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    Andytizer got a reaction from Rose in Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night ultrawide, multimonitor, more   
    Really excellent work, very impressed you managed to create this hack so quickly! Can now play it on my 3440x1440 ultrawidescreen.
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    Andytizer got a reaction from dzemitro in Borderlands Configuration Editor   
    This particular software seems to be picked up by antivirus software for some reason.
    An alternative 'Borderlands Advance Settings' on this github may be a better alternative, as it has been updated more recently.
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    Andytizer got a reaction from SirYodaJedi in High Detail Mod for Jedi Knight DF2 & MotS   
    I have updated the comparison image slider and tidied up the formatting due to upgrade from IPB3 to IPB4.