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    Special K and PCGamingWiki linking

    Many thanks to @Aemony and Kaldaien for organising linking back from the Special K mod to PCGamingWiki, you can see this in action in Octopath Traveler version of the mod. I like to think PCGamingWiki is more in the 'Computer' section of the bookshop rather than 'Self-Help' section :D.
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    It doesn't make a lot of sense to me to see a game with subtitles set to n/a for when all of the dialogue is text-based. Say I'm hearing impaired or I want to play a game at work but remain aware of the real world around me, or have any other reason to not want to hear any dialogue - I may use the wiki to look for games that have subtitles. If we had a list for such games, I would naturally sort to highlight the ones set to true, not something as obscure as n/a. You may convince me otherwise, but the real question is whether it would be as apparent to a newcomer. Besides, by dictionary definition subtitles do not have to accompany any voiced dialogue. One of the two Merriam-Webster definitions for subtitle is
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    It's not a "love fest" for Valve, it's about the anti-consumer practices of Epic. Also you probably meant "complacent" which couldn't be further from the truth. But you're free to continue being obtuse.
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    Epic isn't only paying for exclusivity, they are also taking a smaller share of revenue from game sales. Epic is providing a more lucrative store for developers. If Valve has an issue with this, they can adapt Epic's policies for the Steam store. Valve could pay off developers and publishers to not release games on the Epic Games Store, yet they have chosen not to compete in that regard.
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    It's nothing personal. It's just business. Why are people getting worked up over which store a game initially appears in? We need some strong competition to the Steam store, and Epic is finally providing it.
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    Hello there, i hope i am posting this in the proper subforum. I would like to propose to add the VR Driver VorpX to the VR Template. We have about 650 games that we have fixed already for the Driver and i would like to add/update these games to the Wiki. Almost every day new game fixes are released either by me or other users or the VorpX staff, so very soon we will hit the 700. I find the VR template is a little out of date because of the following reasons: - NVidia is stopping support at the moment for 3D-Visison and many users already swap over to VorpX. - Tridef seems to be out of business (at least what i read from the net) or is not very popular anymore - iz3D is dead and whats left over can be used for a very small number of games only - With VorpX you can play almost any DX9/10/11/older openGL and DX7/8(with DGVoodoo) game in VR (2D/3D, depending on the game and the settings), also with Headtracking, so Fallout 4 for example just looks like the native game itself. - The availability of a game profile ("fix") together with additional informations eg. Screen Settings, ini Hints , G3D, Z3D, ect would be added to the corresponding games. The VR community would definately appreciate you making this available. Thank you, RJK
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    Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has finally launched, powered by Unreal Engine 4. With support for unlimited frame rates, I decided to quickly test performance differences between the game’s multiple graphics settings at full screen, with a resolution of 2560x1440. Hardware Used: CPU: Intel Core i5-4690k 3.7 GHz RAM: 16 GB HDD: 1 TB SSD (OS): 500 GB GPU: Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 OS: Windows 10 64-bit (Note: I have not encountered much foliage, and when it was encountered, the setting had no noticeable impact on performance or quality of foliage, and elected to not include in this current report. If I encounter more, this article will be updated.) First, a comparison of the game at it's highest setting levels vs its lowest setting levels Turning down all of settings from their highest level (referred to in-game as “Cinematic”) to their lowest level (referred to in-game simply as “Low”) produced a massive bump of 20 frames per second, measured using a program called “RivaTuner Statistics Server” After achieving this result, I sought to analyze the impact each setting had on performance. For each setting, I would set it to it’s lowest level, while leaving the other settings at their highest. The Anti-Aliasing setting at its lowest has minimal difference in performance as well as visual. Post Processing had a major impact on performance, providing an average of 18 frames more at its lowest level. However, this