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    Yes I like the look of this table and it would expand our reach substantially, happy for it to be implemented. I think it would be appropriate under 'Other information'. Subpages - these can be linked from the Notes section of this new table, eg Special K links to Final Fantasy V/Special K, but in addition I think they could have a more prominent established navigation on each game page. Navigationally, It would be interesting to to see something like this: - Article: collapsed box under Seriesbox that lists all Subpages - Subpage: expanded box which also contains link back to the Article I'd like to use a similar template to help tie up different Guide sections which is what I'd like to work on next, and separate fixes out of the maiin Article, e.g. Windows 10 and Windows 10/Fixes
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    We'd probably preferably want a solution that combines dedicated subpages (in those cases they're necessary) with an actual "Third-party support" table, below the "Other information" section. Imagine that we made use of a new table on the game pages where we tracked support among all kinds of third-party tools, such as ReShade, Special K, dgVoodoo 2, DXVK, Logitech's G Hub-whatsitcalled, etc, etc, etc that we can semi-easily extend by adding new parameters if a part of the community wants to track something new. If the relevant information for e.g. ReShade or Special K was only "basic", then it would be situated in that table on the game page itself, and nowhere else. However if a subpage existed and was required for further instructions or details, a link would be added to that subpage, along with whatever else was entered in the relevant parameters. For example, based on our ReShade page right now, for that particular third-party tool we would have to have three different parameters in that table: reshade status reshade render api reshade notes For Special K, we would be looking at some more, such as: special k status special k render api special k version special k injection special k notes For more 'basic' tools like dgVoodoo 2 or DXVK or OEM's lighting software suites, we would be looking at a typical 2 parameter combo: dxvk dxvk notes dgvoodoo dgvoodoo notes So just based on those, the table would look something like this: {{Third-party tools |dgvoodoo = |dgvoodoo notes = |dxvk = |dxvk notes = |logitech hub = |logitech hub notes = |reshade = |reshade api = |reshade notes = |special k = |special k api = |special k version = |special k injection = |special k notes = |steelseries engine = |steelseries engine notes = }}
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    Games list working in ratio 32:9

    It may be time for us to incorporate this into our own list and separate the Ultrawide category into 21:9 and 32:9.
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