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  1. Survival sim Symmetry is free on GOG.COM for the next 48 hours. Users can claim the game by clicking on a banner on the front page and then try to survive after their spaceship crashes on an abandoned frozen planet. The giveaway ends on April 5th, 1pm UTC. This weekend we also have a lot of award-winning games on sale, including Kingdom Come: Deliverance (-50%), Chernobylite (-30%), Frostpunk (-60%), Darkwood (-60%), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - Game of the Year Edition (-70%), Torment: Tides of Numenera (-75%), and more.
  2. We have a big announcement. For the past few years, we have been trying to find ways of improving our user experience, learning from where our friends in the PC gaming space have succeeded and failed. At the end of the day, we are just gamers. Our wiki platform has simply grown far too complex and confusing to our staff and editors to use, and our templates are now impossible to understand or even modify. Therefore after eight long years, we have made the momentous decision to shut down PCGamingWiki. In its place, we have decided to go back to our gamer roots and the days of yore with a classic, and more importantly much easier to use, web forum. We are excited to announce that we are relaunching as PCGamingForum, a brand new forum that will continue our goal of helping users find PC game fixes. Our unique approach will succeed where all others have failed with our unique forum policies: To prevent out of date information being posted and 'necroposting', all threads will be locked after 2 weeks. Once a user has found a solution, simply reply to the thread 'Nvm I fixed it' and the thread will be automatically locked. Other users can also respond with their solutions - if you come across a game that works for you, just reply saying 'No problem here, it worked for me'. If you don't have a solution simply use one of our stock responses: 'Don't know, sorry', 'Format and reinstall your OS' or 'Have you tried Googling it'. If no one has told the opening poster to update their drivers, please remind them to update their drivers. We encourage our users to share their fixes privately, simply write: "If you want the fix PM me". When describing a problem, please do not list system specifications, these take up too much space and can be intimidating for new users. Fixes can come in any form - video tutorials made in Windows Movie Maker, links to compromised phpBB forums, Google Translated foreign language websites, archive.org mirrors, etc. anything goes! If a link to a fix is dead you should still link it, you never know if the website might come back online in the future. We should really learn to be more patient. To incentivize the publication of fixes, all file links must now be sent through AdF.ly link forwarders. All files must be in multipart .rar archives that are randomly password protected, and must be hosted on 1Fichier or MegaUpload. For more information about how your account will migrate to the new platform please check here for more information.
  3. For some time we have been developing a new PCGW Account Single Sign-on (SSO) system makes use of Keycloak and allows a single account to login to Wiki (MediaWiki), Communty (IP Board) and our Sidewikis. For many months users could choose to login using the PCGW Account or the native logins for the Wiki and Community sites. You will now notice that the PCGW Account is the only way to login as we have now disabled the native logins. The PCGW Account was expertly put together by our server administrator Snuxoll, and all credit goes to him for suggesting and executing this new system. It finally puts to rest the rather poor system 'SSO' system we previously used 2012-2018 which caused us ever increasing issues as time went on. Here are some more details: FAQ can be found here. New Account Management links on the Wiki sidebar and the Community navigation tab. New ticketing system in place - if you need account support please email help@pcgamingwiki.com. Alternatively join us on our Discord server and ask for help in the #support channel.
  4. Icon of Sin level I always thought was a very cheap way of structuring a final boss. I am still really surprised no one has modded freelook into the game yet, it has been out for a while!
  5. After running Half-Life: Alyx wirelessly through the Oculus Quest, I've realised that a lot of the latency is probably generated by the encoding/decoding of the stream rather than my 5GHz wifi. Also I'd like to be able to play more games at 3440x1440 at 75Hz without turning down the resolution or using resoluition scaling. I also figure it's time to upgrade as my PC is nearly 7 years old. This is a good time to do it as I have a lot more free time due to the quarantine, but it's also a really bad time due to supply chain disruptions in China caused by the coronavirus. I am currently running: i5 4670K 16GB DDR3 ASRock Z87E-ITX Zotac 1070 8GB I am happy to spend quite a lot to get a high end setup to replace the CPU/Mobo/RAM. Is it worth going AM4 eg R7 3700X now, or is there something around the corner I should be waiting for?