has a major impact on the game’s visual style, removing the depth of it’s moody darkness. Shadow Quality had nearly no impact on performance, yet at its lowest setting, requested around 100MB of VRAM less than at its highest level. This effect does not impact the actual quality of the shadows, instead the presence of certain shadows, such as on the molding at the room's entrance. Texture Quality’s lowest and highest level had little-to-no impact on performance or VRAM usage, but had a notable impact on quality of specific surfaces in the environment, such as the steps in front of Miriam. Effect Quality at it’s lowest provided an average of 9 frames per second more than it’s highest, yet had very little noticeable visual impact. As shown above, on a high-end PC, Bloodstained will run with ease. After seeing how well the game performed on a high-end PC, I performed a similar analysis with the same method on a much lower-end PC (lacking a discrete graphics processor), with an accompanying resolution of 1280x720. Hardware Used: CPU: AMD Ryzen 3 2200G 3.5GHz RAM: 8 GB SSD: 120 GB iGPU: Radeon Vega 8 OS: Windows 10 64-bit Again, I started this analysis by comparing performance between the game at it's highest settings and lowest settings, with an increase of only 5-7 frames per second with settings at its lowest. After further testing, I found that the settings had an impact of 1-3 frames of performance at low resolutions (sans Anti-Aliasing, which resulted in no change in overall performance.) Next, I tested the impact that resolution would have on performance. The lowest in-game resolution setting is 1280x720. 1280x720 – 1600x900 – 1920x1080 at the highest settings 1280x720 – 1600x900 – 1920x1080 at the lowest settings To fully verify how much of an impact resolution played on performance, I edited Bloodstained's user settings configuration file, allowing me to set the resolution below 1280x720. [The configuration file can be located at: %LOCALAPPDATA%\BloodstainedRotN\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor\GameUserSettings.ini] In this instance, I set the resolution to 960x544. While the game looks washed out, this drop in resolution provided a MASSIVE boost in performance, doubling the frame rate. With all settings maxed out, the overall frame rate ranged from 120-150 frames per second. As previously stated, Bloodstained's most intensive setting is its resolution. For those on low-end PCs, cranking down this "hidden" resolution setting can make the difference between the game's performance chugging, or being exceptionally smooth. Bloodstained's minimum system requirements included a note, stating "If you have a potato PC or above, you're ok." I believe this statement is arguably misleading due to a lack of "potato-friendly" resolution settings. However, the fact that high frame rates are attainable on low-end PCs at all makes up for this.
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    This will only work in areas that have extremely high-speed/low-latency Internet. With some of the Internet providers talking caps on data transferred, I foresee problems.
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    It’s not, and I am not aware of any of those editors myself. N/A have never meant that a option isn’t available at all in the context of settings, as that have always been the meaning of “false”. None the less, both the ongoing work with adding abbr tags to each row as well as the rest of the stuff I’ve mentioned clears that misunderstanding up as well, for both readers and editors.
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    It certainly wouldn't be right to just convert the n/a to true. I'm not sure if this is what you referred to on Discord, but there are editors that take n/a as "not available", which would mean a large number of those pages may need to have it set to false. As with the new "always on" and "limited" options, the way to go would be to just revisit the pages or replay the games to make adjustments. Moreover, this incorrect understanding of the meaning behind n/a and thus the presumably large amount of articles being misleading would make it of little use in a list of games for hearing-impaired players. On the numbers, I would assume the number of games where AA or Vsync is set to true is even larger than 16756, and it's unknown how many of those should be at "always on" or "limited" but the number alone didn't get in the way of implementing the new properties, so I don't think it should be used as an argument against recommending to set subtitles to true for text-based games. As it stands now, the n/a property for text-based games is almost always accompanied with a note to actually explain what it means which suggests there's something wrong with its application, so I don't see the less common scenario of a primarily text-based game with some voiced dialogue as an obstacle - it can be explained with a note too.
