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  1. Andytizer

    Looking Forward towards 2013

    For everyone's information, I've added the BBcode for Youtube videos so you can add them in like so: [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6W1Nmm6rjho[/youtube]
  2. Andytizer

    Main Page Layout Suggestion

    Thanks for the feedback. hungry_eyes is doing some general concept work for the home page - the main barrier to implementing this is having a good css person to help with coding it. I'd also love to find ways to add new features, such as Top 10 Steam games. The 'social' and 'did you know' sections are both kind of filler and repetitions of other areas, and I would go one step further and say they can be removed in the next redesign. The Kickstarter I am quite proud of. I'd like to keep it on as a badge of honour like they do on FTL's website: http://www.ftlgame.com/ The 'recent changes' box - this has been on the front page since the beginning pretty much, and it would be a bit weird to see it go. But I'm happy to open it up to opinions from other people. Maybe we can open it up to a poll in the future.
  3. Andytizer

    Looking Forward towards 2013

    I have an enormous backlog (I haven't even finished New Vegas or Mass Effect 3 yet), but I'm looking forward to: Zeno Clash II Loved the art style and world of the first game, even though the gameplay was difficult and the controls weren't great. South Park - The Stick of Truth Obsidian game. Trailer looks awesome. I hope it stays on track for early this year (dependent on THQ's financial status) Bioshock Infinite Obviously :).
  4. Andytizer

    Poll: Advertising for logged in users

    I've trialled the logged in/out states for ads for a few days. What I've found is that the change in revenue has not been enough for us to warrant the change. Therefore, logged in will now disable ads. Enjoy!
  5. As you may know, we rely on ad banners in order to pay for hosting costs. If you are logged into the site, ads are disabled, which is a gesture of thanks to our generous wiki editors who contribute their time and effort into making PCGamingWiki the success that it is. Recently, we received some advice and a number of suggestions about re-enabling our ads for users who are logged in. This would help generate additional funding for the site, which could be used for future business needs such as the creation of an advertising fund, adding to the game review code fund, or contributing to our eventual move to a dedicated server. I've placed up a poll, the results of which may determine whether or not we re-implement the ad banners. Please discuss below if you have any comments.
  6. Andytizer

    Big Logo

    I will probably revert a bunch of the sidebar changes later today - the large sidebar is annoying me :D.
  7. These are excellent fixes - we should make a stutter article which includes these and also address microstutter in dual-sli rigs.
  8. Andytizer

    Big Logo

    I adjusted the logo size to accommodate a 160x600 banner on the left. I'll be making some more spacing adjustments with the sidebar to make it more compact. I've fixed the white spacing as well I think.
  9. Andytizer

    Happy New Year!

  10. Andytizer

    Wiki homepage redesign project

    Thanks so much for this, I am stupid and missed this in the PHPBB documentation I was looking at. Edit: feed is updated now to show most recently updated threads.
  11. Andytizer

    Wiki homepage redesign project

    This is very cool: http://pcgamingwiki.com/images/4/4f/TestTwitterfeed.png as is this http://pcgamingwiki.com/images/6/63/Tes ... topics.png However we have a problem in that the format of what we get is hugely dependent on the way RSS feeds are parsed on MediaWiki. For example on the PHPBB feed - the current implementation is very basic - we use a third party RSS embedding tool to parse the feed and insert it into MediaWiki - there's no way to seperate the title/forum name/author out of the feed unless we build our own RSS feed parser which is beyond my ability. For example the feed for PHPBB is here: feed.php?mode=topics - it doesn't even update or push up when there is a reply unfortunately. I have a feeling that we will need to look at the tech and programming side before we can make this homepage look better.
  12. Andytizer

