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    OMG thankyou!.. 8160x1600 perfectly!
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    Hello All (Especially those wanting Eyefinity / Surround) , This Patch worked great!!! I use Triple Monitor 7680 x 1440 and had to do the following: Launch Game (without Flawless Widescreen running) as normal Once inside game got to setting ("K" key for quick access) Inside setting go to the video tab Under Display Menu, go to first field "Window Mode" and select "Borderless Window" from the options (Fullscreen / Windowed) Apply Changes ("F" key for quick access) and Exit Game Now Start "Flawless Widescreen" and have program running as Helifax instructed Start Doom Eternal Enjoy the game in 7680 x 1440 πŸ₯‚ First Photo @ 7680 x 1440 w/out Helifax patch Second photo @ 7680 x 1440 with Helifax patch -Mad Hatter 🍭
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    That would suggest the issue stems from modifications made to the file by you though, not the trainer. It makes no changes to the game files and restores the original code in the memory when you press F8 again. For some display modes or other variables, it may also require pressing alt+enter twice to have the game read from its original code again.
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    Look up reverse engineering software on YouTube to get started 😁 Contrary to the popular belief, it usually takes many hours of disassembling, and few games are properly fixed by searching for the well-known aspect ratio or Unreal Engine 4 FOV-related bytes. If they are, the solutions are usually available on day one because every advanced ultrawide user knows them by now. From the developer standpoint, it's easier than it is from mine because they already have all their functions defined and documented as classes and such, while to me every game is a black box with many lines of pure assembly code to dig through. String references can be of value in 1% of the cases but the rest is discovery, trial and error. I actually think the community can be too harsh on the developers, because although on their end enabling ultrawide may be as simple as two checkboxes and a number of FOV values to convert from horizontal to vertical, expanding the field of view means there is a lot more space to fill with assets, as previously explained by me here. Shooting a film, two constructed walls in a warehouse can be enough to create the illusion of being inside a house with four walls and a roof. Imagine expanding the field of view to the point of the warehouse being visible and zooming out for the viewer to see the construction. It's usually not as bad in games but even a small out-of-place item or a pop-in can be seen as a significant problem capable of ruining the immersion and causing outrage. As ultrawide users, we are used to those and we can tolerate them and often forgive them when using an unofficial mod. Moreover, as a modder I have no responsibility if something goes horribly wrong, as my livelihood does not depend on it. With that said, I think it's fine to put some pressure on developers and show them that there is a demand for wider resolutions. No posts about it would never push them to improve or care, and there are quite a few cases of developers - like those of Terminator: Resistance or Disco Elysium - listening and shipping ultrawide support in post-release updates.
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    this is a pic from the steam release, works perfectly fine πŸ™‚
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    Silent Hill 3 PC Fix by Steam006

    for me, it doesn't work, now my Windows 10 even says that there is a virus or unwanted file in the dllinjector.exe. Without these files, SH3 load fine, so the problem is not with the game or my system
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    Minecraft Dungeons FOV changer

    Thank you very much. It worked perfectly! I have a 3 monitors setup and fov was so bad that I was playing on 1920x1080. Now it`s on 5760x1080 with no issues. Edit: tonight I noticed the app was missing. Downloaded and tried again but the AV says it has a trojan on it called Wacatac.D. Someone else had this issue?
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    RDR2 Centered HUD

    Thank you Rose. I found an easier and more reliable way to do this trick. You have to go to your "\Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Settings" folder. There, you'll see several files with .bin extension. One of these files contains the horizontal HUD location. Mine was named "400042567_19054853.bin". I don't know if the name may vary from computer to another. All of these files are in fact xml files and easy to edit with any notepad. I found the following key to contain the horizontal HUD location. <Item key="7014661855" type="rage__fwuiValueFloat"> <value value="0.328000" /> </Item> All you have to do is to modify the value to whatever you desire then set this file to be read only. Last step is important because it prevents the game from modifying this value. Once this value is modified never go back in game to the HUD location setting or it may reset the value in memory and it will revert the HUD location. This works really well for me.
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    It seems that you are not selecting the updated version. I downloaded this today and it worked perfectly fine, but on the flawless widescreen app there are two GTA plugins, you have to select the one with "(updated)" at the end. The author of the new one is Rose, you are using the original from HaYDeN.
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    Noita ultrawide mod