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    The Editing Guide does state that for all text-based games or when speech isn't a thing, it should be set to n/a. That row covers whether an option to enable subtitles exists or not for spoken dialogue, and not whether the dialogue itself is only present in text or audio format. If there is no option to enable subtitles for cutscenes/spoken dialogue, etc, it should be set to false. If there is an option to enable it, it should be set to true. If there are cutscenes or spoken dialogue and subtitles are always present for those, it should be set to always on. If there are no cutscenes or spoken dialogue, etc, in the game it should be set to n/a since the row isn't applicable to those games. That parameter is filled out according to this right now: true - 2965 games false - 1314 games always on - 18 games n/a - 16756 games unknown - 16531 games For hearing impaired players, the Closed Captions row is more relevant since that specifically covers if audio cues etc are covered by closed captions or not. That parameter is filled out according to this right now: true - 275 games == An option to enable closed captions are available. false - 4396 games == The game does not include an option to enable closed caption always on - 0 games == The game always shows closed captions n/a - 1039 games == The game does not feature any audio cues etc that needs closed captions. unknown - 32125 games == Unclear whether the game includes closed captions or not. I don't agree with the proposal of converting all current n/a 16756 subtitles games into "true" since that tells me nothing from the standpoint of whether subtitles are available for spoken dialogue or not, which that parameter was created to keep track of. The current implementation allows us to separate games where spoken audio isn't present (n/a), and games where they are present, and an option to enable subtitles for them (true) is available, or always forced (always on), or not present at all (false). The alternative would see a lot of games reclassified as e.g. limited or similar if the game did include text-based conversation, but also featured cutscenes etc without subtitles. That would also introduce a whole 'nother issue of when to use true vs. limited vs. false. Is a game with primarily text-based conversation but also featured unsubtitled cutscenes here and there true, limited, or false ? How would each option relate to hearing impaired players? The underlying "confusion" -- of which I am sorta questionable if one even exist, given how common the meaning of "not applicable" is, and how Closed Captions exists for the sole express purpose of being helpful to hearing impaired players -- is better solved through alternative means, such as any or all of the below: Implement abbr clarifications to all current rows in the templates. This work is ongoing. Rename the property to "subtitles for spoken audio" or something similar to better portray what it covers. Add a default note to the row when the parameter is set to n/a. To mirror the Editing Guide, it would be something alike to "This game does not feature spoken speech that needs subtitles at all." Create a proper list of games for hearing impaired players that accounts for both the subtitles and closed captions parameters, and includes games with true, always on, n/a, as well as hackable values. As discovered on the Discord yesterday, there's a slight mismatch in the Editing Guide but it mostly relates to the use of "subtitles" in the localization section, and not the audio settings template, as the most common source of that section (Steam) throws all non-interface text under that label, but that is mostly separate from the parameter discussed in this thread.
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    Well I always set subtitles to true when that was the case. Wasn't aware people mark it as n/a 🤨
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    I'm hitting 500-600 FPS with all settings maxed out with i9-9900K+RTX2070, 2560x1440, so I'm using r.ScreenPrecentage 200 to get almost constant over 100 FPS.
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    I will stand by my statement..... "It's business. Nothing personal." At the end of the day, it's the money that talks, and if Epic is offering a bigger cut than Steam in exchange for exclusivity, guess what the decision makers decide. Don't like it? Don't buy it. That's the ultimate deciding factor. If anything, the gaming platform that we should be sending our love to is GOG. If nothing else, we should be supporting the older (or "classic") games which inspired the games that are out there today. I still do not understand the love-fest for Valve/Steam. If anything, Steam has grown complicit because it is the dominant distribution platform.
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    Debunked nowhere. Even Sweeney himself stated "We're working to update the implementation so that the Epic Games launcher only touches the Steam file at all if you choose to import friends." Feel free to explain why they would need to update it if it's not touching your Steam files without your permission.
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    There's nothing factual about that claim. It's based on a reddit post from a user that doesn't even understand the basics of Process Monitor, let alone common software behavior. Completely debunked here, here and here, among other places.
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    On the flip-side: GOG is facing harsher competition than ever before as a result of Epic’s 88%/12% and Discord’s 90%/10% revenue splits. Steam can wether the storm easily, but can GOG? They already made barely any profit (if I remember it correctly) last year.
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    I would say it is competition. What is stopping Valve from throwing even more money at developers to keep them from jumping ship to the Epic Store?
