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    Version 1.0.0


    Flawless Widescreen plugin for fixing wrong aspect ratio in 32:9 and Surround/Eyefinity resolutions. - Go to "C:\Program Files (x86)\Flawless Widescreen\" and unpack the content of this archive. (If it asks about overwriting some folders, accept - it will add new files and not overwrite any existing ones.) - Start FWS and select the plugin (under Helifax section). - Enable the plugin. - Play the game. Known Issues: The MAIN MENU will be stretched (incorrect Aspect Ratio) but in-game & cinematics everything will be using correct Aspect Ratio! I can only test it in 32:9 and it works perfect! I can't test Surround/Eyfinity resolutions but it should work fine, I expect! Cheers, Helifax
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    OMG thankyou!.. 8160x1600 perfectly!
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    Hello All (Especially those wanting Eyefinity / Surround) , This Patch worked great!!! I use Triple Monitor 7680 x 1440 and had to do the following: Launch Game (without Flawless Widescreen running) as normal Once inside game got to setting ("K" key for quick access) Inside setting go to the video tab Under Display Menu, go to first field "Window Mode" and select "Borderless Window" from the options (Fullscreen / Windowed) Apply Changes ("F" key for quick access) and Exit Game Now Start "Flawless Widescreen" and have program running as Helifax instructed Start Doom Eternal Enjoy the game in 7680 x 1440 🥂 First Photo @ 7680 x 1440 w/out Helifax patch Second photo @ 7680 x 1440 with Helifax patch -Mad Hatter 🍭
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    Version 1.0


    The tool removes black bars from the game in real time at 32:9 and wider resolutions. Compared to the great existing WSGF solution by Helifax, it is compatible with the Game Pass / Microsoft Store version of the game, automatically sets its resolution based on that of the desktop and has no aspect ratio limitations. Unpack the archive with software like 7zip - the password is pcgw Run the game, followed by the tool Press the Enable key as shown Set the in-game resolution to any of the available options All tools based on CE components may trigger some anti-virus software. Tested the latest Game Pass version at 5120x1440 and 11520x1080.
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    Can't Download (Error code: EX7)

    Sorry, problem with the community software and our object store - I’ve put a workaround in place to get it going again.
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    Version 1.0


    The tool removes black bars at any widescreen resolution. Unlike the existing solution, it works with the Microsoft version of the game. Download and unpack the archive using software like 7zip or PeaZip. The password is pcgw Launch the game Launch the tool Press the "Enable" key While in the game, press Alt+Enter twice. Alt+Tab may work as well. Try again if unsuccessful. Tested the latest Xbox Game Pass version at 2560x1080 and briefly at 7680x1080. The latter was affected by UI issues. You can buy me a coffee here.
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    Version 1.01


    This PWAD restores the red cross icons back to DOOM 64.
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    DOOM 64 - Restore Red Crosses

    You can bypass achievements getting disabled by injecting the sprites into the game's IWAD using Slade.
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    The new Doom 64 (2020) port releasing later today (bundled as a pre-order with Doom Eternal) is the first commercially licensed port of Doom 64 on PC. Interestingly the Doom 64 (2020) port has full mouse support, but does not allow looking up or down, which is a feature most PC gamers might expect in a modern game. However the original Doom 64 (and also Doom and Doom II) never supported full vertical mouselook. The game would automatically send bullets and rockets up or down if the monster was above or below your gun. Before this new Doom 64 (2020) port, PC gamers made do with the very polished unofficial port Doom 64 EX, which added support full vertical mouselook and has options like y-axis inversion and even the option to bind a key to 'jump'. Purists might think that using vertical mouselook detracts from the way the game was designed to be experienced. By taking full vertical mouselook control, it makes the game somewhat easier to play for some modern gamers, but also harder to hit some vertical shots as your 'autoaim' is taken away. Furthermore modern features like jumping were never intended to be used by the game and map designers, potentially breaking aspects of the level design (in a different port). This is a fascinating discussion about purism and modern quality of life fixes in PC gaming. Early id Software games like Doom and Quake had notoriously poor default controls, which made it extremely hard to strafe and shoot at the same time. When WASD and mouselook became more commonplace, these games became substantially easier to play too - did a control scheme break the game? It goes to show that one of the main strengths of PC gaming is that there are multiple wasy to experience the game (although one must note that Doom 64 EX requires the extra legally dubious step of acquiring the original Nintendo 64 ROM). No doubt some enterprising modder will add a jump and completely full mouselook support to Doom 64 (2020) and satisfy both sides of the argument. What do you guys think - is it right not to include mouselook and jumping in Doom 64 (2020), or should it have been added as an option by the developer? Doom 64 was originally developed by Midway Games rather than Doom developers id Software. It was released on Nintendo 64 in 1997, around the same time Quake was transforming first person shooters and online multiplayer on the PC. The new Doom 64 (2020) port was developed by Nightdive Studios in their Kex Engine.
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    Version 0.9.9


