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  1. We have now engaged a very experienced MediaWiki developer who has done lots of work on familiar sites eg StrategyWiki, and we are looking at deliverables for the SSO fix in mid-November. However in order to implement the fix we must also upgrade MediaWiki. However in order to do this, we have to remove all the code related to SMW as this is no longer compatible with MediaWiki 1.35 on our setup. Therefore we hope that the volunteers working on SMW to Cargo migration are able to complete everything before the year is up, and we can implement the upgrade + SSO fix before the end of the year. Fingers crossed!

  2. PCGamingWiki are looking for a developer to help solve our login issues. Currently we operate an SSO login system integrating Keycloak, MediaWiki and IP Board. However, currently we have an issue on the MediaWiki side: logins are very slow and users are forced to log out after around 20 mins of inactivity.

    We are looking for a developer to build the integration between MediaWiki and oauth2_proxy [https://github.com/oauth2-proxy/oauth2-proxy], which should solve our issues.

    This developer should meet the following criteria:

    • Solid MediaWiki + PHP experience a must
    • Experience with OpenID Connect
    • Available to discuss on Discord

    We have access to funds and are happy to negotiate a paid contractual rate for this.

    Please get in touch with Andytizer#6342 on Discord to discuss further (preferred), or email andytizer@pcgamingwiki.com.

  3. I don't have an issue with acknowledging the existence of a widely distributed pirated copy of the game - as long as we don't directly link/promote it. The main reason we don't promote piracy is due to an abundance of caution and not wanting for PCGamingWiki to be 'taken down' by a rightsholder for whatever reason. Secondly, we promote the legal and fair way for gamers to acquire games, which we hope helps to promote a healthy PC gaming ecosystem. 

    Secondly if this was a key point, it can be removed - key points are deprecated (replaced by Introduction) and this sounds more like an "Issues fixed" as @Aemony suggests and where it has already been moved, and where it can remain even when you figure out the actual result.

    In the absence of any definitive proof it is worth opening a line of communication between @Expack3 and @Antrad eg PMs or on Discord, without slinging it in wiki edit wars or on forum posts - you can compare hashes and notes.

  4. nvidia-geforce-rtx-3070-3080-3090-30-series.jpg

    The events of the last year have been very tough for the entire world, but none have suffered more than the average PC gamer. Over the past 12 months we have seen PC gaming components like GPUs like the GeForce RTX 3070 rise exponentially in price due to the surge of cryptocurrency mining and price scalping, and this trend shows no sign of slowing down. Unfortunately our analysis shows that PC gaming will become completely unviable by 2022, with the price of a single average gaming GPU to exceed that of the US median annual salary in 2023. Once a PC gamer's components start to fail, it'll become impossible to replace one's CPU, GPU or motherboard or any other part, as PC gamers scavenge and compete for the last remaining working parts.

    gpupricing prediction.png
    *Prediction based on a fundamental misunderstanding of economics

    Traditionally PC gamers have been skeptical of gaming on Apple's line of Mac computers due to the perception that Apple computer design has favoured form over raw performance, and that games perform poorly on the Mac platform as a result. In addition, Apple computers tend to be relatively expensive and so it is no wonder that most gamers tend to gravitate towards the Windows operating system. Subsequently this is the reason that game developers have historically published their games on Windows rather than macOS.

    However this has now all changed - Apple's brand new ARM platform - the impressive M1 chip - signals a new era of gaming graphics performance that is set to overtake GPU performance of the average affordable PC desktop and laptop at a fraction of the price point, tipping PC gaming over on its head. The raw performance of the SoC M1, at a mere 10W of power, offers unparalleled performance rivalling high end CPUs, but also high end GPUs as well on a 20+ hour battery life.

    The M1 Apple silicon Mac linup: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, Mac mini, starting at just $699

    Not only is Apple's line of Apple silicon desktop computers some of the most powerful in this bracket, this lineup will also become the cheapest by mid-2021 and will become the ONLY viable desktop gaming platform by 2023. Our prediction shows that Apple computers will dominate the desktop market share within the next 12 months and that developers of AAA games will follow suit - porting their new releases onto macOS on a hypothetical successor to the M1 chip. This rumoured M2 chip will utilise 32 cores, 24 performance cores, 12 high efficiency cores, 64 GB RAM and will overtake in price and performance any close rival released by NVidia or AMD in the next decade.

