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This is a SUWSF patch intended to fix the aspect ratio and FOV for Laura's Happy Adventures (Pentium III version from late 1999), it supports 5:4, 15:9, 16:9, 16:10, 21:9 and 25:16 aspect ratios. Just drag and drop the files from the folder that corresponds to your aspect ratio. You will need dgVoodoo2 as well to run the game on modern Windows versions, as it doesn't start without it.


- Objects keep disappearing in the sides when moving the camera around beyond the 4:3 safe area, but that will hopefully be fixed in the future.

Credits also go to: czarman

Password: pcgw

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Hello, I've seen your video on youtube with the whole gameplay of Laura's happy adventures.

I have windows11, I installed the game from it's cdrom. It works but i can see very uge pixels, no smooth like your video. I installed nGlide so the game runs. but it doen't save the progress so I have 2 issues.

even if the grafic sucks, the issue are:

1) beacuse of the game doesn't save anything, everytime i run the game it sarts form the beginning intro, as i din't never played;

2) i think because of the issue n°1, when i make progress in the game ending quests, the npgs start from the previuos talks: the give me the same quest as if i never done. 

I'm not a programmer, but i try to do what's necessary. i just copyed a file "fixrose2.exe" that is available on Ubisoft site. ( i don't think that was something really useful)


My question is: even if i didn't undertand how to have smooth graphics (i don't know how to undersan the ratio i'm using so i don't know wer copy the right folder) HOW CAN I MAKE THE SAVE GAME FOLDER WORK?

Thank you for your time and your precious links


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Hi Chiara, I was having the same issue as you. I installed dgVoodoo 2 which I saw some other people mentioning. Basically, install your CD-ROM normally, but make sure to run it in compatibility mode for Windows 98/ME. When it's done installing, copy the dgVoodooCpl.exe from the dgVoodoo zip file into the C:\UbiSoft\Laura's Happy Adventure folder. Then go into the dgVoodoo zip and open the folder MS\x86 and copy all the dlls from that folder into your C:\UbiSoft\Laura's Happy Adventure folder. Then run Laura.exe (in compitability mode) and everything should now work and it will let you save. If you have issues, make sure the settings in your UBIconfig.exe and VidSelect.exe folders match what's on this page. Hope this helps!

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