    The tool removes black bars from the game at 21:9, 32:9, 48:9 and other wide resolutions. Download and unpack the archive using software like 7zip or PeaZip. The password is pcgw Launch the game Launch the tool Press the "Enable" key While in the game, briefly switch to the Borderless or Fullscreen mode. Use the tool to manually adjust the UI size at 32:9 and wider resolutions. Known issues: Stretched loading screens and rare FMVs. Minor UI display and alignment issues. Use the UI adjustment keys if necessary. The window mode switching requirement is also undesirable, hence the version number! Tested the latest Epic version at 2560x1080, briefly at 3840x1080, 5760x1080, 5120x2160 and 7680x1080 on a single monitor. You can buy me a coffee here.
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    Icon of Sin level I always thought was a very cheap way of structuring a final boss. I am still really surprised no one has modded freelook into the game yet, it has been out for a while!
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    Hei, Thank You! Works perfectly, 32:9 looks greit now.
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    Doom Eternal Aspect Ratio Fix for 32:9.

    Hello ... I saw a post in the wsgf Doom 2016 thread by ... HWGuy ... that showed a fix for Doom after an update that stopped the original plugin from working. It's here ... https://www.wsgf.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=61&t=30953&start=160 Thank you HWGuy. So following what he did I did the same and used Flawless Widescreen's Wolfenstein II's plugin with a slightly changed script for Doom Eternal and it worked in game ... the menu background does not get fixed with this. The changed WolfensteinII.lua script is attached below. Here is what I changed ... Near the start of the script is this section ... --PROCESS VARS Process_FriendlyName = Module:GetFriendlyName() Process_WindowName = "Wolfenstein II The New Colossusx64vk" Process_ClassName = "Wolfenstein II The New Colossus" Process_EXEName = "NewColossus_x64vk.exe" I changed it to ... --PROCESS VARS Process_FriendlyName = Module:GetFriendlyName() Process_WindowName = "DOOMEternal" Process_ClassName = "*" Process_EXEName = "DOOMEternalx64vk.exe" So just drop the downloaded WolfensteinII.lua script here ... C:\Program Files (x86)\Flawless Widescreen\PluginCache\FWS_Plugins\Modules\WolfensteinII\Dependencies\Scripts Run Flawless widescreen with the Wolfenstein II plugin for Doom Eternal. Enjoy. I don't have enough knowledge to make a full/proper plugin for Flawless widescreen so hopefully someone that knows what they are doing can make one using this info. It works for multi-monitor too. WolfensteinII.lua
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    I with they added it, if so I would have gone for the steam port. With this news though I will probably play it on my switch since the mouse would feel too odd for me if up/down look didn't work
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    Doom Eternal Aspect Ratio Fix for 32:9.

    HWGuy here, glad my random bumbling around helped. :)
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    np ... thank you for the plugin ... 😎
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    @Paul Ha! I didn't even thought about checking that out! Awesome job! I started reverse engineering the engine to see how it works! Now, I am really curious how the Wolf2 is doing the correction! Maybe I can still learn from that fix! Thank you for posting this! Cheers!
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    Doom Eternal Aspect Ratio Fix for 32:9.

    Ei, now works fine! Thanks a lot!
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    Doom Eternal Aspect Ratio Fix for 32:9.

    Hi Lancasther ... I'm sorry ... I dunno what happened. I have re-uploaded it and added the screenshots ... hope it works for you now.
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    Doom Eternal Aspect Ratio Fix for 32:9.

