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    Outer Wilds resolutions unlocker

    Thank you Rose! It worked perfectly. Really appreciate you creating this and making it available to the community! Edit: I should add that I'm using it for 3440x1440 and there's not screen cutoff that I can tell. Everything appears to be scaled perfectly.
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    E3 2019 Megathread

    Microsoft is running the MixPot promotion again: watch the Xbox E3 stream on Mixer (from the Mixer Xbox channel or through the app) and sign in with a Microsoft account to get free games/DLC. See the Xbox MixPot FAQ for details. Last time it was only games/DLC for consoles, but since they will be talking about the PC this time there might be some PC goodies.
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    Metro Exodus, the UWP variant.

    While I was enjoying the E3 content yesterday, I happened to notice that the once Epic Games Store exclusive Metro Exodus has switched to being not so exclusive anymore. While the game still isn't on Steam and it changing from being an exclusive to one bad platform, to being available on two almost equally bad platforms (these are all my opinions by the way) wasn't really the change I was hoping to see, I thought I would give it a chance, since it was going to be available for a mere 1€ investment. (plus the added agony of updating windows, that never goes smoothly without anything breaking, does it?) Well I just booted it up for the first time and it wasn't pretty. The game has been "ported" to the vilified UWP platform and as far as I can see, the game does NOT handle that very well. I haven't gotten past the main menu yet, but from what I have seen I don't think that I really have to. The game just outright refuses to save any graphics options that I change in the menus. Resolution, DirectX mode, everything remains unchanged no matter what you do. I located the supposed config files too, but they were encrypted and cannot be edited in Notepad++ (location is AppData\Local\Packages\DeepSilver.ProjectWindfall, if you want to have a look) so there pretty much is nothing that I can do at this point to even change the resolution from the abysmal default of 1280x720. Also you can't access the install folder unless you take over the ownership. Microsoft still thinks it's smart to lock users out of their own computers, so I guess that's just insult to injury at this point. So yeah all in all it's a huge dumpster fire at this point. I can only guess why the game is broken, but as I previously said I think it's cause of the switch to UWP and the config files not being where they are in the EGS version Edit: Went into some guy's twitch stream and asked how he got the resolution to change. He said alt+tab in and out and it should work. And it did, at least for me but yeah it's still kinda whack.
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