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  1. Andytizer

    What GPU should I upgrade to? (Nvidia 970 GTX)

    Just looking at Ray Tracing - doesn't seem worthwhile.
  2. Andytizer

    What GPU should I upgrade to? (Nvidia 970 GTX)

    Thanks - it saddens me that Nvidia cards have better computational power per £ at the moment, and the 1070Ti is at a great price point. I've just ordered a 1070Ti for £299.99 from Amazon. However, now that the 2060 GTXs are in the wild for a similar price (lowest at £330 new) I'm in a bit of a bind and not sure whether to refund and switch!
  3. Andytizer

    CSS fixes

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  4. Andytizer

    PCGamingWiki Server Administrator Job

    [Automated] This discussion has concluded and a verdict has been reached. If this is not the case and there are still matters left undiscussed please contact a member of staff to get the topic reinstated.
  5. Andytizer

    What GPU should I upgrade to? (Nvidia 970 GTX)

    I think you are probably right - the 1070Ti at £309.99 is too good a deal for £ per performance. It’s a shame AMD aren’t competitive in this particular space at the moment.
  6. Andytizer

    High Detail Mod for Jedi Knight DF2 & MotS

    I have updated the comparison image slider and tidied up the formatting due to upgrade from IPB3 to IPB4.
  7. Andytizer

    Unreal Test

  8. Details here: http://forums.qhimm.com/index.php?topic=18549.msg260839
  9. I am currently running: i5 4670K 16GB DDR3 ASRock Z87E-ITX GPU: Asus 970 Strix 4GB Monitor: Acer XR341CK - 3440x1440 Freesync monitor at 75Hz So I upgraded my monitor from 1080p to a Freesync 3440x1440 after I built the PC in around 2014 - the 970 card never quite cut it at that new high resolution. Since then I've been thinking about getting a new GPU that's faster and supports Freesync. However I'm not sure which one I should get especially as there's some new Nvidia drivers, and new AMD GPUs too. I'm thinking of spending around £300-400 - I just want something good for 3440x1440 gaming and good value for money. On Amazon I can get a 1070 Ti for £309.99 which seems like a fantastic deal. Or possibly a Vega 56 for £380 new on Amazon too. I was wondering what people thought!
  10. Andytizer

    PCGamingWiki Server Administrator Job

    After a long search, multiple high quality applicants and several interviews later, we have finally hired a new server administrator. Please give a warm welcome to snuxoll, who will be managing our servers from here on out. Going forward we have several projects in the mix, and snuxoll will be implementing new SSO system for wikis/forum in place using Keycloak which we will be testing later this month. Thank you for all the applicants that applied. However due to the quantity and quality of applicants who applied, I'm afraid that not everyone was able to be replied to. And also a heartfelt thank you to Max, the previous server administrator, who has provided many years of server administration as well as content, and is moving on to bigger and better things. Here's to another year of fixing PC games!
  11. This is a big thank you to the community who make PCGamingWiki work - the editors! Who can believe that we are 6 years old now? We are giving away Steam Gift Cards to members who have provide great contributions to PCGamingWiki over the last 2 years (since we last did a big anniversary celebration). The following will receive a £25 Steam Gift Card: Aemony Blackbird Expack3 Garrett (£50) Jigen123 Marioysikax mirh Pridit Silent SirYodaJedi Suicide machine ThatOneReaper Vetle If you are on the list please accept my Steam friend invitation as I'll be sending the gift cards through there. If you feel like there's a notable member who go missed out and deserves recognition, in the shuffle please contact me on Discord and also add me on Steam. Technically the website was founded slightly later in the year, but I've brought this forward because Steam Gift Cards are best spent at the Steam Winer Sale, which is due to start today. Merry Christmas! And thank all of you for bearing with my absence over the last year. I would like to let everyone know that I have returned to active admin duties and will be overseeing PCGamingWiki's development going forward. We are things in the pipeline, including hiring a new server admin, creation of a new screenshot comparison tool, an improved blog format (coming soon), more community features and articles. And one of the major projects I hope to achieve in 2019 will also be a wiki article overhaul. Exciting stuff ahead. Here's to another year of fixing PC games!
  12. Most games don't utilise one of the greatest assets unique to the MacBook - the excellent trackpad. In most games moving the trackpad or two-finger gestures are restricted to 'zoom' functions. However I've noticed that in some games e.g. Baldur Gate Enhanced Edition, the trackpad's two-finger gesture functions as a proper scroll. This is great because with the maps being zoomed way out (due to the high resolution) it's an ideal way to zip around the map quickly. It's a shame that the new set of Infinity Engine style games (Torment, Pillars of Eternity) don't use the trackpad nearly as well!
  13. Andytizer

    Test - Far Cry 5

  14. Andytizer


  15. Andytizer

    Cowboy game in the early 90's

    You'll have more luck posting here: https://www.reddit.com/r/tipofmyjoystick/