    Hi! I'm trying to download it, but I can't. "Something went wrong. Please try again."
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    I would be fine with mouse look being disabled by default, as long as it at least was available as an option. The fact that it isn't, however, makes the game unplayable for me. It'll remain in my library untouched up until that time that I am able to get mouse look into the game.
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    I prefer original controls. New features break game design, eg Icon of Sin with mouselook is beatable instantly.
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    Hi there! :) We talked with Andrew about our program. It might be featured later in more official fashion. But for now forum post seems to be best way to introduce it. Released on Steam previous week: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1190750/GameAssistant_The_Tool_For_Every_Gamer We thoroughly analyzed each supported game and in many cases our program provides some exclusive tweaks that are not listed on PC Gaming Wiki. When there are descriptions of useful changes that are hard to automate, we show link that directs to PC Gaming Wiki page. In case of disabling startup videos, we always remove or overwrite files, if possible. Program also provides cheats, sometimes as tweaks. To enable god mode in Outlast 1 exactly 60 properties in INI config are modified. Program can override FOV in STALKER games, where DLL file is modified. PC Gaming Wiki tells you to download some ZIP, which must be extracted into proper dir, and then some batch script must be run and finally proper number must be entered. Program is able to: - modify config files (10 formats supported: from simple key = value to engine specific) - modify registry entries - modify binary files - set compatibility modes for executables (admin, win xp) - set CPU affinity - set process priority - copy files - remove files - create directories - extract files from archives - mark files as read-only - show formatted hints All changes can be reverted. About 200 games are currently supported with more to come: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1190750/discussions/0/2659872290967762982 Program is moddable, so new games can be added without programming skills. Detailed HTML documentation is available. Program can download Community Pack with multiple configs. Unfortunately, program did not receive much media coverage. You can spread the word and get 3 keys. More details here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/1190750/discussions/0/1751276551817474198
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    With the latest update a FOV slider was added in options but it doesnt affect cutscenes, so this is still superior
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    Yea. The game really needs to let us adjust FOV for different camera states, aiming down sights, when entering interiors, when drawing out weapons etc. All this automatic back and forth auto-fov-adjusting is sometimes quite annoying.
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    Sorry about that -- the links pointed to the old location of the thumbnails which changed when we switched storage provider during 2019. The thumbnails have now been redirected to their new location.
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    Proposal: Metacritic or equivalent

    Reviews are a subjective thing, this site should focus on technical aspects of games. I am against.
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    I think I might have pretty bad neck problems if I had to look that far right just to see how many grenades I had.. Good job on the fix!
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    Metro Mouse Fix

    Version 1.2


    What is this? This fix makes Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux use raw mouse input to solve the issue of different sensitivities for horizontal and vertical movement. It also changes the sensitivity range to more reasonable values. It is easy to install and use and does not require any external configuration. Overview Description Even though the mouse input in Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux is quite good, both games apply different sensitivities for vertical and horizontal movement. They also have sensitivity settings that are too high for some players who prefer slower movement. This fix removes these problems by acquiring raw mouse input and injecting it directly into the game's input function. Features Raw mouse input Same sensitivity in all directions More reasonable sensitivity range No additional smoothing or positive/negative mouse acceleration Configuration via the ingame settings as usual Simple installation and usage without any external configuration Instructions Supported Versions Important: This fix relies on the latest, fully patched executables of the supported versions. Older versions or ones that otherwise have been tempered with might not work. The fix supports the following versions of Metro 2033 Redux and Metro Last Light Redux: Steam/Retail GOG Install The fix does not make any permanent changes to the game or the system and can easily be removed (see below). Extract the file dinput8.dll to your main game folder*. For example: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Metro 2033 Redux\" Start the game like you would normally, for example directly through Steam or GOG Galaxy See Loading Other Fixes/Mods/Injectors* for information on how to use the fix with another fix, mod or injector that uses a DLL file with the same name. Uninstall Remove or rename the dinput8.dll from the folder of the game. How To Use After the installation the fix does not require any additional treatment. Just launch and configure the game as usual. Loading Other Fixes/Mods/Injectors To increase the compatibility with other fixes, mods or injectors that are also using a dinput8.dll, this fix offers a remote loading feature of additional DLLs. This can be done in two ways: File method: The fix DLL will automatically load a DLL that has the same name as itself with the postfix _Remote added to it. For example dinput8_Remote.dll. Just rename the DLL file you want to load accordingly. This is the simplest way if you only have a conflict with one additional DLL Folder method: The fix DLL will also automatically load all DLL files regardless of their name in a sub-directory that has the same name as itself with the postfix _Remote added to it. For example dinput8_Remote. Just create a folder with the corresponding name in the install directory of the fix. This is the only way to load multiple (conflicting) DLLs Note that there might still be compatibility issues between the different fixes, mods or injectors that have nothing to do with the loading process. Additional Information What You Should Know This fix is essentially a hack and relies on the layout of the specific executable. There may be crashes or unexpected issues. Feel free to provide feedback so that the problems can get fixed. Since the fix consists of an executable DLL-File, I could have put any harmful shenanigans in there. You just have to trust me that the file is clean. If you don't -- and why should you -- feel free to use a meta online virus scanner like VirusTotal to verify the file. Be aware however, that because the fix uses "hacking techniques" such as injection and hooking, it could trigger anti-virus software without being harmful. Known Issues There are currently no known issues with the fix. Acknowledgments I would like to thank Magmarock (Steam/gog), who requested this fix and supported the development. Contact And Support If you like this fix and want to support the development or show your appreciation, you can find more information on my website. There you can also find out more about other fixes that I have done and means to contact me if you have a question, want to provide feedback, bug reports or suggestions.
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    A Plague Tale: Innocence ultrawide fix

    I just got prompted that my disc was not in the drive while playing with the fix enabled and could not continue.
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