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Silent Hill 3 PC Fix by Steam006 1.9.2

About This File

Allow custom window resolutions
Allow custom rendering resolutions
Window mode
Borderless mode
Window positioning
Fullscreen fix for DirectX 8 on Windows 10
Up to 8x multisampling
Force VSync in fullscreen mode
Use the correct FOV and enable manual control (page up and page down)
Use the correct FOV in cutscenes
Disable the game's safe mode
Fix the options menu
Display fullscreen pause menu
Depth of Field Resolution fix
Shadow Resolution fix
Inventory Background Resolution fix
Status Screen Resolution fix
Disable borders in cutscenes
Modify the fog effect
Different framerate modes
Unlock Silent Hill 2 Easter eggs
Wallhack (F1)
Disable DirectX Fog (F2)
Gamma control (F6, F7 and F8)

1. Copy all the files to your Silent Hill 3 install folder.
2. Configure the width and height and other options in Silent_Hill_3_PC_Fix.ini.
3. Start the game with DLLInjector.exe.

07151129 - sh3proxy
WidescreenFixesPack tea

What's New in Version 1.9.2


Changelog: 1.9.2:
Bug fixes in DLLInjector.exe
Fixed slow start

Password: pcgw

User Feedback

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Windows Security says that DLLInjector.exe had a trojan attached to it. I'm not sure if that was a false positive, but it said that Trojan:Win32/Occamy.CED was affecting it. The download did work, and it unzipped fine after the password, but I'm just trying to be wary. (Edit: fixed Win21 to Win32)

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the fix doesn't work for me, I copied all 4 files in the game's directory, launched dllinjector.exe and both processes (dllinjector and sh3) are running in the background (task manager) but nothing happens, the game doesn't load.

Without all these widescreen fixes, the game loads fine and i can change the resolution without issues in the options.

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The fix is working fine with one exception, shadows are corrupted in some cutscenes. It only affects certain cutscenes, not all of them. I can reproduce a similar bug with shadows that affects the entire game, not just cutscenes, if I set a width/height rendering resolution that is different from the screen width/height. But no matter what I do I can't fix these specific cutscenes. I'm playing on a 1680*1050 (16:10) monitor, I've set the resolution size to 1680*1050, the rendering resolution to 1680*1050 as well. I tried to mess around with all the DOF and shadows resolution settings but nothing worked.

Here's a screenshot of what happens: 


The cutscene right before that one with the rollercoaster has no issues, and the following one with Heather and Douglas talking works fine as well. But that segment in between just won't work properly.

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Disregard my previous post, I found the culprit. It was the anti-aliasing. For some reason I had an old GPU profile for the game that was forcing Super Sampling AA. Deactivating it solved the issue.

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for me, it doesn't work, now my Windows 10 even says that there is a virus or unwanted file in the dllinjector.exe. Without these files, SH3 load fine, so the problem is not with the game or my system

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Doesn't work for me though game works fine without  it. Anyone have any luck? Windows 10 x64 pro.

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