    Can it run Crysis? This M1 chip can run this 14 year old game flawlessly!

    Therefore PCGamingWiki will respond to the new demand and refocus its attention onto Apple's ARM platform. We are excited to announce that we will be rebranding into AppleGamingWiki and we will solely focus on gaming on Macs, iPhones, iPads and Apple TVs. As of April 1st 2021, we will begin the process of removing redundant Windows/Linux game articles and retooling them into M1 ARM compatibility articles instead. Eventually we will move to the domain https://www.applegamingwiki.com - we hope you will join us there soon. 

    Here's a summary of some of the many changes you can expect to see going forward:

    • Rebranding of all logos from PCGamingWiki to AppleGamingWiki
    • Overhaul of System Requirements boxes to only support ARM devices
    • Transition to new AppleGamingWiki domain
    • Siri Integration for search and user PC upgrade suggestions
    • Removal of all Microsoft Store exclusive listings due to new contractual obligations
    • Retiring of all articles for games that do not support macOS Catalina (version 10.15) or newer due to shifting market trends


    We know that this change will come to a shock for some users, but we are taking actions to ensure that the transition goes as smoothly as possible; as such, logos will soon see drastic redesigns to better accommodate the Apple-oriented future of AGW.  We make this shift knowing that it will help us better reach our audience of gamers and truly capture the vision of a bolder and better future for gaming fixes. Let's fix Apple gaming!

    PS: This post is a joke, but the website is real! Visit https://www.applegamingwiki.com to help contribute to a new website dedicated to gaming on Apple's ARM platform.



    This is a post is a thank you to the community that makes PCGamingWiki happen.

    As in true PCGamingWiki style, we are giving out some presents right in the middle of our festive winter holiday. Spend wisely and I hope that you all have a good PC gaming winter break! Here's to 9 great years of fixing PC games.

    Dearest contributors - £10:

    • AlRayes_BRN
    • Baronsmoki
    • Cptmold
    • Jigen123
    • Marioysikax
    • Mastan
    • Nccvoyager
    • Rose
    • ShadowStealer76
    • SirYodaJedi

    For our Moderators - £25:

    • Aemony
    • Blackbird
    • Expack3
    • Garrett
    • Mirh
    • Snuxoll
    • Suicide machine
    • Vetle

    Extra special bonus for Aemony, Rose and Snuxoll of £25 extra each.

    If you feel that anyone else deserves a reward please send me a message.

    To claim your reward, please add Andytizer on Steam and send a PM on Discord if you haven't received anything yet. Bear in mind if we are not already friends, then you will have to wait 3 days in order for Steam trading to be enabled.

  6. GOG have invited PCGamingWiki to host a 'partner page', these are similar to ones featured here:

    We have been asked put our own partner page together including 30-35 games from the GOG catalogue. This will be promoted on the front-page of GOG and in their social media.

    My thinking is that we'll include games that are improved by our articles, for example:


    What do people think, and can everyone add some suggestions so that we can make 35 games.

  7. @Dandelion Sprout As Aemony mentioned we have a lack of manpower, so I invite anyone who has time to help create the Windows/Linux ARM properties. As a stopgap what you could do is create a manual table in say a new page like List of Windows ARM games. This will be a useful resource and once it is populated we can gauge the popularity and usefulness. Then, once the property is implemented we can port the manual list to the pages in proper templates.

    Thanks @Aemony for implementing the macOS ARM property, it is a good implementation despite your self-depreciation, as the new Mac ARM is basically incompatible with macOS/OS X games that are x32 so ARM feels like a very different playform anyway. I've just got my MacBook Air M1 and would be interested in beefing up our support pages for this. Could we make a 'List of games that natively support macOS ARM'. Also I am struggling to figure out which games are Rosetta 2 and which are native M1. For example I refer to this Google Sheet I found online, but this lists World of Warcraft being the only natively supported game (beyond other iOS games) - is this really the only one?