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    From what we can gather based on the few tidbits here and there, Epic basically guarantees a number of sold units, as in regardless of whether the title actually sells a number of paid copies or not developers will still be paid as if they did. This is good for developers if e.g. Epic guarantees 500 000 copies sold, as that means devs will be paid as if 500 000 copies were sold even in cases where they might not have sold as many copies. Source: https://www.thegamer.com/epic-store-2-million-sales-exchange-exclusivity/ That developers and/or publishers enters an agreement with Epic isn't weird when faced with the alternative. It's basically a guaranteed income for a timed (non-Steam) exclusive window vs. an uncertain income for that same period of time. Sure, some titles might've seen the same sorts of income on the Steam platform, or even higher, but the flood of titles releasing on Steam every day makes it much harder to differentiate oneself from the competition and reach the possible audience. While I don't like Epic's platform, nor this way of garnering timed exclusives to build an audience and platform, I can at least see the value of it from the perspective of publishers or developers. It is therefor understandable why many titles choose to go timed exclusive on Epic when faced with the choice. At the end of the day game development is a business first and foremost from the perspective of corporate game studios.
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    And therein lies the crux of the problem. people who "don't like it" as you put it got bait and switched into an EGS release effectively taking the choice they were promised out of their hands. No wonder they are pissed, i would be. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    If you don't like it, don't spend the money. The total amount I have spent at the Epic Store: $0. Zip. Zero. Nada. Part of this is because I feel that spending $60 on a game is too much when, in a few months time, the price decreases to a more acceptable point, part of this is because I have too many unplayed games. Steam also launched in September, 2003. There was no such thing as achievements or cloud saving which is taken for granted nowadays. They did, however, have a janky backup utility where you can back up to CDs or DVDs (!!!) which hasn't really been improved for the modern environment where I have a FreeNAS server with 27TB of storage sitting in my closet. Game backups were really important to me when the best I could do in download speeds was 20Mbps, and some of the games are HUGE. Can I easily backup a game using Uplay, Origin, Battle.net, GOG, or Epic? Nope. (Note: I moved to an area that has Gigabit download speeds, so I'm no longer backing up my game downloads). The same complaints I hear about the Epic store is the same complaints I have heard about Origin (EA Games) and UPlay (Ubisoft). In those cases, I suspect that Origin and UPlay were set up partially to appease the big retailers who were hesitant about carrying PC software which sets up a competing storefront, and partially to avoid the Steam tax.
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    How is this any different than pre-order DLC, CDs, or DVDs that are exclusive releases to a particular retailer? Or TV shows/movies that are available only on a specific streaming platform? What I'm suspecting is that Epic is giving the publisher a higher percentage of sales in exchange for a exclusive release window. I don't see anything that says that title XXX is never going to show up on Steam, just not at release date.
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    Crowdfunding in a nutshell. At least Shenmue 3's Kickstarter doesn't seem to have promised a Steam copy on the page back in 2015 from what I can tell.
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    Tim has already said he doesn't want to get bogged down with additional APIs for EGS. Its why they already got caught uploading steam user-data without consent and why they should already be sued sky high... aside form that, this is clearly a move to protect Tim's bottom line, no other reason for it - since he doesn't care about consumer or other companies.
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    Back in year 2006, had to come up with nickname for IRC-Galleria, hip popular finnish image site, similar how facebook is now and I'm still being teased when I made note "first day on IRC" as I didn't use actual IRC for years after that statement. Super Mario combined with birthyear = Mario92. Also IRL name and that both start with M, so it felt natural for some reason. As started to use more of the amazing internet and even got one at home with SUPA FAST 2G trough Nokia 6151, that nickname seemed like it was in use in some places as it's quite generic. Solution was finnish slang. So now I mostly use: - Marioysikax, Mario, ysi = 9, kax = 2. - Mairo, Pronounced as "My Ro" as it quicky became a nickname of the original nickname when used VoIP in games and such. For some reason when people read the name, they misspell it as "Mario" when referring to me. Usually not being foilhat, so I do use IRL name in many places. That names origin should be obvious thing :p Also seeing some pattern here, most common reason seems to be "needed nickname, combined stuff".