  6. Bethesda appear to have accidentally released the DRM-free exe of Doom Eternal on the Bethesda.net store according to this post on /r/CrackWatch. Within the game package was an exe file which had the Denuvo-free exe. Bethesda have now patched the exe file with the correct Denuvo DRM.
  7. The new Doom 64 (2020) port releasing later today (bundled as a pre-order with Doom Eternal) is the first commercially licensed port of Doom 64 on PC. Interestingly the Doom 64 (2020) port has full mouse support, but does not allow looking up or down, which is a feature most PC gamers might expect in a modern game. However the original Doom 64 (and also Doom and Doom II) never supported full vertical mouselook. The game would automatically send bullets and rockets up or down if the monster was above or below your gun. Before this new Doom 64 (2020) port, PC gamers made do with the very polished unofficial port Doom 64 EX, which added support full vertical mouselook and has options like y-axis inversion and even the option to bind a key to 'jump'. Purists might think that using vertical mouselook detracts from the way the game was designed to be experienced. By taking full vertical mouselook control, it makes the game somewhat easier to play for some modern gamers, but also harder to hit some vertical shots as your 'autoaim' is taken away. Furthermore modern features like jumping were never intended to be used by the game and map designers, potentially breaking aspects of the level design (in a different port). This is a fascinating discussion about purism and modern quality of life fixes in PC gaming. Early id Software games like Doom and Quake had notoriously poor default controls, which made it extremely hard to strafe and shoot at the same time. When WASD and mouselook became more commonplace, these games became substantially easier to play too - did a control scheme break the game? It goes to show that one of the main strengths of PC gaming is that there are multiple wasy to experience the game (although one must note that Doom 64 EX requires the extra legally dubious step of acquiring the original Nintendo 64 ROM). No doubt some enterprising modder will add a jump and completely full mouselook support to Doom 64 (2020) and satisfy both sides of the argument. What do you guys think - is it right not to include mouselook and jumping in Doom 64 (2020), or should it have been added as an option by the developer? Doom 64 was originally developed by Midway Games rather than Doom developers id Software. It was released on Nintendo 64 in 1997, around the same time Quake was transforming first person shooters and online multiplayer on the PC. The new Doom 64 (2020) port was developed by Nightdive Studios in their Kex Engine.
  8. I've taken the feedback into consideration and I think we should move ahead with implementing review aggregation with the major websites on our articles. I acknowledge that no aggregation system is perfect (and indeed many are politicised) but it is a service that is useful for our readers and does more good than harm. It will allow us to create tables where users can quickly glance to see whether a game is rated well by 'critics' - this is useful to see whether or not you agree with the way that the scores are aggregated or the way the reviews are written. I would like to go with what I see are the 3 major players - Metacritic, OpenCritic and IGDB. Taking Deus Ex: Mankind Divided as an example for our Infobox_game template - this information can be displayed like so below the Release dates in the Infobox: Here are the properties as I see them: Metacritic |metacritic = deus-ex-mankind-divided Link translates to: https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/deus-ex-mankind-divided |metacritic_score = 83 OpenCritic |opencritic = 1812/deus-ex-mankind-divided https://opencritic.com/game/1812/deus-ex-mankind-divided |opencritic_score = 81 IGDB |igdb = deus-ex-mankind-divided https://www.igdb.com/games/deus-ex-mankind-divided |igdb_score = 83 It would be good to have feedback on implementation, choice of aggregators etc. (rather than 'whether we should do it' - this has been decided).
  9. Steam stats show that the number of concurrent logged in users has now exceeded 20 million. The all time highest number for Steam at the time of writing is now 20.3 million users which ocurred on Sunday March 15th, 2020. This comes as no surprise as lockdowns continue to be announced worldwide with more and more people staying at home due to Covid-19. Not only this, but the Steam userbase continues to grow, and certain Steam games like CS:GO also achieved its all-time concurrent player peak of over 1 million this Sunday.
  10. GOG.com's Spring Sale begins March 16th, 2pm UTC and lasts until March 30th, 2pm UTC. Here are some of our recommendations: Stranglehold - 10% off XCOM 2 - 75% off Blade Runner - 10% off Fallout 3 - 60% off Mortal Kombat 1 2 3 - 75% off
  11. XCOM 2 is now available on GOG.com DRM-free with a special 75% discount lasting until 30th March 2020, 1 PM UTC. Apart form the base game, also XCOM 2's DLCs receive special discounts until 30th March 2020, 1 PM UTC. During that time, if you buy all the XCOM 2 titles, you will receive an additional 51% discount on the whole bundle.
