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    I don't think so as the hack tool designer already told that it will be viewed by antivirus software as a virus. Since it hacks assembly code in memory, it will always be viewed by some as at least a hacking tool and reported so. Your best option is to set an exception in your anti virus software.
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    GRIS ultrawide & multimonitor fix

    This is amazing, thank you! Gris ultrawide is absolutely mesmerizing.
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    Death Stranding ultrawide fix + FOV changer

    Working on 5120 x 1440 (option 2) and removed the zoom on cutscene (option1). Amazing work as always. Thanks
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    Zach Fett

    Destroy All Humans! FOV changer

    Why is your font so horribly small. Look at Rose's profile, she's legit and has released a ton of FOV and ultrawide fixes for games. They usually come up as false positives, because like it says below the instructions, "All trainers based on CE components may trigger some anti-virus software".
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    I can't imagine the Epic version being different but the conflicting with other mods is a possibility. The script is still working fine on my end today.
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    Destroy All Humans! FOV changer

    This works on the Steam full game too ... thank you Rose!
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    Silent Hill 3 PC Fix by Steam006

    for me, it doesn't work, now my Windows 10 even says that there is a virus or unwanted file in the dllinjector.exe. Without these files, SH3 load fine, so the problem is not with the game or my system
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    Silent Hill 3 PC Fix by Steam006

    the fix doesn't work for me, I copied all 4 files in the game's directory, launched dllinjector.exe and both processes (dllinjector and sh3) are running in the background (task manager) but nothing happens, the game doesn't load. Without all these widescreen fixes, the game loads fine and i can change the resolution without issues in the options.
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    Are you sure this doesnt contain virus? My protection program wont run it bec ause it says it has virus in it.
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    You sure this doesnt contain virus? My virus blocking program refuses to let me launch the mod because it says it has virus in it.
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