long last, and with all seriousness, Valve can count past 2 when it comes to their video game franchises.
  9. Given this is Hideo Kojima's first independent project, I'll gladly wait for the PC release. His old Konami division did a legendary job of porting the game to PC (though that engine was intended to be platform-agnostic), so I can't wait to nuke my computer with pumping the graphical fidelity well beyond what even the PC-oriented in-game presets allow. 😝
  10. I feel the success of Stadia is tied to whether game companies can get a majority of gamers on a Netflix-esque streaming plan. If they can, which thus far seems unlikely, then it'll be yet another option. If not, off to the Google graveyard, littered with 'revolutionary' or 'long-term support' products.
  11. One question which comes to mind is how they handle being looked upon as the same as sites like G2A when, in fact, they aren't. My initial phrasing goes like this: How do you handle the 'shadow' cast by so-called grey-market sellers?
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