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  1. Sometimes names just stick and it's easier just to keep it the same :D.
  2. Andytizer - back in primary school, no one could pronounce my surname Tsai. It's actually a very common surname in Taiwan, but it's spelled a bit oddly in the romanisation of Chinese sounds in the UK. In Cantonese, I would be called 'Choi'. Anyway kids at school started calling me Tizer, after the softdrink.. and that kind of came together with my first name to become the online handle 'Andytizer'. I'm going to guess a few others: JRWR - I already know this one, he can tell you himself Newmansan - obviously this is a reference to Seinfeld, the avatars speak for themselves - but how did the -san suffix come about? Garrett - this is either your real name, or a reference to Thief
  3. I'm actually in the middle of writing something for RPS for this weekend, so that front is covered. It'll be worth going back to Kotaku and Destructoid I suppose, as they have written about the site before when it was just started.
  4. Can anyone find a way to fix the template? An alternative may be to fix up a new template just for Blizzard store links - but this isn't an elegant solution.
  5. PCGW: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/The_Banner_Saga I'm totally addicted to this game at the moment. At first glance the game is deceptively simple, but after playing for 15+ hours I've seen so many tactics and nuances to the game, it's very fun. Almost every match I've had has come down to 1v1 to the last slithers of health.
  6. Thanks for the work on this Garrett.
  7. Thanks Garrett this looks great, really appreciate the work you've done on this. I realize now that having 2 links is redundant (and will always be, no need for granularity here). Could we replace: widescreen_wsgf_link = multimonitor_wsgf_link = with a single link, e.g. wsgf_link = I acknowledge our CSS is a big mess! Ideally the CSS and images and everything would get fixed all together at some point in the future, perhaps when we are 'feature complete' and we can just focus on good content..
  8. What's the title and which one should we use? It's damn confusing. Here's the Wikipedia entry: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARMA_2 We are currently using ArmA II - but this looks like a stylized title. Official website names it Arma 2, http://www.arma2.com/agegate/agegate.html
  9. Hey Garrett this looks really amazing thanks so much for the work you've done on it :). It looks fantastic. I am hoping that someone can do a couple of cosmetic tweaks to the Video Settings template please. I've also attached an image with diagrams to what I think should be changed. 1) Native column spacing not quite centred - there is a spacer there.. can it be removed? 2) icon sizes need to be slightly smaller to match other icons (later we can redesign them as they aren't clear at that size) 3) total column width doesn't quite look right, should be 100px
  10. I would like to go with Garret's idea unless anyone has major reservations. This would involve editing this template: http://pcgamingwiki.com/index.php?title ... ction=edit We would have to make sure the two columns are added in gracefully and are backwards compatible with the old template too. This is quite a complex task, it would be worth making a sandbox copy of the Template and playing with it. If worst comes to worst and no one can do it, I will call in our MediaWiki ringer Masked Turk who is a god at parser functions and CSS. Here's an example of new entries: widescreen_wsgf_award = A/B/limited/unsupported widescreen_wsgf_link = http://www.wsgf.org/dr/dmc-devil-may-cry/en multimonitor_wsgf_award = A/B/limited/unsupported multimonitor_wsgf_link = http://www.wsgf.org/dr/dmc-devil-may-cry/en
  11. I've re-enabled this, let me know if it looks okay.
  12. I would like to create a few icons to make it more clear what general information is out there. As a principle, General information should contains the biggest forums, and possible links to specifically very helpful threads or resources to getting the game running. We have: {{mm}} - generic icon We could also have icons for the most common forums: Steam Discussion Steam Power User Forums Origin Forums We could draw these in from the latest favicons from these sites.
  13. Can you send screenshots please, I can't see the issue. I've tested it fine on some Windows XP, 7 and 8 on all 3 browsers, no problems on my end.
  14. It looks like if the Tweet button loaded correctly, then it would align horizontally correctly too. Does the Tweet button load on other pages? I disabled the social bar for IE because of a bunch of display issues, but it's working for IE10 and up I think.
  15. I decided to put the Humble Bundle initiative on hold so that we can regroup and get more momentum when the next Humble Indie Bundle gets released. I'm wondering what we should cover next so that we can push our users to help out. Some ideas: Help pages - needs drastic work to make sure everything is up to date, including mission statement, sample article, etc. Guides - these need a good look. Includes 'gaming glossary' which also needs plenty of work.
  16. Can you take a screenshot and show what browser/OS you are using?
  17. Updated the Home page with the suggestions, happy to make more changes if necessary.
  18. I think it's pretty clear that we can use his information (but obviously not copy things word for word):
  19. This looks good Soeb, I'm happy with this implementation. I wasn't so sure about moving from 'Account unlock' to DRM column, but it does make some sense. I think that a blank in the DRM column should mean 'no additional DRM'. I was thinking that a 'DRM-free' icon could indicate that an EXE can be downloaded and launched without an additional client. This would mean Fallout on GOG.com is DRM-free, but not on Steam (even though on Steam, you can launch it without the client, but you need Steam to download it in the first place. Maybe it could say 'DRM-free installer' or 'DRM-free DL'. Any thoughts?
  20. I agree. The main reason for adding the Recently edit articles page was to clearly signpost that we: a) support PC gaming as a multi-OS environment b) signpost the fact that we have 'guides' available for common PC issues Do people think it has a value? Or we can ditch it. I intend to implement the page sometime today once I've fixed some CSS issues.
  21. Thanks this sounds great - TweakGuides are an excellent source of information for many PC game fixes. I am planning at some point to completely redo our 'manual' pages. This includes.. our: How to research fixes (TweakGuides should be included as a source) Mission statement Guide to editing (covering templates) Style guide (writing style)
  22. I think perhaps it would be a good idea to stick with the Wikipedia standard of Month DD YYYY. Originally I implemented DD Month YYYY as I felt this made the most sense, but it's probably better to go with the 'majority' view in this case/ Also I'll be moving this thread into the 'Improvements' forum.
  23. I've made a change to Home/Recently edited2 to looks like this: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Home/Recently_edited2 - I plan to refine it a bit later. Does it function okay or should I switch to 2 per row instead. I'd also like it centred as well (when it splits into 2 rows) but I can't seem to get it to work. Also there is some weird behaviour with switching from tables to divs. If anyone can do a 'How to help' logo that would be amazing. My photoshop skills are very poor.
  24. Traffic and contribution levels have been excellent for the site over the last 2 months. In fact, the Kickstarter seems to have brought about a renewed interest in the project. However, it's always good to try and reach out even more. After all, the more people who know about it, the more potential editors we'll get. What we've done.. game giveaways forum linking comment linking RPS The Fixer column Kickstarter tweeting TotalBiscuit Would love to hear any more ideas if you've got any :).
  25. I've been mocking up some Home page changes: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/User:Andytizer/Sandbox This was based on some feedback by Nicereddy: viewtopic.php?f=6&t=94 Would appreciate some feedback on a new layout regarding anything from spacing, colours, layout, etc.
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