  8. Thanks for the responses all - 

    I decided to get Minecraft Java edition based on the responses here. However once I got to the website I realised I actually purchased Minecraft in 2014. However, I had never migrated my account to the newer Mojang account system and couldn't login or reset my password. I emailed support and chased several times - it took from August 27th to October 7th (41 days!) to finally get my account back. Obviously we live in strange times but 41 days is really really long time to be locked out of a game - especially one of the most popular games on the planet. 

    Anyway I'll try to report back to see what my son thinks of the game! Right now he's in the middle of a Plants vs Zombies 1 phase but will try to introduce Minecraft to him very soon.

  9. EA-Play-logo-1-1261x720.jpg

    EA Play is the new subscription service which replaces of Origin Access as of August 31, 2020. The biggest new change is that players now have a choice between subscribing to the service on either Steam or Origin.

    However the choice is nowhere near equivalent despite the fact that EA Play costs the same amount on both platforms: $4.99 per month / $29.99 per year. However there is a vast discrepancy between the numbers of games available for each:

    These figures constitute a drop of approximately 78% and the numbers are based on our tracking list of games on our 'Availability' table, which is subject to change. Furthermore these numbers will change in the future as games are removed and added to the service. EA state that EA Play Steam will be receiving these new games in the future:



    One might think that the remedy to this is to simply pay for EA Play on Steam and then switch to the Origin platform. However on the EA Play FAQ, EA state that the subscription service is exclusive to the platform being joined on. Therefore subscribing to EA Play on Steam won't transfer the same subscription to Origin (or any other console), see:



    The main issue with the marketing of EA Play is that the list of games available vastly differs based on the platform, console and even what country you are in - and there isn't a simple list to compare one set of games to the other. Instead the lists are presented as large thumbnails which requires the user to press 'Load More', which give the impression of a huge number of games. Better would be to list them in a clear table, as PCGamingWiki has done here, which makes it very clear that the much more cost-effective subscription is only available on Origin.



  10. LvNXk2LvkwfFxhgUk2j5WL.jpg

    I have never played Minecraft before but my son (8) is quite interested (spurred on by recent family Minecraft Dungeons sessions on the Switch).

    My son has a personal iMac 2012 which he uses for basic 'work' (Zoom etc). In the same room is an old HTPC attached to the TV (i7 920 with GTX 970). I have my Windows gaming PC and my wife's Windows gaming PC which is in our office, plus a bunch of laptops (MacBook Pro 2019, MacBook Pro 2011).


    • What edition - Bedrock or Java?
    • What's the best way to host the server, self-host locally on a single computer, or on a LAN or online? Pay for Realms?
    • Any tips or advice on how to get started?
  11. Does this help at all? https://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Topic:Qe11vb4856fnlpmh - seems an expensive way to check whether a subpage exists.

    I'd be happy for RGB middleware and everything to be grouped under this one section Third-party tools. If we have lots of RGB stuff then becuase it's one template, we could output to its own subsection of the table in the future, e.g. Tools, RGB, etc.

    Subpages and navigation, we'd need some subpages to exist first and to have some kind of prototype e.g. what is will a /Special K subpage going to look like?

  12. 1 minute ago, Rose said:

    What about cases like Rogue Company where you pay for beta access until the game becomes free-to-play?

    Yes I think that would be covered similarly to Chaosbane - it's sort of irrelevant whether it's paid/free-to-play - as long as it's publicly available in some form (i.e. any member of the public can 'play/pay/opt-in' like an alpha/beta/demo/trial/pre-release then I'd consider it 'First available' even if it's not meeting the publisher's arbitrary 'Version 1.0 Release Day' marketing term.

  13. On 6/9/2019 at 1:25 AM, Vetle said:

    "Date entered early access" is a bit specific, maybe "Date published" or "Date first available"? As this field is just usually the release date it should default to that. Might also account for games such as Fallout 4 that was released according to your local time zone -- Fallout 4 was first made available 2015-11-09 UTC, but the developer/publisher set release date is 2015-11-10, see https://i.imgur.com/p539rbe.png

    I am thinking now this could be adjusted to this new row:

    First available rather than Early access - this would cover:

    • normal 'Early Access' with a capital A games
    • situations like Chaosbane where there is pre-release window
    • games like Star Citizen which are kind of playable/purchaseable now even though there is no 'full release'
  14. Yes I like the look of this table and it would expand our reach substantially, happy for it to be implemented. I think it would be appropriate under 'Other information'.