  12. This software looks like would be an ideal local software companion to PCGamingWiki. However as it stands, there are too barriers to entry for the average user. Firstly the fact that there is a cost at all will mean you won't get the adoption or numbers you need to incentivise you to maintain this going into the future. Secondly we as a community need to know it'll be maintained for years to come, and it either needs to come from a very established team or it needs to be open source so that others can use it in the future. Thirdly one developer can't maintain fixes for all these games and needs a critical mass of users to contribute constantly and I think it's only posible if you make it free an open source. To make monetisation work I suggest ads/Patreon - look at SideQuest or GameSave Manager for good examples of this kind of model.
  13. After months of teasing, Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, dropped today on Steam and the Microsoft Store and Xbox Game Pass for PC. This release is the second part of the the Halo: Master Chief Collection remaster following Halo: Reach's release in 2019. Be sure to check out the main Halo: Master Chief Collection article for information on video settings and quirks of this release.
  14. New GOG.com policy now allows users extended refund rights to their games, check out this new FAQ with all the details. Some excerpts: It looks as if this process is not fully automated and requires individual contact with GOG.com customer support. Interestingly there is no specified 'time limit' to how long a game can be played for before it can be refunded (unlike Steam which has an automated 2 hour gameplay limit before the refund requires support to intervene). Hopefully people won't abuse the generosity of GOG.com's policies.
  15. Sorry you are experiencing issues. Moving the community site to DigitalOcean is on the to-do list!
  16. Fallout 76 is coming to Steam on April 7, 2020. The game has been exclusive to the Bethesda.net platform since release on November 19. 2018. The release coincides with a new free expansion pack Wastelanders, which brings fully voiced NPCs to the game as well as other new content. Here is some information about how the Steam/Bethesda.net content will work:
  17. GameSave Manager is a good tool for automating symlinks. I've done this before symlinking save paths to a cloud service like Dropbox - you could easily set this up to work on a NAS. I've always found things went wrong though (conflicts, game not detecting symlink correctly etc), so I'm not sure it's a long-term solution. If your connection to NAS dropped in the middle of the game and it stopped saving properly, I'd be very annoyed! Better to use a cheap local drive in my opinion, storage is so cheap these days.
  18. MacOS and Linux support being dropped is expanded in this statement:
  19. Firstly PC gamers do check our articles to research before they buy a game to make sure it meets their criteria before making a purchase, e.g. support for ultrawide, controller, inversion, type of DRM, etc. we are just expanding this. Secondly there's nothing to stop us competing with Wikipedia. Our articles are more relevant to PC gamers than Wikipedia which is bogged down by multiplatform information, plot synopsis, reception/reviews, awards etc. Also many PC games especially indie ones don't have Wikipedia articles because they are not 'notable' enough. Proposed introduction section is still heavily focused on on technical and quality of life issues - my drafts so far provide bare minimum in terms of gameplay/genre - even less than a typical bloated MobyGames entry. I've begun drafting a template here for changes to the Introduction using your feedback so far: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:Editing_guide/Introduction
  20. Yes I take your point @Mirh let's begin drafting this and get the ball rolling. General information/key points is going to be phased out and replaced by several things including a fully prose introduction. Ideally Community might be a section underneath this. This is what I think it can potentially look like: Introduction (no header - all prose separated as paragraphs) [Genre and gameplay] [Port history] [Key information] (main issues and improvements) ''Community'' (bolded) [Links in a column - official forums Steam reddit NexusMods very large communities] [Community current state including modding] - prose For example - Skyrim is has one of the large PC modding community which is spread between NexusMods and the Steam Workshop, with a vast array of content mods such as Falskaar and quality of life mods like SkyUI and SKSE. Notes: We need criteria for notability and ranking - we should limit it to say, 2-3 communities We should determine a criteria and ranking - the most popular and most unique should be featured Move official website into infobox (like Company pages) Make new templates for linking to reddit, Steam etc. (like we do with Wikipedia) so that it shows a favicon/logo for contrast/ease of use Interested to hear your thoughts, and then we can implement them into a sample page. Some months ago I drafted this, but needs work and to decide an actual 'formula' so that it can be applied to every article.
