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    Taxonomy is a waste of time

    An hour later and I've finally, hopefully, mostly, finished consolidated the information and replaced the Editing Guide sections on the infobox game and infobox non-game with their underlying respective documentations. Casualty of war was details pertaining to Infobox game/row/date as that is just too much to properly showcase in the table in either docs, and so details are now placed on its own documentation instead. Note to future self on this particular subject: Replace infobox non-game with infobox software entirely? Infobox controller, company, and console needs to be updated to the same documentation format. Move Cover section further up the editing guide page? Evaluate need to move to per-template docs for the rest of the rows such as Infobox game/row/engine, Infobox game/row/developer, etc. Pro: Everything standardized using what is arguably MediaWiki basics. Makes it easier to expand each template docs as deemed necessary. Con: Nothing easily consolidated in one place -- new editors would have to visit multiple subpages to properly get all the gists of the templates.
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    Taxonomy is a waste of time

    Actually having a 'Cinematic camera perspective' is quite a valuable piece of information - it tells you that the player has no control over the camera. Some players may prefer games with fixed camera angles, some cannot stand them. I don't think adding genre, camera perspectives etc can in any way hurt the 'fix PC games' project of ours, it can only help. I've always maintained that the addition of additional information is always going to be helpful for lots of reasons - for rich, descriptive lists of games that no one else has. Like 'Singleplayer games with microtransactions' or 'Adventure games that support controller' or 'Horror games that support LAN'. Additionally, taxonomy will have benefits for our SEO and lays the foundation for a new 'Introduction' section I'm going to be working on next. I respect that you feel it's a waste of time, however it's something we are going ahead it and I reserve the right to waste my own time 🙂. I would suggest turning off your watchlist for the next few weeks because there are going to be a lot of changes to every single article, taxonomy is just the beginning.
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    Taxonomy is a waste of time

    It says on the home page "PCGamingWiki aims to list fixes and workarounds for every single PC game." How is writing that Escape From Monkey Island uses "cinematic camera perspective" help anyone ? In my opinion everything not related to getting the games fixed or improved is a waste of people's time and spreads the project and community thin. Even if it is done with a bot it just makes it harder to keep track of all the constant changes on your watchlist. This site is slowly creeping into Moby Games territory adding stuff like this, the ratings or whatever comes next.
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