    Subpages - these can be linked from the Notes section of this new table, eg Special K links to Final Fantasy V/Special K, but in addition I think they could have a more prominent established navigation on each game page.


    Navigationally, It would be interesting to to see something like this:

    - Article: collapsed box under Seriesbox that lists all Subpages
    - Subpage: expanded box which also contains link back to the Article

    I'd like to use a similar template to help tie up different Guide sections which is what I'd like to work on next, and separate fixes out of the maiin Article, e.g. Windows 10 and Windows 10/Fixes

  15. This looks really good @Aemony

    It would be nice to use a similar method to quickly prototype lists of other settings e.g. DLSS, Raytracing which it would be nice to track but not necessarily integrate into our templates until we know it's an established setting. I know @Garrett is developing an Advanced video settings section but even when this is done, it would be nice to link up the 'DLSS article' with the 'List of DLSS supported games' easily too through navigation.

    I am not opposed to dedicated subpages, as long as it is presented correctly in a clean prominent navigation template. For example, we could have a 'Glossarybox'/'Subpagesbox' or 'Relatedpagesbox' underneath the Infobox which would could link to Final_Fantasy_XV/ReShade or Final_Fantasy_XV/Special K and back to their respective articles. This same navigation could apply to other non-game pages and not just third-party tools e.g. Linking Vulkan and List of Vulkan games. This could include other subpages too if an article gets too long - for example Mods for GTA:SA

  16. Previously we had a general strategy of mutual linking but I think we are moving towards utility for the user.

    I think GameFAQs would make a good addition, as we also link to StrategyWiki.

    WikiData would also be good since the hard work of adding our property has already done by @Nicereddyhttps://www.wikidata.org/wiki/Property:P6337

    Just need to add the template rows in and someone with a bot can add all the data, any volunteers?

  17. chrome_8Vh3DLPQQY.jpg

    OpenMW, the free open source engine, has announced implemention of the compressed BSA format to support the games Oblivion, Fallout 3, Fallout: New Vegas and Skyrim. The modern BSA files can be loaded, but much work remains and we are still a long way off from being able to play through these games fully.

    It is incredible that so much progress had been made on this free open source engine and the possibilities are exciting. The engine, which was originally designed to re-implement and extend the 2002 Gamebryo engine for The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind, has now been ported to Android, to VR, and it even has a multiplayer fork called TES3MP. The implications of support for modern Gamebryo engine games are very interesting and could eventually see new VR implementations with crossplatform support. Perhaps one day support could extend to Creation Engine games like Fallout 4 and Fallout 76 and have them run on the macOS and Linux operating systems.

    Until more progress is made on development, you can check out some of the very interesting videos creating by developer cc9cii showing off the new BSA support:


    Fallout: New Vegas map running in OpenMW


    Skyrim map running in OpenMW


    Fallout 3 map running in OpenMW


  18. So just revisiting this again.

    Satisfactory released on Epic Games Store on May 19, 2020. However the release date on our wiki article is Windows: Early access - this doesn't really make sense to me - as this is more to do with Steam's Early Access.

    We also now have an Introduction template which helps to explain exactly what the history of the game's release date is.


    • Platform (Windows/Mac/Linux) release dates are the 'official' 1.0 date of release (unless they are still in Early access).
    • New row called Early access where the first version of the game is playable/purchaseable and is specifically not a demo.
    • Ignore any specifics about dates if it is within 7 days's margin of error.


    • Chaosbane released June 4th, ignore the fact that it was available to preorders on May 31st as it was within 7 days - this could be covered in Introduction.
    • Star Citizen has Early access row filled for the Hangar module on August 29, 2013. No Windows 1.0 release date, so Windows row states 'Early access'
    • System Shock 3 demo is not Early access, it is just a demo.

    Example for Satisfactory:


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