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  1. Proposal: Restructure articles with 'Overview' to replace Key Points, Essential Improvements, General Information Key points was designed to be a way to add statements that would be quantitatively verifiable and individually moderated easily. It occupies the top of the article and is the first thing visitors read when viewing an article - it implies that this is the headline top information. However it currently suffers from an issue where people fill out lines for the sake of having a line, and includes information that is far from ‘key’ eg {{++}} Game uses 7.1 audio. Or to include {{--}} negative points just to 'balance' out the top of the article, where it is not warranted. Secondly I would like to push PCGW to contain more Wikipedia-like information that is qualitative, with a focus on technical and quality of life information. Back in 2012, I was afraid we wouldn’t have the policies and manpower to correctly moderate large blocks of text. However I think we are in a good position to do this now with a healthy active moderation team. This would also vastly improve its 'SEO' quality and push PCGamingWiki articles from average slot of 11th space on Google to possibly the front page. This will attract visitors and editors and make the entire site more useful. Here's a draft General section example (no 2nd level header), that would go at the top of the page: General information - instead of a long rambling list of everything, we move this under the Infobox. Rename to "Support Resources". Remove things like wikis, official websites - this section should be for things like 'authoritative threads', forums, etc. where users can expect to find answers to technical questions about the game.
  2. Andytizer

    What's up with all the broken images ?

    Unfortunately a large batch of screenshots were corrupted a long time ago, and backups have been overwritten. We have spent a long time trying to figure out what went wrong but in the end, the original files are lost and need to be recreated sadly. Some more detail here: https://trello.com/c/hxagMLOA/94-some-old-images-are-corrupted We will be making a project and having people recreate/resubmit screenshots. Our future systems will be more robust.
  3. Reviews are a very important part of 'discovery' of what game to play. How much more useful would our lists be if we could filter or sort by Metacritic score? Metacritic includes the Critic score which tends to be fairly static after release. There is also the User Score which tends to fluctuate a lot, even years after release, or is subject to review bombing. I would be happy to include both. Potentially, Metacritic scores would sit inside the Infobox, with a link directly to the relevant Metacritic page. The values themselves could be gleaned from Wikidata, or another automated method, or could be entered manually. I am also open to alternative review aggregators and am open to suggestions.
  4. Andytizer

    Borderlands Configuration Editor

    This particular software seems to be picked up by antivirus software for some reason. An alternative 'Borderlands Advance Settings' on this github may be a better alternative, as it has been updated more recently.
  5. Andytizer

    Proposal: Automatic notes about VirtualStore

    Great! Thanks Garrett, great work.
  6. @Expack3 Thanks for your feedback, I am open to suggestions for codifying 'Essential' mods. For example Kotor 2 - the Restored Content Mod is 'essential' - you would be 'missing out' if you didn't install it. Yet we also have this list of Steam graphical mods - but most of these I would call non-essential. The only one I think is 'important' is the quality of life fix to make the game appear correct for widescreen - the Widescreen UI fix Any suggestions on how to codify this?
  7. Andytizer

    Proposal: Genres and Modes

    Thanks for input all - I believe from the Discord discussion there is a huge amount of difficulty with binding 'Modes' with actual tables - so I think we will drop this idea and focus on the Modes and Genres themselves. There's been some input from MobyGames and WSGF and I think I will spend some time suggesting a structure from the top - and then we can discuss the individual merits and definitions more clearly.
  8. Andytizer

    Proposal: Genres and Modes

    In the beginning, PCGamingWiki shied away from including classification of games because we were focused only on fixes - we weren't interested if a game was a 'third person shooter' or a 'first person shooter' - we just wanted FOV fixes, widescreen fixes, etc. However I think things could be improved - taking a queue from Wikipedia: Modes: Firstly with the way the tables work, some genres don't require 'FOV' fixes for example 2D games. Or an 90s adventure game doesn't need an 'Inverted Y-Axis' option etc. A mode property would allow us to restrict certain tables so that this makes more sense. This would include things like: VR, 2D, 3D, 1st person, 3rd person, touchscreen, VR etc. Furthermore, in the future we could use this to categorise other features like microtransactions, lootboxes etc. Genres: Genres are a great way of listing games. We could make lists of Puzzle games on Uplay, RPGs fan translated into Russian, etc. How great would it be to see all the Local co-op games that are 2D rather than 3D (my wife can't play 3D games as she gets motion sick!). In terms of implementation, this could sit in the proposed Overview section as well as the Infobox itself.
  9. Andytizer

