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  1. Sorry you are experiencing issues. Moving the community site to DigitalOcean is on the to-do list!
  2. Fallout 76 is coming to Steam on April 7, 2020. The game has been exclusive to the Bethesda.net platform since release on November 19. 2018. The release coincides with a new free expansion pack Wastelanders, which brings fully voiced NPCs to the game as well as other new content. Here is some information about how the Steam/Bethesda.net content will work:
  3. GameSave Manager is a good tool for automating symlinks. I've done this before symlinking save paths to a cloud service like Dropbox - you could easily set this up to work on a NAS. I've always found things went wrong though (conflicts, game not detecting symlink correctly etc), so I'm not sure it's a long-term solution. If your connection to NAS dropped in the middle of the game and it stopped saving properly, I'd be very annoyed! Better to use a cheap local drive in my opinion, storage is so cheap these days.
  4. MacOS and Linux support being dropped is expanded in this statement:
  5. Firstly PC gamers do check our articles to research before they buy a game to make sure it meets their criteria before making a purchase, e.g. support for ultrawide, controller, inversion, type of DRM, etc. we are just expanding this. Secondly there's nothing to stop us competing with Wikipedia. Our articles are more relevant to PC gamers than Wikipedia which is bogged down by multiplatform information, plot synopsis, reception/reviews, awards etc. Also many PC games especially indie ones don't have Wikipedia articles because they are not 'notable' enough. Proposed introduction section is still heavily focused on on technical and quality of life issues - my drafts so far provide bare minimum in terms of gameplay/genre - even less than a typical bloated MobyGames entry. I've begun drafting a template here for changes to the Introduction using your feedback so far: https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/PCGamingWiki:Editing_guide/Introduction
  6. Yes I take your point @Mirh let's begin drafting this and get the ball rolling. General information/key points is going to be phased out and replaced by several things including a fully prose introduction. Ideally Community might be a section underneath this. This is what I think it can potentially look like: Introduction (no header - all prose separated as paragraphs) [Genre and gameplay] [Port history] [Key information] (main issues and improvements) ''Community'' (bolded) [Links in a column - official forums Steam reddit NexusMods very large communities] [Community current state including modding] - prose For example - Skyrim is has one of the large PC modding community which is spread between NexusMods and the Steam Workshop, with a vast array of content mods such as Falskaar and quality of life mods like SkyUI and SKSE. Notes: We need criteria for notability and ranking - we should limit it to say, 2-3 communities We should determine a criteria and ranking - the most popular and most unique should be featured Move official website into infobox (like Company pages) Make new templates for linking to reddit, Steam etc. (like we do with Wikipedia) so that it shows a favicon/logo for contrast/ease of use Interested to hear your thoughts, and then we can implement them into a sample page. Some months ago I drafted this, but needs work and to decide an actual 'formula' so that it can be applied to every article.
  7. More information can be found on their support page, where they cheerfully state that most offline features will continue function as normal for macOS and Linux users. The move to drop support for macOS and Linux is most likely to do with the fact that Epic acquired Rocket League developer Psyonix in 2019, and the fact that Epic Games Store does not support macOS or Linux.
  8. I would like to invite community to predict what major PC gaming changes will happen over the next decade, please comment below if you have any thoughts. My own predictions are rather dour, I can see the 'end of PC gaming' as we currently know it will happen at some point in the future, but will it happen in this decade or in 50 years from now? Current year 2020: Microsoft releases Xbox Series X and xCloud. Sony releases PlayStation 5. Future: Microsoft Xbox sales higher than Sony PlayStation spelling the beginning of the end of Sony’s gaming division. Xbox Game Pass and xCloud merge to become thede facto game subscription system on their unified console/PC platform. Steam release Steam Cloud, a desktop streaming service where you can play all your Steam games streamed directly from their content delivery network ala Stadia. It becomes a popular option for PC gamers that competes with Xbox Game Pass. Stadia shuts down in 2023 due to lack of consumer interest which is overshadowed by Xbox Game Pass and Steam Cloud. Microsoft release Xbox Series X Desktop, a new hybrid console and light PC that runs Windows X, a stripped down Windows OS that can only play Xbox games and run Microsoft Store apps and OneDrive/Office 365 and is designed to be used with keyboard, mouse and monitor. The next Xbox ‘console’ will run Word and Excel and kids will get them to do homework on. At the end of the decade, light PCs emerge as the dominant new product range in general - with locked down operating systems and heavy cloud integration but with good enough gaming capabilities. Think Chromebooks but with passable GPUs and frictionless access to game streaming services and cloud services. PC hardware begins to become relegated to enterprise and hobbyist pursuits. DRM like Denuvo becomes less relevant as games and consumers move to convenient subscriptions or streaming services. Game ownership question becomes far less important to gamers (see what happened to ‘music ownership’ once Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube became popular). PC games become far more consumable, one-time use products and general users stop caring as much about game preservation. Ultrawide resolutions rise from <2% to 25% adoption rate due to popular use in enterprise, replacing the 16:9 aspect ratio. 4K adoption languishes as computing performance begins to plateau and convenience of streaming takes over where 4K streams are heavily compressed. Oculus releases another all-in-one successor Oculus Quest 2 and discontinue all other product lines ie Oculus Rift. Overall sales of VR games still do not dominate. VR games will only peak at up to 20% of the market, and it will be focused on the all-in-one product line and not PC VR. Despite the short term success of Half-Life: Alyx, Valve Index sales slump and Valve step out of production of VR hardware due to low sales ala Steam Controller but still push SteamVR as the platform neutral choice. Third parties still compete on low cost VR headsets but Oculus Quest 2's Android platform will be the de facto place for VR gaming.