  21. More information can be found on their support page, where they cheerfully state that most offline features will continue function as normal for macOS and Linux users. The move to drop support for macOS and Linux is most likely to do with the fact that Epic acquired Rocket League developer Psyonix in 2019, and the fact that Epic Games Store does not support macOS or Linux.
  22. I would like to invite community to predict what major PC gaming changes will happen over the next decade, please comment below if you have any thoughts. My own predictions are rather dour, I can see the 'end of PC gaming' as we currently know it will happen at some point in the future, but will it happen in this decade or in 50 years from now? Current year 2020: Microsoft releases Xbox Series X and xCloud. Sony releases PlayStation 5. Future: Microsoft Xbox sales higher than Sony PlayStation spelling the beginning of the end of Sony’s gaming division. Xbox Game Pass and xCloud merge to become thede facto game subscription system on their unified console/PC platform. Steam release Steam Cloud, a desktop streaming service where you can play all your Steam games streamed directly from their content delivery network ala Stadia. It becomes a popular option for PC gamers that competes with Xbox Game Pass. Stadia shuts down in 2023 due to lack of consumer interest which is overshadowed by Xbox Game Pass and Steam Cloud. Microsoft release Xbox Series X Desktop, a new hybrid console and light PC that runs Windows X, a stripped down Windows OS that can only play Xbox games and run Microsoft Store apps and OneDrive/Office 365 and is designed to be used with keyboard, mouse and monitor. The next Xbox ‘console’ will run Word and Excel and kids will get them to do homework on. At the end of the decade, light PCs emerge as the dominant new product range in general - with locked down operating systems and heavy cloud integration but with good enough gaming capabilities. Think Chromebooks but with passable GPUs and frictionless access to game streaming services and cloud services. PC hardware begins to become relegated to enterprise and hobbyist pursuits. DRM like Denuvo becomes less relevant as games and consumers move to convenient subscriptions or streaming services. Game ownership question becomes far less important to gamers (see what happened to ‘music ownership’ once Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube became popular). PC games become far more consumable, one-time use products and general users stop caring as much about game preservation. Ultrawide resolutions rise from <2% to 25% adoption rate due to popular use in enterprise, replacing the 16:9 aspect ratio. 4K adoption languishes as computing performance begins to plateau and convenience of streaming takes over where 4K streams are heavily compressed. Oculus releases another all-in-one successor Oculus Quest 2 and discontinue all other product lines ie Oculus Rift. Overall sales of VR games still do not dominate. VR games will only peak at up to 20% of the market, and it will be focused on the all-in-one product line and not PC VR. Despite the short term success of Half-Life: Alyx, Valve Index sales slump and Valve step out of production of VR hardware due to low sales ala Steam Controller but still push SteamVR as the platform neutral choice. Third parties still compete on low cost VR headsets but Oculus Quest 2's Android platform will be the de facto place for VR gaming.
  23. Congratulations to Terry Cavanagh who has released the source code for VVVVVV on the game's 10th anniversary. This was made possible with help from PCGamingWiki supporter Ethan Lee, who also helped to create the The Big List of DRM-Free Games on Steam. Official announcement: http://distractionware.com/blog/2020/01/vvvvvv-is-now-open-source/ Source code can be downloaded here: https://github.com/TerryCavanagh/vvvvvv The LICENSE.md gives more information on how the source code can be used: https://github.com/TerryCavanagh/VVVVVV/blob/master/LICENSE.md
  24. We are happy to announce that we have implemented MobyGames integration into our wiki articles now. This will allow quick access to MobyGames' vast database of video game information. The new parameter can be added as follows into the standard infobox template: |mobygames = witcher-3-wild-hunt See the result of this in the small whale icon at the bottom of the infobox on The Witcher 3 article. You can see some of the background to this discussion to adding MobyGames in this thread:
  25. Andytizer


    Because we are heavily basing our Taxonomy on that of MobyGames, I've decided to implement MobyGames linking. My hope is that once PCGamingWiki becomes big enough MobyGames will feel obligated to link back to us! We will sort out implementation of this very soon, I have yet to receive an API from MobyGames. Here is the relevant discussion on taxonomy if anyone is interested:
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