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  3. I don't think so as the hack tool designer already told that it will be viewed by antivirus software as a virus. Since it hacks assembly code in memory, it will always be viewed by some as at least a hacking tool and reported so. Your best option is to set an exception in your anti virus software.
  4. My antivirus recognises the mod as a virus and wont let my launch it are there any alternatives?
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  6. Hi fellas. New to the forums, but I use the PCGW to get the most out of my games. Today I installed Monkey Island 2 SE, and I noticed that the scrolling in the game is a bit choppy. I think it has been like that since forever, but now I googled it and found out other ppl noticed it too. https://steamcommunity.com/app/32460/discussions/0/864979455454150181/ As the Steam thread says, capping FPS to 30 makes the scrolling smooth, but instead mouse movement is choppier. I tried some basic stuff, but nothing makes the game run at 60+ FPS permanently it seems. Moving the mouse quick makes the FPS go up, but it's only as long as the mouse move.
  7. Does using this file prevent any more Blue Screens from occuring?
  8. Just like with SH3 the game refuses to launch but without it it runs just fine 😕 Windows 10 Pro x64 I'm wondering if its something to do with Defender? *Edit* Turns out it was the widescreen asi in the scripts folder for both games. I guess common sense I should've removed them before hand.
  9. Version 1.0.1


    Fix for StarLancer crashing on modern versions of Windows when using the medal case. First version of the fix by Teleguy V1.0.1 : Check if the lancer.exe is a starlancer one (product_name = "starlancer"), this will avoid to apply the compatibility fix to all application that could also use lancer.exe.
  10. Platform features could work for this, the only potential issue I see is that family sharing is only available on Steam (I don't believe any other platform has an equivalent) so the check would only ever appear next to Steam, and every other platform would always show the X. If that's no issue, then platform features does seems like the perfect place to display this.
  11. I was thinking more along the lines of using the Store feature template as like how it is currently used to denote a game being part of Xbox game pass/play anywhere and be put inside the availability notes table. Not that I disagree with the idea of putting it in it's own table as it would also give more merit as it would solve both proposals, but I happened to come across an old proposal form 2019 for the inclusion of a property for Xbox game pass/play anywhere, and it too had an idea for its own table made by @Aemony, that I assume was never used. Due to the similarities between the two (or three) ideas I would call into question the need for a seperate table, though maybe it could also be seen as an opportunity to finally use it? I've also discussed on Discord how there is the potential for this to be automated using a bot, as SteamDB has the game property "exfgls" to denote if a game is excluded from family game library sharing or not. Though it would still need to be decided how to display this first.
  12. Found another batch of obscure PC ports, this time from Konami: I recently saw an article on LostMediaWiki about a very obscure PC port of NBA Powerdunkers. The status is currently "lost". https://lostmediawiki.com/NBA_Powerdunkers_(lost_PC_port_of_PlayStation_sports_game;_1997) What is interesting is that, one of the sources listed in the article includes info on all kinds of PC releases that saw a light of day in Japan, but are now very obscure. https://pc.watch.impress.co.jp/docs/article/970131/mitei.htm Another very obscure port is Vandal Hearts, a tactical RPG similar to Fire Emblem, initially released in 1996 for the PlayStation. Apparently, the game received a PC port in 1998, developed by Konami Computer Games Aoyama, a one-time studio with an objective to port PlayStation titles to the PCs. It was released in Japan, South Korea and China (I don't know if it means Mainland China or Taiwan, as I found out that there is a Chinese localization). I still do not know if the studio ever had an official website. I am still searching for any kind of link that can prove the existence of that studio. Here are some pictures of the box from a Japanese auction site: https://www.mercari.com/jp/items/m87106641459/ And some gameplay footage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RnUAP7u8Sw Also, here is another RPG: Suikoden, also known in Japan as Genso Suikoden, a JRPG loosely based on the famous Chinese novel Water Margin. Initially released in 1995, the game received a PC port in both Japan (in 1998) and South Korea. I do not know if the game received a Chinese localization. Gameplay footage (Japanese): https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm3931174 Korean version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xf4pYXPdcEA
  13. Yes this is a good idea, we should wikify this list of games. In terms of template position, perhaps it could fit in a new 'platform features' with 'achievements' section as proposed here?
  14. This is amazing, thank you! Gris ultrawide is absolutely mesmerizing.
  15. Yes, we resolved this already.
  16. Proposal to show support of Steam Family Sharing on the Wiki pages, as some games do not support Steam Family Sharing (this is the most recent list I could find) and this could be useful information to be recorded.
  17. Version 1.0.0


    Fix for some post processing effects being rendered incorrectly in You are Empty based.
  18. Version 1.1


    The small patcher removes black bars from the game at all wide resolutions. Keep in mind that some of the textures simply do not have enough width to fill the screen, and the menu UI will become cropped the wider it gets from 21:9, although the game appears to be playable even at 48:9. Tested the latest GOG version at 2560x1080, 3440x1440, 3840x1080 and 5760x1080. You can buy me a coffee here.
  19. Working on 5120 x 1440 (option 2) and removed the zoom on cutscene (option1). Amazing work as always. Thanks
  20. Nvm. I fixed it by reinstalling flawless widescreen again. I didn’t have the option to check ‘acknowledge and ignore’ at first. Maybe i messed somethings up in the installation. Mod works great! Is there a way to keep all the settings even when restarted the pc?
  21. I received the same error as dev850. I attempted launching this before and after I started the game but no such luck. Any updates to this plugin? Thanks for any help!
  22. Why is your font so horribly small. Look at Rose's profile, she's legit and has released a ton of FOV and ultrawide fixes for games. They usually come up as false positives, because like it says below the instructions, "All trainers based on CE components may trigger some anti-virus software".
  23. I can't imagine the Epic version being different but the conflicting with other mods is a possibility. The script is still working fine on my end today.
  24. Is this now depreciated? Cause i can’t get it to work. I enable the fix and check every box, but when i launch the game ‘fix enabled’ checkmark unchecks itself and cannot be checked back on. I’m using updated one. Is it just me? Could it be conflicting with mods? Or maybe because my gta is epic store version?
  25. An interesting one, or rather a game that I have a soft spot for even though it's not the best game ever made, is DroneZ or to give it its full title- Dennou Taisen DroneZ. Originally made by Zetha gameZ as a demo product for GeForce 3 graphics cards, it was further developed into an XBox release only for Japan which was then ported back to PC but only for Russian customers! I have the "OEM" version which consists of the first few levels, a benchmarking rolling demo and features the best title / menu screen ever (check the screenshots for an idea why). I was also kindly given the ISO for the full game by someone who made a full playthough on YouTube. Sadly that image requires a CD key I seem to recall--there was some problem with it anyway--and tracking down an XBox copy (and a suitable XBox to play it on!) isn't something I've put my efforts to yet. Besides, neither release is in English either sadly, I think. And they got rid of all that great interface too by the looks of it. Anyway, it's an obscure one although I expect quite a few people have played that OEM disk.
  26. This download contained a trojan. Neat. To be clear, I cannot verify this. It detected wacatac.c ml and called it a trojan. Googling it says it's potentially malicious. Maybe it's a false-positive. Either way, I'm not touching this file, just to be safe, and I'd recommend others do the same. @Rose no offense intended, just trying to be safe. Others vouch for it so I'm inclined to believe it's a false positive at this point.
  27. This works on the Steam full game too ... thank you Rose!
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