    Thanks for the continued feedback and offering to help. A while ago I had a user share their config file with me but it completely matched mine, so I had no idea what was wrong. I had another look at the game today and it turned out that it was indeed a global issue and I either didn't notice it earlier or it didn't occur for some reason. I updated the mod to hopefully put this particular issue to rest - tested at all the listed resolutions again. There are still a couple of unrelated imperfections I'm aware of and I might try to fix them in the future as well.
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    Glad you got it working and thank you @Rose for all your hard work supporting this mod!
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    Thanks for the feedback! I can't play through every game I mod at the rate they've been coming out, so it's really valuable to me. @Just!cE I updated the trainer just now to have it behave like the previous versions. It's indirect FOV adjustment but you absolutely had a point. @frozenboy You have to have enabled the "Custom FOV toggle" option first. I slightly reworded this in the latest version for more clarity. I could also have it activate at launch but that would be less reliable and giving the user less control.
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    You're a treasure Rose. Thank you for this!
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    For anyone with concerns about this tool I have made an open source one at https://github.com/cecton/patch-ultrawide-the-outer-worlds
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    As the off-topic discussion have served its purpose and deteriorated past its relevance I've cleaned out the thread and locked it from further comments. The never-ending race between malware creators and anti-malware suites means that general-purpose legitimate tools and utilities that might enable nefarious purposes can and will eventually be used as such, which will understandably trigger a response from anti-malware suites. While some AVs might just flag an individual known file as malicious, others use more general-purpose detection patterns that gets triggered on all files based on that pattern, whether they're used for malicious purposes or not. To further complicate the matter, the last decade have also seen protection suites expand outside of their original intended use-case and started to flag other files that might be seen as inappropriate or unwanted, even if they might not be malicious to the end user per se. This can be from everything that might install ad software that runs in the background (often categories as "Potentially Unwanted Applications") or tools or utilities that allows the patching of another application (prime example being CheatEngine) as these might be in some cases used to allow the unauthorized or unlicensed use of an application. The recent events that resulted in the retirement of the dedicated Widescreen Gaming Forum (a community dedicated to improving widescreen gaming experience in games) is a clear example of how volatile and uncertain the situation have become. As a result PCGW can't ensure or guarantee the safety of community contributed files, and users downloading and making use of files does so at their own risk, per our disclaimer. As content on PCGW are community-created, what options are available (such as an easy-to-use tool or manual patching instructions) are up to community creators, and we welcome contributions from new as well as old community members. If anyone feels that they would rather make use of another method that's currently not documented, feel free to add it to the article for the game. Edit 2019-11-04: Comments have opened again as more than a week have passed.
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    I have remade this patch using the clean, DRM-free GOG version executables, if anyone wishes to play at higher frame-rates without DRM data, here is the patch: http://www.mediafire.com/file/9307hi3nkyhrdke/FPS_Fixes.7z/file Also, to the uploader, if you could update your upload with these files it would be very appreciated to me.
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    Creative ALchemy

    This version is out of date. A up to date version can be found here.
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    It was not a question of trust (I have downloaded dozens of your patches without any problem), but I was surprised that it was the first to detect me as a Trojan. Thank you very much for the information anyway. I've tested and works perfectly!
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    Thank you! I'm not on an ultrawide, but the FOV adjustment is a godsend!
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    I completely understand. I was thinking of it as more of a gift without any binding requirements, but I could see how it could give you a lot of stress. Thank you so much for putting in all the hours and take a break if you can. I worked as a dev until a year ago too so I know how that desire to get to the bottom of a bug can keep you up till morning. Of course I trust your ability since I'm pretty sure it's nowhere near as complicated as The Medium plus there was a patch for Nioh 1 which uses the same engine. On that note, there's already a patch out like you said and it works reasonably well (fork of Nioh 1 patch): https://github.com/Filoppi/Nioh2Resolution
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    Fuck, nevermind. Good lord I just needed to read...
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    Wow, this game is a total showcase of what the community can do. It looks outstanding in super ultrawide. I have donated to both authors. Thanks so much! FYI, I will donate generously for a good Nioh 2 Super Ultrawide/triple monitor fix. My most anticipated game of this year. My favorite genre, hard core japanese melee action. Jackfuste's fix for the original was a serious labor of love. He kept improving it and improving it until it was nearly flawless. Centering of UI was essential for such a fast paced game. Miss that guy... hope he's ok and just moved on to other things.
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    Anytime! Had a hard time dealing with playing Song of Horror in 16:9 so that's what inspired me to figure out how to get it working and share it here. :3
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    Night in the Woods ultrawide mod

    This fix also works great
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    The method with the executable doesn' work with the current version on Steam. Instead, doing the manual method works perfectly with a resolution of 3840x1080 (32: 9) in my case. Thank you very much Rose!
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    Used the latest release on 1.4 with the new expansion installed, and it still worked for me (21:9 FoV applied).
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    Death Stranding ultrawide fix + FOV changer

    hi i retried the patch after deleteing the exe and using the .bak one and im all good back to 32:9 many thx again for the quick reply πŸ™‚
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    GRIS ultrawide & multimonitor fix

    This is amazing, thank you! Gris ultrawide is absolutely mesmerizing.
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    Death Stranding ultrawide fix + FOV changer

    Working on 5120 x 1440 (option 2) and removed the zoom on cutscene (option1). Amazing work as always. Thanks
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    I can't imagine the Epic version being different but the conflicting with other mods is a possibility. The script is still working fine on my end today.
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    Death Stranding ultrawide fix + FOV changer

