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  2. Oh no, the problem is there. Here is a comparison with PCSX2 emulation with anisotropic filtering set to x16. Look at the fence in the distance compared to the image above. :
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  4. Hello @Andytizer when clicking to download the file it shows a browser error that doesn´t allow the download. Can you please upload that again?
  5. I don't see anything wrong with that image.
  6. @Steam006 Excuse me but the Anisotropic filter option doesn't seem to be working for me, do you know what factors could be causing this and how to fix the issue?
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  8. Yeah the download link doesn't seem to work, I also had to download it from another site.
  9. Hi. Thank You for your work 🙂 Could you please also upload the 3440x1440 fix. Thanks a lot!
  10. Thanks! I got the aspect ratio patcher working, can you please help with FOV trainer? I have it installed and when I run the game it doesn't change anything, even after I push one of the F keys. I have tried changing the FOV with the trainer before and during the game. Any help is always appreciated! C
  11. I meant the download link is what's not working... I had to download the files from another link I googled.
  12. It works, it's that you don't see the quality differences with the GameCube and the Xbox quality FMVs.
  13. I've added support for it for now. This remains a really good point though, and we probably need to define a "default" state in the PCGW editing guide etc so that it's clear that when we mean "Y-axis inversion" we mean inverting up==up (you move the analog stick up to look/aim up) to mean up==down (you move the analog stick up to look/aim down). So "default" is FPS-style. Inversed is flight stick style.
  14. I tried testing this in the original Metro 2033 on steam and it doesn't seem to work any way of fixing it?.
  15. Hi. The aspect ratio patcher was last updated in April. The latest version of the FOV trainer was also uploaded last month.
  16. Hey Rose! Cobrashey here (again:) In prep to play Resident Evil Village I downloaded Resident Evil 7 (the one set in Louisiana) It is totally screwed up for 32:9 super ultrawide! Any help? I tried the HexEdit but all it does is stretch the game. I played the demo of Village and it looks beautiful in 32:9. Not sure why the first one is so weird looking. Thanks for all your help. Cobrashey
  17. https://www.metacritic.com/game/pc/aliens-in-the-attic That review and a few foreign listning which might just be spam, is the only evidence I have found about a PC version. There is a good change that the PC version was planned but later cancelled.
  18. Version 1.0.0


    Features: HOR+ FOV Installation: Unpack the archive Copy all files to "Bin" folder - "\Jersey Devil\bin\" Set your screen resolution in Settings.ini In the Settings.ini file, you can change the following settings [RESOLUTION] Width = 1920 Height = 1080 forces the screen resolution Fullscreen = 1 forces full-screen mode [RENDER] OpenGL = 1 forces OpenGL render
  19. In my taste, Java Edition with Optifine, Vanilla Tweaks texture pack, Sound filters mod and Sildur's Enhanced Default shaders is the best way to play this beautiful game.
  20. Hi, Can you turn off the AV protection for like 2-3 minutes, the time that you extract the file from the zip, place it in the game's folder and add the .exe to the trusted application/exclusion list ? While the AV is off, you can also try the SH3 fix by launching the DLLinjector.exe file and see if the fix is working for you. After that, you can re-enable the AV protection 🙂
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    Official demo for Star Wars: Jedi Knight - Jedi Academy.
  22. Are you in the same directory as RPAExtractor.exe?
  23. Lego Batman has a Japanese PC release. I don't know much about it. https://www.mercari.com/jp/items/m388928787/ (it would appear, on the other hand, that Lego Batman 3's localization isn't available for PC...)
  24. Sure, go for it. Cool. I haven't touched these games for a couple years, so these are from whenever I downloaded them.
  25. So cool, mate. Can I upload those missing things here, to have everything sorted and in one place? PS. Someone already uploaded newer versions of unofficial patches for JKII and MotS.
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