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    The Sinking City: the ways of outrage

    It all began with the recent release of The Sinking City on Steam. Some users quickly noticed the lack of achievements compared to the previous version available for a few hours of January 5. As the discussions began, some also noted the lack of cloud saves and DLC to purchase. Shortly after, the developer of the game made a post on the store page news feed to recommend against buying this version published by Nacon despite the publisher having been allowed to resume selling the game after a court ruling deeming the Frogwares' publishing contract termination "unlawful" and ordering "to refrain from any further action". With statements like "Further proof that France doesn't need to exist anymore" aimed at the publisher, Steam users began to purchase the game and review bomb, never going beyond the two hours refund threshold, while making claims about the version of the game being old, having no DLC or support, or the publisher stealing from the developer. PC Gamer and Polygon echoed some of the statements, relying on the top rated reviews which were "mostly negative" at the time, starting around 25% approval. - PC Gamer SteamDB immediately sided with the developer by quoting their statement on the app page in an unprecedented manner, while ResetEra also followed suit, with the OP of the dedicated thread stating "It also apparently lacks DLC". On our end, there were users who edited the article and inserted all the same unverified claims, while violating the style guidelines at the same time. I had the latest version of the Necronomicon Edition on Epic Games Store and decided to check for some of the claims by comparing my files to those of a friend who had the Steam version. As it turned out, the important files of the Epic version were created in October 2019, around the time the game received its last update, while the current Steam version was built in June 2020, just prior to the game becoming unavailable on Epic, with a GOG Galaxy integration file placed in preparation for release, and also just prior to Frogwares releasing the game on Origin and other platforms. This questioned the idea of the build being old. Now with the Frogwares' discouraging statement removed from the store page, legitimately interested users purchasing the game and looking into it, it was found and confirmed by multiple users that the standard and only offered edition of the game by Nacon is newer than the Necronomicon Edition on Epic, and on par with the Deluxe Edition offered by Frogwares on Origin and Gamesplanet, containing all the bonus missions in the game's existence and costing only $16 compared to the $65 of the Frogwares release. At the same time, the average user score was getting better, climbing up to 48%, or Mixed, as of this writing. Many still remained bitter and unwilling to accept being wrong, with PC Gamer and Polygon never correcting the articles, the current top-rated Steam review being negative, containing insults and saying "No DLC.", with /r/gaming and /r/TheSinkingCity quickly taking down links to the Steam thread discussing the presence of DLC in the game. Sometimes the truth is hard to find or seen as the biggest enemy in the comfort of existing beliefs, and maybe that is when PCGamingWiki comes into the picture to give you the latest technical facts and details. We just have to stay vigilant, never speculate, and always double check. Here's to it!
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    @cloudhaacker After doing some more testing, I've pretty much decided that just running it in full screen with the original config file is sufficient enough, as I'm still able to tab out and record via OBS by going back in, so that's that for me. In any case, I appreciate everyone who has contributed to this thread. I might make an update to the initial post later including the simplified explanation of this setup process, as it worked when simply installing the game and going through the process didn't, at least for me. I may even have time to make my own video doing this setup myself, seeing as, thanks to you all, it all makes sense. The "lighting issue" in question on the forum still is not fixed by this process, some shadows are still missing, though fog is reintroduced and some scenes appear to be lit differently. The audio drifting during cutscenes also remains unresolved.
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    Silent Hill could not launch in SSD

    I've just tried Silent Hill 4 (GOG version) on SSD drive SSDPEKKW512G8(Intel 760p M.2 NVME) and it works fine. Don't have Silent Hill 2 to check it too. Didn't use any patches, wrappers, just ran it. Game is installed in the default GOG directory C:\GOG Games\
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    No problem, it only got so convoluted because I was trying to fix things with everything installed, I figured it would be easier to start over lol. Sorry, sometimes I get really complicated when simple is better! 🙂
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    I went back to check and I was having issues using F7 after getting it all going. Here's how I fixed it lol. Open up dgVoodoo and on the DirectX tab check Disable & Passthrough to real DirectX. We have to turn it off temporarily to change the renderer. Then set your desktop resolution to 640 x 480, again this will be temporary it just prevents everything from resizing and causing crashes. Start the game, and once it starts try pressing F7. In the first cutscene with the ship and the clouds you should see an immediate effect, the clouds look like they're outlined when DirectX wrapper is turned on, and the door will look right in the first scene after starting a new game, otherwise the door is almost black. Once you have the right renderer picked, use F9 to exit to menu then again to exit game, set your desktop resolution back and uncheck the Disable box in dgVoodoo to renable it. Should work. Here's a few comparison screenshots to show the differences.
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    I created its article and filled some basic info. https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Pyrrhic_Tales:_Prelude_to_Darkness
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    I've had the idea that the infoboxes should somewhere contain information about a game's save system, since there are a lot of different ways games handle it: - Roguelikes (dying completely resets you, but you retain certain benefits) - Hardcore-modes where dying deletes your savegame, e.g. "Trial of Iron" mode in Pillars of Eternity 2 - Only at the start of each level, e.g. Freespace 2 - Only checkpoint / autosave, e.g. most modern shooters - Checkpoints that can be manually activated several times, e.g. Resident Evil typewriters or sleeping in Kingdom Come: Deliverance - Bonfire-system, e.g. Dark Souls (like above, but respawns all enemies) - Free, manual saving (and whether it also allows in combat + how many available save slots) - "Free" saving that still resets you to checkpoints, e.g. Tomb Raider: Legend - Manual saving, but at a cost, e.g. Kingdom Come: Deliverance (consumes alcohol) - Quicksaves - Special savegame shenanigans (e.g. message if you save too often in Metal Gear Solid 1, deleting your savegames if you die too often in Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice, voluntary savegame deletion in Nier and Nier: Automata...) - Whether it allows to select individual chapters to replay, e.g. Syndicate (2012) and Condemned: Criminal Origins What do you think about this feature? For me personally, not being able to save freely is almost disqualifying for a game, so I always want to know such information. And it often changes even inside a franchise (e.g. FEAR 1 has manual saving, 2 and 3 only have checkpoints; Splinter Cell 1-4 allow manual saves and quicksaves, 5 and 6 only have checkpoints; Call of Juarez 1+2 has quicksaves, 3+4 only has checkpoints; etc.), so even if you like the previous installment you can't be sure if the next game works the same when you want to buy it. This information could be included in the infobox below the "save game location" info. It could just be simplified into a simple checkbox whether the game allows manual saves or not, and a "Notes" field with additional information (e.g. the things I listed above, how many save slots etc.). This way it wouldn't be cluttered, you just have a simple "Manual Saves?" checkbox next to the save location, and if there is any additional custom information, it can be written into the Notes field. What do you think about that?
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