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    Some blank MP4 videos made in OBS Studio to skip the intro videos of the 2019 Unity re-releases of DOOM and DOOM II. Simply extract the videos included in this archive from its designated folder to the *_Data\StreamingAssets, replacing the original video files in the process. Credit to Garret's Fable: The Lost Chapters Intro Skip for giving me the idea for this intro skip.
  3. Paul

    RDR2 Centered HUD

    Awesome ... thank you for this fix! A real quality of life improvement! Works great on 32:9.
  4. Hi Helifax ... Thank you for this ... 🙂 I had been using the old game patch method. Great job!
  5. Hi everyone! Use it mod always but now starting facing a big problem. WIth activated mod my game starts shuttering. And it has nothing to do with fps or core or gpu ( i checked ). It just shuddering and lag with activated mod! Without it works flawless but i like to remove black bars so.... Someone has such issue? I Playing in 4K. Don't know maybe something with resolution incompability or what?
  6. k4sh

    RDR2 Centered HUD

    The file trick or my cheat table is obviously irrelevant if you set your game to be true fullscreen as the game set the HUD location natively correctly.
  7. Rose

    RDR2 Centered HUD

    Awesome findings! I tested this at 21:9 and documented in the article as well 🙂
  8. New documents from the Steamworks Documentation site show that Steam Cloud Play (Beta) is now being implemented. The new name of the service is Steam Cloud Gaming, and for it to be enabled, each game must support Steam Cloud Saves. In addition, each game developer has a choice to opt-in: “Enable your game to run streamed from the Cloud, hosted by Valve, and the following service providers:” and “NVIDIA GeForce NOW.” Nvidia's GeForce NOW has been running for quite some time as a PC gaming streaming service, and the real news is that Valve is implementing their own Valve-hosted game streaming service. It appears from the wording of the opt-in that Valve's own-hosted game streaming service is a prerequisite to enabling native GeForce NOW support. It remains to be seen exactly how game streaming will look and function within the Steam client, and we look forward to seeing full implementation soon.
  9. k4sh

    RDR2 Centered HUD

    Thank you Rose. I found an easier and more reliable way to do this trick. You have to go to your "\Documents\Rockstar Games\Red Dead Redemption 2\Settings" folder. There, you'll see several files with .bin extension. One of these files contains the horizontal HUD location. Mine was named "400042567_19054853.bin". I don't know if the name may vary from computer to another. All of these files are in fact xml files and easy to edit with any notepad. I found the following key to contain the horizontal HUD location. <Item key="7014661855" type="rage__fwuiValueFloat"> <value value="0.328000" /> </Item> All you have to do is to modify the value to whatever you desire then set this file to be read only. Last step is important because it prevents the game from modifying this value. Once this value is modified never go back in game to the HUD location setting or it may reset the value in memory and it will revert the HUD location. This works really well for me.
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    This icon is a replacement for the default icon that comes with the Steam version of Spec Ops: The Line. The default icon is only 48x48, whereas this recreation is 256x256. Comparison: https://community.pcgamingwiki.com/gallery/album/147-spec-ops-the-line-icon-comparison/ I made this a while ago and don't remember where I got the assets, but I've also uploaded the source assets in a RAR archive, in case you are interested.
  12. Hey Mate, amazing mod! Makes this game soo much better. Is there any chance that there is a way to save my FOV so that i dont have to set it up every time i open the game? Or even a way to enter an exact FOV or use a slider instead of counting how many times i need to click f8?
  13. Version 1.0


    The game features FMVs and rendered cutscenes that get pillarboxed at 21:9 and wider resolutions. This patcher removes the black bars from the rendered cutscenes and has no effect on the FMVs as there is no way to hack a pre-recorded video to add more content. Simply unpack the archive and patch the main game exe. Tested the latest Steam version at 2560x1080 and briefly at 5760x1080 in both DX modes. You can buy me a coffee or support me on patreon.
  14. Taxonomy gives a wealth of detail in very few words. The theme, controls, and stuff, matter a lot whether I'll enjoy a game. Simple notes go a long way. For instance I appreciate knowing when extras (soundtracks, wallpapers, etc) are included that aren't already clarified in the usual places like the game's store page or boxart.
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  16. Rose

