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    In my opinion the news section should be more focused on what this Wiki is like fixing games, compatibility issues and that kind of stuff. For example in the past few weeks new versions of nGlide, dgVoodoo and DosBox has been released, I think stuff like that deserves some attention, since these and other tools are very important for many games and you wont see mainstream media cover this stuff. Another example is Microsoft shutting down their games servers that were used on Windows 7 which is now causing serious issues for W7 users like some random games not starting and rundll.exe stressing their CPU. Here is a discussion about it on GOG. I think stuff like that are perfect for website like this to cover. https://www.gog.com/forum/general/old_games_not_launching_and_eating_100_of_the_cpu_on_windows_7/page1 These are some recent examples that I can think of.
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    Today, Retroarch, one of the most popular emulation programs, has been announced to be receiving a Steam release on July 30th. Retroarch is a modular program, essential a front-end for individual emulator programs referred to as “cores”. This allows emulation for a multitude of consoles (ranging from the Atari 2600 to the Nintendo Gamecube). Seeing Retroarch receive a full Steam release is unexpected, mainly due to the general perception of emulation being correlated with software piracy. Regardless, it is a welcome addition, and perhaps could lead to more legitimatizing press for emulation. The most interesting news to accompany the Steam release comes from the announcement, stating: Who knows what sort of Steamworks functionality awaits Retroarch as the release becomes more polished.
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    An emulation program coming to Steam? This is actually a pretty big step into normalizing emulation. People think of it as piracy only because they don't understand what it is. Once you put it out on center stage on a trusted platform, then people might start to take notice, and look into it. Though, this can bring up the problem with copyright holders, and if they see these programs as an attack on their rights, so putting something like this on Steam might also be a bad move. We'll definitely have to see where this goes, hoping for the best.
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    The mystery that is Japanese PC ports.
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    In 2000, Windows Millennium Edition (known as Windows Me) was released. The operating system was bundled with a series of games, known now as Microsoft Internet Games. Composed of five games, Internet Backgammon, Internet Checkers, Internet Spades, Internet Hearts, and Internet Reversi. The biggest feature of these games was the ability to play these games with other users over the internet. While primitive compared to modern online gaming, it was one of the first introductions to online gaming for many users. Today, it was announced that the servers for Microsoft Internet Games for Windows ME and XP will be shutting down on July 31, 2019, while the Microsoft Internet Games servers for Windows 7 will be shut down on January 22, 2020. If you still have a PC running Windows ME or XP, will you be going back to play any of these games before the servers shut down?
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    In all fairness, at least GTAV supports aspect ratios besides 16:9 and framerates above 60. EDF5 is yet another straight PS4 port, capped to PS4 resolution and locked to PS4 framerate. I was going to just dismiss it for being Japanese, but a lot of newer Japanese ports are starting to support more arbitrary PC features. Thank goodness I still have a 60hz 1080p monitor, I can't even imagine the displeasure of most games not supporting high FPS or ultrawide, I can barely stomach 30FPS anymore.
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    I actually can't believe it lasted this long.
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    Black Jack is the only reason I'm down to play this
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    Man I had a blast with EDF 4.1 on PC, was kinda miffed they didn't release 5 on PC at the same time as consoles. I was tempted to buy the DLC for the game in the meantime, but at least the sequel is coming out. It's very unfortunate that every Japanese publisher and their mother is adopting the Rockstar approach to PC. Edit: Apparently the top down shmup spinoff, "Wing Diver the Shooter", was released on PC last year, and strangely appears that this is the only western release of the game.
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    Definitely, but I don't like the whole notation that backlashes are needed to cause change. tinyBuild should have just updated the games on GOG to avoid this shitshow to begin with.
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    This still rubs me the wrong way. We have posts from May 2019 that complain of this missing content, which probably means this content was missing even before this. Yet all of the sudden, Alex Nichiporchik cares about the GOG releases after major backlash... Its great that this content is coming, but it seems he is only doing it because of the backlash. If this backlash never happened, I'd imagine they would have done jack shit.
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    Version 1.2.0


    Changelog: 1.2: Added support for ELiTE cracked exe Bug fixes Features: Allow custom resolutions Allow 30 FPS in cutscenes Fullscreen fix for DirectX 8 on Windows 10 Increase the resolution of background screens Fix FOV (Automatic or manual) Fix map aspect ratio Disable system check Disable safe mode Disable cutscene borders Modify blur effect Patch CreateImageSurface (Enable this to improve the look of the game, but may cause some visual issues) Disable DirectX fog Wallhack (F1) Wireframe mode (F2) Invert X and Y axis (F3 and F4) Controllable gamma (F5, F6 and F7) Modify sensitivity (Page up and Page down) Use HKEY_CURRENT_USER instead of HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE Install: 1. Copy all the files to your Silent Hill 4 install folder. 2. Configure the width and height and other options in Silent_Hill_4_PC_Fix.ini. 3. Start the game with DLLInjector.exe. Credits: dns - Silent-Hill-4-Wide-Screen-Patch WidescreenFixesPack team