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About This File

Name: Warrior Ch. 10 Map 2 Fix - V1.00
Author: Corey DeFrancesco
Email: Apocalypse612@yahoo.com

Tools (optional): xdeltaUI
Patched File Name: war10b.map
File Directory: $INSTALLATION_DIR$\GOG Games\Nox\maps\war10b

This file patch applies to the GOG games release, but it should still be valid for the other versions as well. It addresses some issues related to a secret area and Mechanical Golem fight in Warrior Chapter 10 (Map 2) not triggering.

I have included the modified map file in this pack. If you prefer, you can also use the patch file instead. In order to apply the patch file you will need xdelta (available at Romhacking.net).

I used NoxEdit2014 in order to fix these problems. Huge shout out to those guys at the NoxCommunity.com forums for making the tool available.


Email me if there are any problems.


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