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  3. I was wondering, is there any way to only center the textboxes, but not the rest of the ui?
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  5. That was because I moved my Git repositories over to GitLab, and I made a new AppVeyor account so I could do private binary builds when I am testing the build settings on a new repo. The page has been updated to link to the new repo and binary builds.
  6. Felt like going back to the more grounded GTA IV, as badly optimised as it may be. Still having a blast.
  7. I am currently playing game right now is pokemon y (https://romsworld.online/pokemon-y-rom/) and this game graphics so nice.
  8. For the people using the stretched hud version of this patch, I actually made a font edit to avoid stretching, which can be downloaded from gamebanana here
  9. Rose

    Noita ultrawide mod

    I see no major changes to the base game code for the warning to matter. Debug lines aside, there is one localization string introduced and one UI damage offset slightly changed. Regardless, I added the new strings to the mod just now. How do you know that it's the cause of the restarts?
  10. hydroptix

    Noita ultrawide mod

    Getting a notification when installing the mod that it's out of date. Also getting restarts between games due to the mod sometimes? On 3440x1440.
  11. Version 1.0.0


    *Note: Password for the archive is 'pcgw' This patch removes the black bars during cutscenes for ultrawide users. Simply locate the 'witcher3.exe' file and hit apply. Next time you're in a cutscene the black bars should be gone. Just let me know if the patch isn't working for you, I'll try to fix it.
  12. If you leave them at the default value in the ini (zero for ActionLevel and 4 for RiddleLevel) your menu choices will be used.
  13. Ah thanks for picking up on that. It was because I changed the heading after I had made the link but forgot to update it here as well.
  14. The link to the fixbox has an extra _ in it. It should be https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Batman:_Arkham_City#DirectX_11_lighting_bug.
  15. Hey there @darius1911. No don't worry you didn't do anything wrong, there was a bug with Captcha on discussion pages which I had discovered previously but didn't get fully patched out. If anything due to you making a post about it here was better as it meant I happened to come across it a lot sooner! Anyway as for the lighting fix for Batman Arkham City, I've gone ahead and added it as a fixbox to the article page and uploaded the graphic cache files to the downloads section so that they will remain easy to access for anyone in the future.
  16. 17 downloads

    For those who have a lighting issue when using Direct X 11 when playing the GOTY version of the game, the solution is to replace two bin files from the Games for Windows Live version. If you own the original version yourself, you can simply copy and replace the files yourself. A download of the two files are provided here for your convivence. Included in the archive is the following two files, GlobalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM3.bin GlobalShaderCache-PC-D3D-SM5.bin After downloading, simply extract the two files to <GAME_FOLDER>/BmGame/CookedPCConsole/ and replace any existing files. Link to game article fixbox.
  17. Beauty Write For Us

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  18. Currently, https://www.pcgamingwiki.com/wiki/Template:Infobox_controller seems a bit limited in its scope, and I have two proposals for additional properties to add to it, since I presume I lack editing rights for that infobox: 1) Connection method. Whether a controller can be connected to PC by one or more of these: • USB (e.g. Logitech Gamepad F310, DualShock 3) • Bluetooth (e.g. Wii Remote, Xbox One Controller) • Wi-Fi (e.g. Nintendo DS, Amazon Fire TV Game Controller) • Custom port that require an adapter (e.g. GameCube controller, DualShock 2) Additionally, if it's desired, the USB category can be divided into: • USB-Mini (e.g. DualShock 3) • USB-Micro (e.g. Xbox One Controller) • USB-C (e.g. Switch Pro Controller) • USB non-Bluetooth dongle (e.g. Xbox 360 Controller's wireless revision) • Soldered USB-A (e.g. Trust GXT 540) I am not 100% sure how to handle controllers whose revisions have different connection methods. For instance, Xbox 360 Controller has two revisions; one with soldered, and one with USB dongle. 2) Haptic feedback. Whether a controller has a rumble engine within it or not.

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  21. This file is loaded with malware and viruses. 27 viruses scanned on https://www.virustotal.com/. DO NOT RUN IT!!!! Report on virus total: https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/14f5cc4d3ef5ad3cc57823738a2471e3c2563155d123c1cd9f000494dc863281/detection
  22. There's a little reported bug with the GOTY version on steam that causes some DX11 point lights to not blend correctly and show their polygonal edges. Here's the steam thread with the fix: https://steamcommunity.com/app/200260/discussions/0/810939350937769623/?ctp=2 And the fix itself in a google drive link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B60dyrffWO_PNU50N0h3bE9fZkk/view?usp=sharing Visually the issue is very noticeable when looking at Tyger helicopter searchlights and the first room in the museum with the TVs pointed at Batman, they look like giant polygonal shapes that brighten anything within or behind them from your POV. The fix replaces two shader files that were sourced from the original GFWL release, the steam version's ones are the culprit. If someone could archive these and add a link and description on the wiki page that would be great. Unrelated, but I was trying to post this on the arkham city discussion page but captcha kept on resetting after pressing add topic, sorry I just made the account to try to put it on there so if I did something wrong my mistake.
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  24. Version 1.0.0


    *Note: Password for the archive is 'pcgw' These are official utilities made by Legend Entertainment for The Wheel of Time. Uploaded here to make them easier to find. Source (Via Wayback Machine) Although no longer hosted there, still provides information about them. Note: These programs are old and may not support file paths with spaces like "Program Files". However, each directory has an alternative name to them which is set by Windows; It is the first 6 letters of the folder followed by ~#. for example, Program Files would be progra~1 and Program Files (x86) would be progra~2, or reinstall the game to a different directory with no spaces. Note 2: UI is a bit different than most installers. T.H.U.M.B: Ter'angreal Hand Utility Modifier and Builder - 1.1.7 Provides a very easy way to rebind mouse and keyboard buttons and reorganize your hand of Ter'angreal. For example, air pulse can be moved into Hand 5 (Slot 5) instead of Hand 1 (Slot 1). This can also help with modernizing controls since it can bind Ter'angreal directly to a key without needing to select it first. For example, binding light globe to F would be equivalent to a flashlight or lantern in a modern game. This also provides a list of console commands with the ability to bind them. (Set bind type to "Action". Check "Advanced Commands" for more.) WoTServCon - 1.0 Provides a way to create a server without needing to launch the game first. Also supports loading custom maps. Note: This officially bypasses the game's DRM (don't need disc 2 inserted), but only for server creation. Individual Downloads THUMB_117.exe WoTServCon.exe
  25. Version 1.0.0


    Unofficial Polish translation for the base game
  26. the 4k resolution file its 2560x1440, i have tryalot of ways, selecting it from the options also dosnt work the only thing that change is the gameplay distance or window size not the character or environment resolution at all. pls someone check it or atleast let me know wich seating am i had to change on the exe using hex editor.
  27. 1 download

    This is the extracted official Polish translation for 'True Crime: New York City'. Tested only with the English retail version of the game, but it will have to work on any version of the game. In Polish: Jest to oficjalne polskie tłumaczenie dla 'True Crime: New York City'. Testowane na wersji Angielskiej, ale powinno także działać na innych wydaniach. PS. Please read "Przeczytaj mnie.txt" to install translation properly. In Polish: PS. Przeczytaj "Przeczytaj mnie.txt", żeby poprawnie zainstalować spolszczenie.
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