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  1. I can't believe Super Monkey Ball has never come to the PC before, especially considering Sega have done a good job with PC ports lately of their Japanese games. Console release date is October 29th 2019, hopefully we'll see the PC version come out around the same time.
  2. The people who made this change.org petition to release Tetris Effect on Steam are gonna be seriously disappointed!
  3. 90 FPS is such an arbitrary cap, it's not like there are any monitors that run at 90 Hz. At least cap it something sensibile like 120 Hz or 144 Hz.
  4. The actual trailer and gameplay for this looks fantastic. I don't fancy doing another playthrough of SC1 but it looks like such a fresh coat of paint:
  5. Many thanks to @Aemony and Kaldaien for organising linking back from the Special K mod to PCGamingWiki, you can see this in action in Octopath Traveler version of the mod. I like to think PCGamingWiki is more in the 'Computer' section of the bookshop rather than 'Self-Help' section :D.
  6. I'm quite a big fan of Attack on Titan and really enjoy the anime. I've been keeping my eye out on the PC game for quite a while, however it is quite clear that they are taking the piss with the pricing model for this game. Some background: Attack on Titan 1 was released in August 2016. Attack on Titan 2 was released in March 2018. AOT1 does get 50% sales every now and then. However, from what I've read, AOT2 is basically AOT1 with some additional content (and some first person character changes) and makes AOT1 completely redundant. Furthermore AOT2 is basically full price game (£54.99) with the only sale being August 2018 (30% off on Steam) thus far. On July 5th 2019, they have just released AOT2 DLC called 'Final Battle' which basically covers the entire 3rd season anime content. It's being sold for an eye watering £34.99, which is virtually a 'full priced' game in and of itself. Of course as PC gamers we expect deep discounts every now and then but we are certainly not entitled to them. If Koei Tecmo want to never deep discount then that's perfectly within their remit. However this pricing structure is basically taking the piss, the cost for the full experience on Steam are: AOT 1: £49.99 AOT 2: £54.99 Final Battle DLC: £34.99 Total: £139.97 If you bought AOT1, AOT2 and the DLC - this in total might make up the content of 1.5 of a 'full' game.
  7. Classic games The Lion King (1994) and Disney's Aladdin (1993) have been delisted from Steam without so much as a word. Thankfully GOG.com have given a short warning of just over 24 hours in this forum post announcement : Another Disney game, The Jungle Book, has been delisted from Steam but still available from GOG.com - who knows if more Disney games will be delisted in the future?
  8. I'm not 100% convinced that the PC Digital Download logo means Epic but it certainly looks really similar.
  9. I ended up getting a GTX 1070 Mini from Zotac - I initially purchased for £299.99 but then it dropped down to £249.99 which was incredible value. However it's still not quite driving 3440x1440 as well as I'd liked, in Apex Legends it doesn't quite hold 75FPS on medium settings at 3440x1440. I'm probably expecting too much from a sub-£300 card, and I'm already keeping my eye out for an upgrade! GPU prices are still insanely high though.
  10. I am currently running: i5 4670K 16GB DDR3 ASRock Z87E-ITX GPU: Asus 970 Strix 4GB Monitor: Acer XR341CK - 3440x1440 Freesync monitor at 75Hz So I upgraded my monitor from 1080p to a Freesync 3440x1440 after I built the PC in around 2014 - the 970 card never quite cut it at that new high resolution. Since then I've been thinking about getting a new GPU that's faster and supports Freesync. However I'm not sure which one I should get especially as there's some new Nvidia drivers, and new AMD GPUs too. I'm thinking of spending around £300-400 - I just want something good for 3440x1440 gaming and good value for money. On Amazon I can get a 1070 Ti for £309.99 which seems like a fantastic deal. Or possibly a Vega 56 for £380 new on Amazon too. I was wondering what people thought!
  11. @BloodTiger has kindly uploaded his autosave disabler here: I'm unsure how this could be added to the main wiki page as I haven't played the game and not sure what disabling the autosave achieves exactly: https://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Need_for_Speed_(2016)
  12. I suppose it's good that a backlash has achieved the desired result, I can't imagine a 'better' outcome even if the publisher never really cared beyond the backlash.
  13. Twitter user @JackoMako51 has found mentions of "RDR2_PC_Accomplishments" and other mentioned of Red Dead Redemption 2 in the code as part of the Rockstar Games Social Club, see this tweet: No one is really surprised that Red Dead Redemption 2 is being ported to PC, given that Grand Theft Auto V is one of the highest selling games on Steam. However we still await to hear exactly which platforms it will be available on and whether Rockstar will follow suit and release on Steam or make the game exclusive to other platforms.
  14. Andytizer