    Proposal: Metacritic or equivalent

    Individual reviewers might write reviews with a political stance, however aggregators like Metacritic and Opencritic normally contain a balance of different opinions. PCGamingWiki is politically neutral, however this shouldn't stop us from balancing this with new features and to make a better resource for PC gamers. For example Wikipedia PC game articles including a Reception section citing reviews or review aggregators doesn't necessarily compromise its neutrality. Users can choose to ignore review scores on this website if necessary. I am open to Metacritic, OpenCritic and any others. However Metacritic has a lot of old games where OpenCritic doesn't. I am also open to Steam reviews however the issue becomes how to keep these up to date. It also may stabilise due to changes being made to the Steam review system: https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/valve-takes-steps-against-steam-review-bombs/
  10. Andytizer

    Proposal: Genres and Modes

    For anyone who is following, we are collating Modes and Genres in this page and will eventually introduce definitions: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/List_of_game_modes_and_genres
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    [Automated] This discussion has concluded and a verdict has been reached. If this is not the case and there are still matters left undiscussed please contact a member of staff to get the topic reinstated.
  12. Andytizer


    Many thanks to Garrett for the use of Garrbot and deprecating the SysReq template in favour of the System Requirements template. I'm wondering if anyone else can think of any mass edit type actions that the wiki could benefit from?
  13. Andytizer

    Digital distribution template

    [Automated] This discussion has concluded and a verdict has been reached. If this is not the case and there are still matters left undiscussed please contact a member of staff to get the topic reinstated.
  14. Andytizer

    Digital distribution template

    These stores need work: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Category:D ... stribution Individual store pages are great because each store has their unique quirks (e.g. Amazon.com digital games can be bought from any country, you can activate Ubisoft games on Uplay using a hack, etc.) However, we should try to standardise some of the information, by implementing a new table - e.g. Template:Digital Distribution Table Some things to checklist: central client - does it have a client for buying? patching - automatic patching? standalone installers - does it offer as an alternative? international/regional - can you buy or activate the games from another country? Interested in hearing what else would be involved.
  15. Andytizer

    Add Early Access Date as well as Release Dates

    This is interesting - I don't see why we couldn't do this, we could also have a counter to show how many days a game is/was on Early Access before being released. It's a good indicator of the development cycle of a game e.g. Star Citizen.
  16. Andytizer

    Proposal: Xbox Game Pass + Xbox Play Anywhere property

    [Automated] This discussion has concluded and a verdict has been reached. If this is not the case and there are still matters left undiscussed please contact a member of staff to get the topic reinstated.
  17. Xbox Game Pass - this is the subscription service for Xbox One + PC. PC games are currently limited but is going to grow with plenty of exclusives including the first official release of a Halo FPS since Halo 2 - Halo: Infinity. It would be helpful to have a property so that we can build a proper list (instead of this manual one: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/List_of_games_on_Xbox_Game_Pass) Xbox Play Anywhere - also a property to show cross-platform Xbox purchases - so that we can standardise this notes field. This isn't 100% identical to the Windows Store property, but will have a lot of overlap. Thoughts - advantages/disadvantages?
  18. Andytizer

    Proposal: Xbox Game Pass + Xbox Play Anywhere property

    Marking this topic as completed thanks to Aemony's hard work! Tables now looking very tidy.
  19. Version 2


    Without the patcher, black bars display for ultrawidescreen displays. Instructions: 1. Extract the file using 7-Zip: https://www.7-zip.org/ 2. Copy the corresponding resolution patcher 3. Paste the patcher inside the Steam installation folder of Devil May Cry 5 (<Steam-folder>/steamapps/Devil May Cry 5) 4. Run patcher, press Start and then press OK. 5. Select the correct resolution in-game. Source: http://www.wsgf.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=95&amp;t=33038&amp;start=30 Note: the hosted version is the 'steam' version of the patcher, not the Denuvo-free version which is hosted on WSGF.
  20. Andytizer

    Proposal: Xbox Game Pass + Xbox Play Anywhere property

    Yes this is very interesting.. this could work especially if we have more subscription services come about - however it is very unlikely that one game would appear in multiple services at the moment. To be more concise, ideally the info should be in the 'Notes' field of the Windows Store row - is this impossible? Same with Origin.
  21. Andytizer

    Proposal: Xbox Game Pass + Xbox Play Anywhere property

    Rumour is that Xbox games will have a single binary that runs on Xbox/PC, making this property even more important:
  22. Andytizer

    Proposal: Xbox Game Pass + Xbox Play Anywhere property

    Yes this makes sense to put as a Windows Store property. Not sure about the UWP as a separate platform.
  23. Andytizer

    Demo hosting

    Most hosts are acceptable as long as the content is verified as not containing viruses/malware. I have no qualms with uploading demos to PCGW as you have been doing, we are not currently hitting any practical space limits.
  24. Andytizer

    Slow Windows load even with SSD

    Do you have fast startup enabled/disabled? Try toggling it. I would personally just buy a new SSD and install fresh Windows on it to check whether there's a hardware issue as well.