    DOS game OS categorisation

    I am happy to expand all of our categories tom include DOS and other operating systems as necessary. I was hoping to get a more holistic approach to getting all new categories put in, and to have these built into our templates. For example, having 'Steam' in our availability table could also include the Steam category. We could include all stores and unlocks like GamersGate, Greenmangaming, Amazon.com, etc. I'm not exactly sure where to draw the line. There's also the suggestion to include issues unresolved as a category as well (built into a new Fixbox template). Interested in hearing what you guys think about how many categories we should have.
  13. We are currently experiencing some problems, please bear with us whilst we try to fix them. Affected sites include PCGamingWiki.com and FTLWiki.com.
  14. Thanks for updating the page both of you. I may make it a rule on this forum to add the fix to the relevant PCGW page. :P
  15. Andytizer

    Wiki homepage redesign project

    Looks good :). Let's hope Masked_Turk has some time to work on css sometime?
  16. Andytizer

    The Universe Project

    This seems like a really unrealistic project. A game world as big as Earth.. no mention of any kind of gameplay features at all, how people will connect, etc.
  17. Andytizer

    Hotline Miami

    I just managed to finish this game after 3 short sessions. Definitely an extremely fun and gory game, and it makes my top 5 of the year. Here's a very interesting video about some of the themes of the game and an examination of the fourth wall breaking plot:
  18. If someone would like to be amazing then they could take some of this info from this Prototype Wikia page and reformat it to our standard on the PCGamingWiki prototype page.
  19. Andytizer

    Poll: Advertising for logged in users

    With 8 votes in, it seems pretty unanimous. I'll be making a change in the template in the next few days. Thanks for the feedback everyone.
  20. Andytizer

    Poll: Advertising for logged in users

    For the last month, only 46% of total pageviews are loading ads at all (this is by comparing AdSense stats with Analytics stats). I am guessing this is mostly due to adblockers, but a proportion will be because people are logged in and not being served any ads.
  21. Currently there is an issue where logging in using Steam OpenID will not generate an email address or a relevant password. This is currently being looked into. The Steam OpenID interface options have been taken down until this issue is resolved.
  22. Video settings template: http://pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Template:Video_Settings We would like too add additional icons under the 'native' column checkbox to show WSGF's standards for Widescreen and Multi-monitor support. These can either be 'Gold', 'Silver' or 'limited' (currently this is a plain grey icon). We might need to create new icons to fit into our template, or simply adopt their grading scheme: A - Gold B - Silver C - Limited
  23. So this is an area I'd like to deposit some of the information and research I've discovered whilst using customising the use of MediaWiki and PHPBB. Embed PHPBB RSS into MediaWiki RSS feed embedding extensions for MediaWIki are not well maintained. A much more reliable method is to use htmlets extension (which securely allows htmlets) and to use a piece of javascript to embed the RSS feed. Then you can use CSS to style the the output to fit into MediaWiki extension. To embed the latest PHPBB feed into MediaWiki, I used the service RSSinclude to created a PHPBB feed of the latest topics. To customise the line-height, I added the code to Common.css: #rssincl-box-602233 p{ line-height:1.0; } Embed MediaWiki Recent Changes RSS into PHPBB I used the feed RSS2JS to generated a feed based on MediaWiki's Recent Changes. I inserted the generated code into the overall_footer.html template file for Prosilver theme, so that it appears on every page. It's not really good practice to style in-line, but I found it a lot easier: The column-count css hacks make the content appear in 3 columns on Firefox and Chrome and webkit browsers. Sadly IE does not yet support flowing columns. Recently edited wiki pages
  24. Andytizer

    New forums

    New forums are now up thanks to the tireless work of JRWR, who has managed to allow PCGamingWiki accounts to log into the forum. In the future, we'll have shared sessions (meaning that logging in/out of PCGamingWiki MediaWiki will also log in/out of the forums). Will keep everyone updated on this. The old forums are now deprecated. Feel free to continue discussions in this forum or individual article talk pages. Let me know if there are any features or layout changes that you'd like for this forum.
  25. Andytizer

    Obligatory Indie Bundle thread

    I picked up Humble Indie Bundle 7, really looking forward to playing Legend of Grimrock once I get the time.