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    Archive password is PCGW Black Bars FIX: Depending on aspect ratio replace AC4BFSP.exe and AC4BFMP.exe in the game folder Ultra/Super-Wide (21:9/32:9) Specific Solution & Issues Black Bars FIX: Depending on aspect ratio replace AC4BFSP.exe and AC4BFMP.exe in the game folder Eyefinity / Surround Specific Solution & Issues Forced triple wide version: Replace AC4BFSP.exe in the game folder
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    On the 11th anniversary of Saints Row 2, Volition announced on their Twitch stream that Saints Row 2 on PC is finally getting fixed. Lets go back 11 years to understand what happened to the PC port of Saints Row 2. The story behind Saint Row 2's PC port The PC port of Saints Row 2 was handled by CD Projekt Black. When the port was released, it was a complete mess. PCs at the time couldn't run the game well, crashes, speed-up issues, and a huge list of issues were reported with this port. However, this port was never fixed by CD Projeck Black, and while Volition was making updates, and DLC for Saints Row 2 on consoles, its PC port was still unpatched, and never received any DLC. With the shutdown of GameSpy in 2014, the online servers were also lost. All of this combined makes Saints Row 2 one of the worst PC ports ever. When Volition's publisher, THQ, filed for bankruptcy, the source code for the PC port was still in the hands of CD Projekt Black, and was never given to Volition. Volition for years were trying to get the source code in order to release it to the modding community. With the help of Mike Watson, and others at Volition, THQ Noridic, and Deep Silver, Volition finally got the source code in May of 2019. After getting the source code, Volition requested that they wanted to work on update for Saints Row 2 on PC. The request was approved, and work started on making a new update to finally fix all the issues that were in the original port. What is coming in this new update What we know: This will not a remaster Console exclusive DLC coming to PC for free Steamworks for online co-op and multiplayer New save file format Extended draw distance Fixing misplaced objects in cut scenes/stutter in cutscreens Less compressed audio Better performance/no more speed-up issues Bug fixes Different SteamID, meaning this will technically not be an update to the current Saints Row 2 Steam version, but rather a separate release. This will come for free for owners of the original Saints Row 2 on Steam. Volition currently doesn't have plans to bring these changes to the GOG version of the game. Also, it isn't confirmed if Steam achievements will be added, and when this update will be released. What do you think about this? Are you excited for all these fixes finally coming to Saints Row 2 on PC, or are you more excited for Saints Row 5?
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    To be honest, it likely needs to be assessed on a per-title basis, especially for games released after the rise of digital distribution. For older games, it seems more cut and dry as to whether it would be allowed or not, though there are still some areas that would require discussion. As I posted in the Discord, (where this is copied from, though this is cleaned up a bit more,) I'm thinking we could categorize content unlocking into a few categories: Do not mention: -Unlocking paid (nor previously paid and now delisted) content. -Unlocking content directly included in the game files that used to be paid or would have likely been intended to be paid judging from the same content being paid for console releases. -Unlocking content not directly included in the game files that is available on other platforms, whether it is paid or free on other platforms. -Unlocking content that is free on other platforms, and is included in the game files for the PC release, but does not include story elements. (Cosmetics don't affect gameplay; not worth the trouble.) -Unlocking preorder exclusive content. -Unlocking content that is specifically intended to be platform-specific to non-PC platforms. Maybe mention that it's possible to unlock the content, but do not mention how to do it: -Unlocking content that is free on other platforms, and is included in the game files for the PC release, and includes story elements. (Gameplay altering/changing content that's already in the game; it was just never released and doesn't seem to be intended to be released at a later date.) Free to mention: -Unlocking content that is included in the game files but never released by the time final DLC and patches are released. (Assuming the content isn't released and isn't paid on other platforms.) -Unlocking content that is included in the game files but was never fully completed. (Cut content. Best to discuss on a per-title basis though as it may not be worth recording on PCGW.) -Unlocking content that was part of limited time promotional offers. (Assuming generic codes from the promotions can be used indefinitely, and no purchase was necessary as per the promotion's rules. Cosmetic-only content may not be worth recording on PCGW, though other items that may affect gameplay may be worth recording.) -Unlocking bonus content that was included with physical copies of games but may not be included with digital copies. (For example, Evil Genius' bonus content? Stuff like that where it was seemingly intended to be free for everyone, but just wasn't distributed with all copies of the game.) -Unlocking bonus content that was only ever provided for free download. (For example, scenarios for RollerCoaster Tycoon made by the developers and officially released by them for free.) I put a bit of work into separating these out, and tried to stick to keeping the policy on piracy in mind. While there are some things that may fall under "do not mention" that could theoretically be okay, it's a moot point; the whole point of the policy is to eliminate (or at the very least limit) PCGW's liability. As much as it sucks that it could mean the loss of content in the future (no matter the relative status of that content) that's the way it has to be. Any thoughts on this list?
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    I'm all for unlocking of "on disc" content for everyone. You paid for the game as it is; if there's content that's arbitrarily locked "on-disc" (on release) unless you pay an additional cost for, then that's anti-consumer and the publisher shouldn't be respected for it, as they're not respecting their customers. If paid DLC comes out after the release of the game and was not in the game files on release, then sure, it can stay locked away even if it can be unlocked via file editing (which seems to be 50/50 in my experiences, sometimes patches include all the content, other times DLC content is not downloaded unless you purchase it). For others: "Abandonware" or unpurchasable games? Unfinished content? Finished but unreleased content due to licensing/region restrictions? These all get my vote towards providing instructions to "unlock" content for them, even if some of these err on the side of piracy. Aside from that, the real problem is moderating select things.. which results in the only solution of not allowing anything in the first place, except for that example of KOTOR2 unfinished game content.. which was before the "DLC" times. It's unfortunate, but I can see some publisher being their corporate greedy selves and trying to come down on PCGW in response to an article instructing users in how to unlock a 50ยข outfit..
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