    RDR2 Centered HUD

    Thanks! Added the solution to the article. 🙂
  17. For anyone who wants to to the changes manually (note: this is based on the difference between patched and unpatched file and verified using checksum after manual edit, the patcher may consider other variables when changing the hex which may be relevant for future patches) For wide in game and pre render cutscenes go to offset "00378CD0", find "0F 11 49 28 48" and change it to "0F 11 51 28 48". To make pre rendered cutscenes not cut off on the top and bottom (in exchange for black bars on the side) in addition to the edit above go to offset "003839D0", find "8B C9 75 38 F3" and change it to "8B C9 74 38 F3".
  18. @scotscottscottt Click on the tab "Releases", you will find the EXE there. I will update the documentation, thanks for the feedback
  19. anybody able to get this , really would love this , lots of commands are locked for tweaking
  20. Uh Huh ... i can see that nobodys got the skills to take this request on? nobody interested in killin this shit? do i have to beg , ill do so if i must
  21. Hi, I did all steps but it doest work. Only UI element scale changing. I though the tool need an update for new game version. According to epic games store my game version is: International_RETAIL_2 0200213_1130. Is there anyone who can get result in this version? My resolution is 2560x1080 btw Edit: It's working
  22. @cecton There's no executable in your download. What am I copying where? How do I "run the patch"? Could you please clarify? Cheers!
  23. k4sh

    RDR2 Centered HUD

    Version 1.0.0


    I really was upset with the map being compressed while playing ultrawide 3 displays. The only way to get rid of this bug was to set the game windowed borderless. It's still not perfect as the map is spaned all across my 3 displays but better with actual behavior. But while doing this, the HUD (minimap, Texts, ammo) were left and right sided. Player can still modify the HUD location but it would still be bounded to 90% of the viewport. So i wrote this cheat table to overwrite the bounded locations. This script is not perfect. First, you have to set in your game settings the horizontal area in game to 90% and vertical one to 100%. Then, edit the script and modify the following code : Change the value after (float) to whatever you like between 0 and 0.95 (0 should give weird behaviors). While in game, activate the script and then go to settings as if you were to change your horizontal HUD position in game. You'll probably see non correct values but don't worry about that. Apply changes and go back in game. Your HUD should be centered correctly now.
  24. I actually think this is a solid idea. I would take this a step further and use this to point out if the EXE is in a subfolder as well (example: {{P|game}}\Binaries\Danielle\x64\Release\Prey.exe) Normally I would also say that Installation Folder isn't all that helpful, but there are some edge cases that are... unreasonable. Most notably, you may have trouble finding Mega Man Legacy Collection 1 in your Steamapps\common folder. That's because it's called Suzy. I could see it being standard practice to have an {{ii}} under game data if the folder has a strange name such as this, or note that every game in a collection has its own data stored in a dedicated subfolder. It would probably be best as a table in #Game_data as @SirYodaJedi suggested, with Mac/Linux file names directly below the Windows EXE.
  25. The Steam pages for Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human have just popped up and it appears that the demos for the games do not contain Denuvo Anti-Tamper. The demos lack the telltale signs of Denuvo, including enlarged file sizes and certain strings contained within the exe. This is unlike the versions of the game that exist on the Epic Games Store, which contain Denuvo in the main release exe as well as the demo files. This is despite the fact that the game 'Requires agreement to a 3rd-party EULA', which contains numerous mentions that the product 'may be protected' using Denuvo Anti-Tamper: It remains to be seen whether the main releases will contain Denuvo. A release date for Heavy Rain has not been confirmed, but we would expect that it would release on Steam on June 24, 2020, exactly a year from its initial release on Epic Games Store. In the meantime, check out our wiki articles: Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit: Become Human.
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