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    Yeah the download link doesn't seem to work, I also had to download it from another site.
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    I meant the download link is what's not working... I had to download the files from another link I googled.
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    Sitting Ducks Widescreen fix

    Open \patches\main.patch in a text editor and change the hotkeys #bind [PRESSED:VK_F5] → #bind [PRESSED:VK_F1] #bind [PRESSED:VK_F6] → #bind [PRESSED:VK_F2] #bind [PRESSED:VK_F7] → #bind [PRESSED:VK_F3]
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    Suicide machine

    Medal of Honor (2010) FOV changer

    Updated with new (now reverse engineered pointers). Hopefully this is the last time I need to update it (tested Origin version 48 and 49).
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    don't care about anti virus, just allow it to restore and accept the tool. there is no problem, it's a false positive !
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    Thank you! I'm not on an ultrawide, but the FOV adjustment is a godsend!
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    Beyond Good and Evil FOV Fix

    Hi. Is it possible to add support for the Steam version of this game. This mod doesn't work for the Steam Version.
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    Silent Hill 3 PC Fix by Steam006

    No sorry.
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