  9. Congratulations to Terry Cavanagh who has released the source code for VVVVVV on the game's 10th anniversary. This was made possible with help from PCGamingWiki supporter Ethan Lee, who also helped to create the The Big List of DRM-Free Games on Steam. Official announcement: http://distractionware.com/blog/2020/01/vvvvvv-is-now-open-source/ Source code can be downloaded here: https://github.com/TerryCavanagh/vvvvvv The LICENSE.md gives more information on how the source code can be used: https://github.com/TerryCavanagh/VVVVVV/blob/master/LICENSE.md
  10. We are happy to announce that we have implemented MobyGames integration into our wiki articles now. This will allow quick access to MobyGames' vast database of video game information. The new parameter can be added as follows into the standard infobox template: |mobygames = witcher-3-wild-hunt See the result of this in the small whale icon at the bottom of the infobox on The Witcher 3 article. You can see some of the background to this discussion to adding MobyGames in this thread:
  11. Andytizer


    Because we are heavily basing our Taxonomy on that of MobyGames, I've decided to implement MobyGames linking. My hope is that once PCGamingWiki becomes big enough MobyGames will feel obligated to link back to us! We will sort out implementation of this very soon, I have yet to receive an API from MobyGames. Here is the relevant discussion on taxonomy if anyone is interested:
  12. So this is the first step in broadening the scope of the wiki, which will only help PC gaming users and give more options. We already track multiplayer types, eg local co-op. Genres will help us do cool things like make a list of Puzzle games that support 4K and controller, or a list of First person shooters with high frame rate support, etc. Each article will end up being a balance that covers technical fixes as well information for the general user. At the end of the day the technical fixes side will be the main part of the site and I won't force anyone to moderate/edit the broader more Wikipedia-like side of the site either :).
  13. I am resurrecting this project and plan to implement changes by Christmas time. I have created a new channel in our Discord called #projects where we can discuss and implement ideas more quickly.
  14. We are about to turn 8 years old, and we have achieved a hell of a lot in 2019. This is a post is a thank you to the community that makes PCGamingWiki happen. As in true PCGamingWiki style, we are celebrating early by giving out some presents right as Steam's winter sale begins. Spend wisely and I hope that you all have a good PC gaming winter break! Here's to 8 great years of fixing PC games. For our Editors - £10: AlRayes_BRN Baronsmoki Cptmold Hawaii Beach Jigen123 Marioysikax Mars icecream Nccvoyager Nicereddy Rose Silent SirYodaJedi For our Moderators - £25: Aemony Blackbird Expack3 Garrett Mirh Snuxoll Suicide machine Vetle Extra special bonus for Aemony, Rose and Snuxoll of £25 extra each. If you feel that anyone else deserves a reward please send me a message. To claim your reward, please add Andytizer on Steam and send a PM on Discord if you haven't received anything yet. Bear in mind if we are not already friends, then you will have to wait 3 days in order for Steam trading to be enabled.
  15. Today kicks off the Epic Games Store - Holiday Sale 2019, which will take place from December 19th - January 1st. There is a FREE $10 coupon that can be picked up from the Epic Games Store here - this coupon can be applied to any future game that is worth over $14.99 until May 1st, 2020. Use it right now in this epic sale. Remember to use the 'Creator Tag' PCGAMINGWIKI in order to help us out, we'll receive a percentage of the sale. Epic are also giving away one game per day for the entire sale period. Today's game is Into The Breach - redeem this by the end of tomorrow to keep forever and check in again to see the next new free game.
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