    Proposal: Add Communities Sub Section

    PCGamingWiki in 2012 was initially envisioned as a technical-only website providing only quantitative data on fixes, and we have been strict on enforcing this for the last 7 years. Partly this was to keep our concept pure and make it easy to attract new editors. Another reason for this was being somewhat unsure of how we could moderate qualitative content - we already have substantial amount of arguments and edit wars about fairly straightfoward technical things! However there is nothing in about 'PCGamingWiki' which limits itself to only fixes - we can potentially cover anything useful to the average PC gamer. In our Discord chats, I am always amazed about the amount of information about games that we collectively know and discuss, but cannot fit into our narrow single-row settings templates. There are plans in the future to expand our remit substantially to cover more qualitative content and become more of a one stop shop for everything PC gaming. This is likely to include a Community section somewhere on the page. This probably won't be at the very top, but would be slotted in between other future headers - like 'port history', 'engine', 'reception', 'gameplay', etc. As with everything on PCGamingWiki, changes like this need to be done over time, as each policy has ramifications over all 37,000 of our current articles. However a Community section, and other sections are on our radar. I believe that eventually becoming the 'one stop shop' could catapult PCGW as the #1 resource for everything PC gaming - potentially even the top search result for every PC game. This in turn will expand our editor base substantially, making it possible to finally have the manpower to fix every single PC game, past and future.
  15. Andytizer

    What's the origin of your name?

    Andytizer - back in primary school, no one could pronounce my surname Tsai. It's actually a very common surname in Taiwan, but it's spelled a bit oddly in the romanisation of Chinese sounds in the UK. In Cantonese, I would be called 'Choi'. Anyway kids at school started calling me Tizer, after the softdrink.. and that kind of came together with my first name to become the online handle 'Andytizer'. I'm going to guess a few others: JRWR - I already know this one, he can tell you himself Newmansan - obviously this is a reference to Seinfeld, the avatars speak for themselves - but how did the -san suffix come about? Garrett - this is either your real name, or a reference to Thief
  16. Andytizer

    Apex Legends Season 2 launches July 2nd

    I admit I am currently playing a lot of Apex Legends (nearly 200 hours) and bought the Season 1 pass which I'm very happy with! Looking forward to the map changes and the new legend.
  17. @Jinx It looks like the Grid view will show all portrait tiles. Under the Games view if you right click an item and click Edit, you get this menu: This is a general game view: There's also a List view:
  18. Andytizer

    What's the origin of your name?

