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"Origin Great Game Guarantee" - full refunds for EA digital games

  • https://www.origin.com/us/news/origin-great-game-guarantee

The new Origin Great Game Guarantee works like this: You may return EA full game downloads (PC or Mac) purchased on Origin for a full refund--within 24 hours after you first launch the game, within seven days from when you purchased it, or within the first seven days after the game's release date if you pre-ordered it (whichever of these conditions happens first).


If something doesn't work out—you aren’t riveted by the storyline, or sucked in by the action, or even just if the game doesn't play well with your video card—we’ve got your back.


Unfortunately it's not store-wide and only applies to EA published games as detailed further in their policy:

Full game digital downloads (PC/Mac) published by “Electronic Arts” (collectively Electronic Arts Inc. if you reside in the United States, Canada or Japan and EA Swiss Sarl if you reside in any other country) and purchased on the Origin Store (Origin.com and purchases within the Origin gaming application) may be eligible for a refund


However it is still a far-reaching and generous move from EA, and a nice distinction from Steam's more obtuse returns policy (which appears to be 1 refund per customer). Does this mean that we can effectively demo any EA game on Origin without paying a penny?

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Wow this is actually pretty cool. This and the Humble Origin Bundle makes me think EA is moving quickly to try and improve its standing with PC gamers. They have a long way to go, but good on them for introducing this. Hopefully it will encourage Valve to do the same.

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This is a great measure of goodwill and it's a nice start. I wonder if Steam will attempt to develop better customer services.


Though the reality is that it's easy for EA to give away their own games. Third-party stuff on Origin remains with the same policy. If Steam reciprocated it would only mean having Valve games refundable which is easy for them to do. What we really want is some way of getting refunds for any first and third party games. Especially when you might buy a game that cannot work on your PC for whatever reason, and you'd might only find out after you bought it (although you should've checked PCGW by now!)

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This is something that needs to be tackled in the physical world as well. In reality if you took a PC game back to your local store and told them it didn't work on your PC; if the product key was already used they'd tell you to get lost. Honestly, consumers need a lot more protection in this area.

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