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  1. infogram

    Creative ALchemy

    @camm I made a generic patcher for Alchemy a while back, only posted it on one forum though so it was probably pretty easy to miss... Reposted here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/387vesqfe7o91f4/GenericALchemyDerestrictor-1.0.zip/file Only tested with the 1.45.20 version, but it uses signature searching rather than offsets so should work with other versions too. (hopefully this is fine to post here, seeing as the Glossary:Sound_card page links to similar patches too)
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  2. Version v3.4 r737


    The last version of the popular Widescreen Fixer before the site went down in 2014. You can find the last post from dlrudie, the creator, here on github. https://github.com/dlrudie/WidescreenFixer/releases Widescreen Fixer.zip
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