    Are those two random names Cpt + Mold as in Captain Mold? Also what about the origins of your Discord name? 🖥️🐢
  19. PC gaming has had its ups and downs and has seen constantly evolving threats over the years. In the early days of PC gaming, piracy was a major concern that represented an existential threat to PC gaming, driving game developers to release on locked down consoles or create complex DRM or activation systems. Later, we had more extreme and frustrating forms of DRM like SecuROM and Games for Windows Live, as well as very poor console ports which made it seem like the PC release was an afterthought. However I believe that since around 2004 - the last 15 years represent a golden age in PC gaming. This includes the rise of Steam and digital distrubtion, the MMO and the MOBA, and creative games like Minecraft and the peak of the Battle Royale genre which all started out on PC. The way we PC game has remained fundamentally the same this entire time - we build our PCs with motherboards, processors, keyboards and mice, and installed one of the many operating systems. Maybe we experimented with new controller types - a flightstick, an Xbox 360 controller or maybe we immersed ourselves in VR. At one point we bought games using floppy disks or DVDs, these days we buy keys and add games to our Steam accounts. However it seems that at the end of 2019, we are entering a new turning point: the rise of the cloud streamed game, which threatens this entire way we've been playing games on PC. We have all seen this before with OnLive back in 2010 which didn't garner much interest and was a resolute failure. And there's also PlayStation Now which doesn't really have as much interest as you'd expect with Sony backing it. But the latest effort with Google Stadia is fundamentally different because there is so much more momentum behind it from publishers and developers, and the technology and broadband speeds are there to make it viable for much more people now where it wasn't viable in 2010. When I watched the Google Stadia announcement stream I had a lump in my throat - is this the beginning of the end for PC gaming (and PCGamingWiki?) After all, if games are all streamed, then there's be nothing to fix, right? This new streaming platform, and others like them, are completely hardware agnostic - Google Stadia can be played just as well on a smartphone or on a high-end PC. If it's successful and becomes mass market, it'll mean developers will shun the PC in favour of Google Stadia, which means that PC gaming may decline and this could be the end of what we know as PC gaming. And yes, we can play Google Stadia games on a PC, but is it PC gaming as we have known it for all these years? And it Google Stadia fails, will xCloud be there to pickup the reins, is streaming technology going to inevitably make PC gaming obsolete? What do you guys think?
  20. Blade Runner (1997) is the classic PC game from the developers Westwood of Command & Conquer fame. The studio was eventually acquired by Electronic Arts and the subsequently shuttered down. It's no surprise that a movie licensed game from a collapsed studio under Electronic Arts has no modern digital distrubtion to speak of, however we hope that it one day appears on GOG.com or Origin. Therefore if we have any hope to have the game running on modern systems, we rely on the hard work of developers like the ScummVM team to make sure these games work and are preserved for future generations. ScummVM has been around for years allowing modern computers and devices to play classic LucasArts adventure games like Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle. In more recent times, ScummVM has expanded compatibility to many non-LucasArts games like Beneath a Steel Sky and 7th Guest. If you are lucky you may have the original 4 CD release of Blader Runner lying around (mine is in the attic in my parents' house), and if you do you are in luck. You'll need to make copies of files from all 4 CDs and place them into a folder. Then download the latest development build of ScummVM and load up the game. In addition to compatibility fixes, there are options to add subtitles and also 'restored content' mode. I did have a try running the game, and was extremely impressed at how well it worked everything worked, but did experience several crashes. Be aware that the game is not fully supported by ScummVM and is really more of a test, and the ScummVM team are looking for help chasing bugs. Here's the news post from the ScummVM website. For our up to date fixes article please check the wiki article for Blade Runner.
  21. Andytizer

    What's the origin of your name?

    Resurrecting this thread to tag some people who haven't replied and also some new editors too: @Aemony @Garrett @Vetle @Expack3 @Rose @SirYodaJedi @Blackbird @Cptmold @Silent @Nccvoyager Plus anyone else is free to tell us their nickname/internet handle history 🙂
  22. This particular sports game is really huge on PC at the moment - I'm sure it's much smaller relative playerbase than on console but 20k concurrent players is really a lot of people: I also hope advertising doesn't become a trend. However it seems we are moving more and more towards games like these becoming F2P/service games where it'll be easier to maintain large multiplayer communities by keeping the game free/low price, and to recoup money via ads/services/microtransactions.
  23. It was bizarre - I downloaded the game on my iPhone and loaded it up, entered my Steam details, went through Steam Guard - had to visit my password app and my email. Tried out the game, not played auto chess before. Then afterwards I got some messages from friends - apparently I was ‘spamming’ logging in and out of the game. I had no idea online/playing status was also being tracked on mobile, and perhaps multitasking on iPhone was causing me to sign in and out. Weird!
  24. Yes I forgot that Steam refunds kind of went hand in hand with Steal flash sales disappearing. Net positive though!
  25. Steam are planning something new with the Summer Sale 2019, here's the announcement: Steam trading cards have been a staple of the Steam Sale since first introduced in 2013. Valve have always tweaked how sales work and how to keep people engaged over long periods of time. For example Valve introduced a daily/flash sales only to disable them in 2015 - some have speculated that this changed consumer behaviour and actually increased total revenue over the entire sale period. The Steam Summer Sale is rumoured to begin 18:00 British Summer Time on June 25th, 2019 (13:00 ET, 10:00 PT), and will most likely end July 9th, 2019.