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    I'm not sure you know what you are talking about. The specular lighting model in the RE engine is based on material properities, which is a physically based lighting model. (Of course some of it exaggerated to attain a certain look intentionally. FWIW even in real life cinema, the lighting is not at all true to real life. Everything is lit a certain way to achieve a certain look. Either in filming or post.) And in real life you can have a lot of objects have the same kind of shiny finish. It all depends on how it's made. (Matte vs Satin vs Gloss). What you propose would actually have to change the entire lighting model of the engine to ignore material properties and light everything differently than how it was designed. Not a simple modification. RE7 in particular is the earliest version of this engine and so the lighting model is not as refined, but quite literally it takes place mostly in a wet, humid and damp environment where water would be a regular problem. Hence a lot of the outdoor areas are wet looking. Inside, some types of wood look more glossy but that's because the lighting material is based on a high gloss wood finish.(Though that doesn't apply to all wood. Different wood is lit differently). RE2 features rain prominently so there is also a lot of wetness in those areas and the character models actually transition from a wet to dry state based on the environment.
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    Game executable names to articles

    I actually think this is a solid idea. I would take this a step further and use this to point out if the EXE is in a subfolder as well (example: {{P|game}}\Binaries\Danielle\x64\Release\Prey.exe) Normally I would also say that Installation Folder isn't all that helpful, but there are some edge cases that are... unreasonable. Most notably, you may have trouble finding Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 in your Steamapps\common folder. That's because it's called Suzy. I could see it being standard practice to have an {{ii}} under game data if the folder has a strange name such as this, or note that every game in a collection has its own data stored in a dedicated subfolder. It would probably be best as a table in #Game_data as @SirYodaJedi suggested, with Mac/Linux file names directly below the Windows EXE.
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    The Steam pages for Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human have just popped up and it appears that the demos for the games do not contain Denuvo Anti-Tamper. The demos lack the telltale signs of Denuvo, including enlarged file sizes and certain strings contained within the exe. This is unlike the versions of the game that exist on the Epic Games Store, which contain Denuvo in the main release exe as well as the demo files. This is despite the fact that the game 'Requires agreement to a 3rd-party EULA', which contains numerous mentions that the product 'may be protected' using Denuvo Anti-Tamper: It remains to be seen whether the main releases will contain Denuvo. A release date for Heavy Rain has not been confirmed, but we would expect that it would release on Steam on June 24, 2020, exactly a year from its initial release on Epic Games Store. In the meantime, check out our wiki articles: Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human.
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    Overhaul of the editing guide?

    After extensive discussion, I think we're close to finalize the details of how we would cover it best. The way I see right now is a multi-parameter approach like the DualShock 4 parameters under input, where we both track support (native, hackable, etc) separately from the mode supported itself (DirectSound3D, Windows Spatial, etc). Inputting e.g. "EAX" into the mode field would interpret it as DirectSound3D and show it as such.
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    Marty Stratton, executive producer of Doom Eternal, has announced that Denuvo Anti-Cheat (not to be confused with Denuvo Anti-Tamper) will be removed from Doom Eternal in Update 1.1 which will be "rolled-out to players within a week". This follow the recent patch which implemented Denuvo Anti-Cheat in Doom Eternal faced backlash last Thursday. The developers will consider "giving campaign-only players the ability to play without anti-cheat software installed": The initial reason id Software implemented anti-cheat in the first place is clarified: The main announcement can be seen here on the /r/Doom subreddit: It remains remains to be seen whether id Software's decision to remove Denuvo Anti-Cheat again in Doom Eternal is permanent.
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    Taxonomy is a waste of time

    While I agree that the way we had series hindered pages in large franchises, I definitely would like something verbose like this at the bottom of the page to be able to quickly navigate between pages: https://tcrf.net/Category:LEGO_series It helps SEO, too.
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    Overhaul of the editing guide?

    Overhauling the editing guide sounds too encompassing 🙂 What I think is needed is that we simply go into more detail about the various parameters that allows true/limited/hackable/false values, with the focus being on Video and Input sections primarily, with the Audio section secondarily. A few example discussion points: 4K parameter seems heavily tied to 16:9 at the moment. Should preferably not be tied to any particular aspect ratio and more in general deal with whether a game can run at the 4K resolution of whatever aspect ratio the game is designed for (3840x2160 for 16:9-designed games, 3840x2400 for 16:10-designed games, 3840x2880 for 4:3-designed games). Repurpose multi-monitor parameter somehow, since right now it tends to mean "wider aspect ratio than ultra-widescreen". The "main element" of multi-monitor gaming today is AMD Eyefinity and Nvidia Surround, which isn't really relevant to the game itself, as all of that logic is separate from the game. Possibly repurpose to real multi-monitor support? As in games that allows the use of a secondary monitor for minimaps, view etc? Real native multi-monitor support, that is, without involving AMD Eyefinity or Nvidia Surround? Generally make it clearer whether a parameter means that a game have an option for toggling something vs. supports something. Right now the difference isn't always clear, which can cause new editors to interpret some parameters incorrect (e.g. should "mouse acceleration" be set to true or false if mouse acceleration is used, but no option is available to adjust it?) New parameter(s) in Audio settings detailing spatial audio support and possible tech required to enable it. Either replacing the existing EAX support field, or supplementing it somehow. The above is just a few examples that can be discussed. Past that, we should add abbreviations (hover explanations) to all of the parameters in the tables with a short and concise description of what the parameter tracks to make it easier editing without having to visit the Editing Guide. Some parameters already have this, and it simply needs to be extended to the rest after the discussions about what the parameters should actually mean have finalized.
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