    Thx for this tool 100% working on 3840x1080 thx !
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    Reverting back to Nvidia driver 446.14 fixed it for me.
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    Thank you very much, just got a coffee for you!
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    Every feature is still working on my end on the same build. I tested it right after the update a few days ago and then again today. Make sure you have the latest version of the tool downloaded from here and that your anti-virus settings are not getting in the way.
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    You are simply amazing, it works perfectly, the quality is wonderful. It just dont reproduce the miny victory song when you complete a level. It works on windows 10. thank you so much!
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    I fixed the issue with turning on the custom FOV locking up the game. I moved the fix to another folder (from my documents to a temp folder) and ran the progeam as administrator. checking the 'always run this program as administrator' box didn't work, it still locks up the game but manually runnig the program as admin did work. Thanks rose for this fix, I'm still hoping for a FOV fix like I had for GTA 5 at some point where I can set different FOV's for aim down sight etc. but in the meantime this makes the game far more playable in first person.
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    Hey folks smarter than me! I've got an official version from Steam, updated to the most recent patch. I receive the following steam error when launching the game after patching the proper file "Application load error 3:00000065432". Anybody aware what could be causing that? Thanks all for the assistance! EDIT: I'm and idiot. Should have read the instructions. Got it fixed!
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    @Rose Can we get an option to keep the top and bottom bars on for cinematic and still keep the side pillar boxes turned off? There is a bug in the game where cinematic works correctly, but as soon as you go to a cutscene or vendor menu, The pillar boxes returned. I sent Rockstar a video here: https://youtu.be/jXbWwZa-KhQ of the bug and after several weeks of back and forth, they concluded it was "by design" ugh. Thanks for you amazing work.
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    Hi. I downloaded and opened the archive without issues just now. Make sure you are using 7zip, PeaZip or possibly WinRar to open the archive and that the password is correct. Try a different browser if the issue is limited to downloading the file rather than unpacking. On Windows 10 you would have Edge and Internet Explorer to choose from.
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    Thank you for fixing the UI! I can't stress out how important that was for this game, you are the best Rose! Also thanks for the RDR2 fix, what would the UW Community do without you? Version 0.9.9 looking great after a short test at 3440x1440
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    my sweet beloved treasured dear Rose, i was not banned for your mod in RDRO. i was actually banned because someone trolled me like this. it went exactly like this comment, " Happened to me. Someone joined my posse and donated to my crafting table. I didn't think anything of it until 3 minutes later, it was still donating. All the donations were feathers. I figured it was glitched out, went about my gaming. About 15 minutes later it stopped, and soon after that I discovered my crafting table was full of materials. I tell you what, if I had to stop gaming and file a bug report every time I saw this game bug out, there'd be no time for gaming, so I just kept playing. Next day I found I had a 30 day ban on my account. Rockstar bans can't be appealed or discussed of course, so I filed a bug report and let it go.
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    Just wondering if anybody knows what the FOV is when you have set to max in the game? And how many times are you guys/gals pressing F8 when using the mod. I was pressing it 15 times. Than I went to 20 and that felt pretty good. Any more than that and you start getting a fish eye effect. Really just wish I could set to 90 or 100 in a config file and forget about it. Or better yet, if it was actually included in the game?!?! Wouldn't that be amazing. The least they could do is give us actual values for the FOV in the menu instead of some random slider. Thanks for this mod, makes playing in first person much more enjoyable!! Hopefully we can save our FOV in a future update.
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    I was just reading that having just started the tool up and came back to apologize ... my bad for not reading thoroughly. Thanks again!
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    Creative ALchemy

    There's an even newer version 1.45.20 available now too (newer than the one above from SirYodaJedi): https://fichiers.touslesdrivers.com/61925/Creative_ALchemy_1.45.20.zip Oddly enough I can't find this on the Creative website, but it seems to be legit, all files have a Creative digital signature etc. Seems it was released around May/July 2019. Apparent changes (from this page: https://www.touslesdrivers.com/index.php?v_page=23&amp;v_code=61925&amp;v_langue=en)
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    Youngblood Tweaker

    I have temporarily halted development on this mod, since the developers mentioned on the Steam forums, that they wanted to officially fix almost all of the problems this mod offers options for. Additionally, the interest in this mod has been rather low, which makes it difficult for me to justify the time investment to keep it running while the game is being worked on. However, I will probably get back to it soon to continue my initial playthrough. But I will probably not get to do that until the end of September. Regarding the dot crosshair: I have gotten requests for this before. The problem is, that the way I did it in the Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus does not work in this game. It is definitely doable somehow, but I have to do some digging to find a way to implement it.
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    Works great in 3440x1440 Tested in the cracked versiΓ³n by CPY
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    Blair Witch ultrawide & superwide mod

    Hi Rose, I very very appreciate your work (again). Please go on and drink a cup of coffee!
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    The issue appears to be specific to pirated versions of the game, which is not unexpected. Here's what you get otherwise:
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