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    Andytizer reacted to phabran in Minecraft Dungeons FOV changer   
    Thank you very much. It worked perfectly! I have a 3 monitors setup and fov was so bad that I was playing on 1920x1080. Now it`s on 5760x1080 with no issues.
    Edit: tonight I noticed the app was missing. Downloaded and tried again but the AV says it has a trojan on it called Wacatac.D. Someone else had this issue?
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    Andytizer got a reaction from EGOISTE in Detroit Become Human ultrawide & multimonitor mod   
    Glad you got it working and thank you @Rose for all your hard work supporting this mod!
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    Andytizer got a reaction from Rose in Detroit Become Human ultrawide & multimonitor mod   
    Glad you got it working and thank you @Rose for all your hard work supporting this mod!
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    Andytizer got a reaction from Rose in Halo: Reach, Halo 2 ultrawide cutscenes fix   
    I've posted a video demonstrating this very nice fix + some ultrawide gameplay: 
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    Andytizer reacted to killer-m in Stranglehold HOR+ FOV fix   
    To change hotkeys, open "patches\main.patch" file in the text editor.
    Сhange these values
    #bind [PRESSED:VK_F5]
    #bind [PRESSED:VK_F6]
    #bind [PRESSED:VK_F7]
    to the keys you want.
    Get virtual key code value from here - https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/openspecs/windows_protocols/ms-tvtt/261ddfb0-ce10-4380-9b7a-4b50f482b8ec
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    Andytizer reacted to Rose in Red Dead Redemption 2 ultrawide, multimonitor, FOV mod   
    Already updated!
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    Andytizer reacted to Wongmo in Red Dead Redemption 2 ultrawide, multimonitor, FOV mod   
    A quick heads up if anyone has issues in the chapter 2 mission "Exit Pursued by a Bruised Ego" (it starts off where you're taking a horse to sell at the market). The game kept refusing to load a cutscene once I entered the stables, not letting me move or do anything besides rotate the camera, forcing me to quit the game and restart it. After 4 reloads, I finally tried it without the ultrawide fix, and it worked.
    This game is super buggy right now, so that might not have been the issue, but if anyone else encounters the same problem, definitely try it without the fix for that portion.
    Edit: Thank you so much for your incredible quick work Rose! I just wanted to post this so that if anyone else has (or doesn't have) the same problem there we can find out if it's the issue. So to anyone else, if you made it through that mission using the patch without problems, please reply.
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    Andytizer reacted to Rose in Red Dead Redemption 2 ultrawide, multimonitor, FOV mod   
    Not according to what I've been told. I will certainly look into the issue later though.
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    Andytizer got a reaction from Lancasther in Octopath Traveler Ultrawide mod   
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    Andytizer reacted to Aemony in The Outer Worlds ultrawide & superwide mod   
    As the off-topic discussion have served its purpose and deteriorated past its relevance I've cleaned out the thread and locked it from further comments.
    The never-ending race between malware creators and anti-malware suites means that general-purpose legitimate tools and utilities that might enable nefarious purposes can and will eventually be used as such, which will understandably trigger a response from anti-malware suites. While some AVs might just flag an individual known file as malicious, others use more general-purpose detection patterns that gets triggered on all files based on that pattern, whether they're used for malicious purposes or not.
    To further complicate the matter, the last decade have also seen protection suites expand outside of their original intended use-case and started to flag other files that might be seen as inappropriate or unwanted, even if they might not be malicious to the end user per se. This can be from everything that might install ad software that runs in the background (often categories as "Potentially Unwanted Applications") or tools or utilities that allows the patching of another application (prime example being CheatEngine) as these might be in some cases used to allow the unauthorized or unlicensed use of an application.
    The recent events that resulted in the retirement of the dedicated Widescreen Gaming Forum (a community dedicated to improving widescreen gaming experience in games) is a clear example of how volatile and uncertain the situation have become.
    As a result PCGW can't ensure or guarantee the safety of community contributed files, and users downloading and making use of files does so at their own risk, per our disclaimer. As content on PCGW are community-created, what options are available (such as an easy-to-use tool or manual patching instructions) are up to community creators, and we welcome contributions from new as well as old community members. If anyone feels that they would rather make use of another method that's currently not documented, feel free to add it to the article for the game.
    Edit 2019-11-04: Comments have opened again as more than a week have passed.
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    Andytizer got a reaction from Rose in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night ultrawide, multimonitor, FOV, more   
    Really excellent work, very impressed you managed to create this hack so quickly! Can now play it on my 3440x1440 ultrawidescreen.
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    Andytizer got a reaction from dzemitro in Borderlands Configuration Editor   
    This particular software seems to be picked up by antivirus software for some reason.
    An alternative 'Borderlands Advance Settings' on this github may be a better alternative, as it has been updated more recently.
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    Andytizer got a reaction from SirYodaJedi in High Detail Mod for Jedi Knight DF2 & MotS   
    I have updated the comparison image slider and tidied up the formatting due to upgrade from IPB3 to IPB4.
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